Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! I hope 2009 treats you well and may you all have very good fortunes and excellent health this coming year.

Meanwhile, be safe tonight and drive carefully especially in the snow storm areas.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How Can I Buy an Atwood Tool?

Just a quick tutorial for folks who are new to Atwood Knife and Tool. I get several emails every week with this question so I thought I would post an easy to understand answer. :)

How to Buy My Tools

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to everyone! Thanks for making 2008 so much fun for me and I'm looking forward to pressing ahead into 2009.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Basic Atwrenches

Hi All,

I have just a few of these Basic Atwrenches with stonewashed finish available. These are S30v steel with seven American wrench sizes 1/4-5/8".

Sold Out! I just had two dozen and that's the end of them. Thank you very much folks.

I thought I had more basic Keytons left than I do so probably not going to do the sale of those today after all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Basic Mini Keytons

I'm telling you, Santa's elves have been working overtime here at the Atwood workshop. :) I have finally gotten a chance to finish a big batch of Mini Keytons. These are the Basic ones in S30v steel. None were cut in titanium this time around and with all the new stuff I have planned I seriously doubt if I will be making any more Keytons in this size in any material. So this is probably the end of them.

These are sold out for now. Will have the rest of them done this coming week but need to do packaging and lanyards. Thank you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

G4 Metric Prybabies®

Alright, this is the Metric version of the G4 Prybaby® tool. Same exact features as the American version below but featuring 6 decimal sizes in 2mm increments, 6-16mm. The tool features the distinctive "M" as part of the lanyard hole to easily distinguish it from its American cousin.

It has been brought to my attention that only three of the wrench sizes correspond to common Metric wrench sizes. So in future editions I will redesign the opening to exclude the off sizes even though it messes up the tidy 2mm increment steps. I think it's still a nifty tool nevertheless and I hope quite useful despite my small screw up.

Sold out for now, thank you very much folks!

Friday, December 19, 2008

G4 Prybabies

Hi Folks,

Well at long last I have some of the new S30v steel G4 Prybabies finished. These are identical to the G3 series but have the addition of a screwdriver tip on the rear end of the tool. They are 3 1/2" overall length. At first I thought they might seem a bit too long but they actually are a very nice size in the hand so I'm pleased. I'm also very pleased with the finish on these. Hard to photograph, but they have a smooth, almost buttery, semi satin stonewashed finish on them.

I'm starting off with the American version because I'd like to drain a little of the demand off before I release the metric pieces. I made the metric ones especially for my international customers and I want the overseas folks to get first shot at them although I know a number of my regulars here in the states also want one for their own collections. So I'll probably do the metrics tomorrow.

Sold out for now, thank you folks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Micro Card Lottery

I was cleaning up some stuff today and found three of these S30v card knives. I honestly didn't think there were any left but there they were... three of these with leather slip sheaths. So I finished them up and will make a short lottery out of them. These will be $65 plus shipping and the lottery will end tonight at 9PM EDT.

Lottery is over!

And the winners were:

13 GauchoAmigo
101 jojo
185 Q( ^_^ )V

Thanks folks! Will send email to the winners right now.

Lottery List

Lottery Rules

Monday, December 15, 2008

Release this Week?

Things are looking good for some big tool batches late this week! If things go as planned there will be Mini Keytons, the new longer G4 Prybabies and a few other odds and ends from maybe Thursday or Friday and on through the weekend. I got word they are through heat treat and getting a fine semi polish tumble right now. It has taken many weeks and I went through a lot of extra steps it seems like with these batches but they are finally almost ready. :)

G4 is what I decided to call the new longer Prybabies to make a distinction from the shorter, round butt G3 model. I will have both American and metric version available and I hope will be finishing them up and packaging later this week. There could be another lottery or two in addition, we'll see how it goes.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Winners Blackout SOPTHings...

OK, another great turnout. Thanks everyone! Here were the ten randomly chosen winners:

22 Jonesy
25 goingyard
30 Cowboy
120 exit14a
122 PDS
146 drJML
170 chadt
175 wishbone
198 Astuti
215 joe

I will send emails to the winners shortly. Please email me if you don't hear from me tonight.

SOPThing Blackout Lottery

This is the Blackout version of my full sized Son of PryThing with satin DLC coating, black cord wrap, black kydex sheath and black mini teklok belt clip. I have ten of these and and the price on them will be $195 plus shipping. The lottery will run until 8PM EDT this evening, Friday 12th.

Lottery is over. Thanks everyone! :)

Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DLC BOBlade Winners...

Man, another big turnout! Here are the 10 numbers picked at random:

3 SoloTwo
101 Chuck Bartowski
155 hunrichs
163 Rob1
178 chenz
228 hookworm
247 andy195
292 yota4by4
297 BArch

Thanks very much everyone. I will send emails to the winners shortly.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DLC Bug Out Blade Lottery

Finally got the sheaths done for these. These are my old school Bug Out Blades, made of CPM 3V at 5/32 thick, tumbled to a bright stonewashed finish and then coated with DLC. OD green cord wrap completes the package. Five inch OAL, blade length 1.75". They come with the usual kydex sheath and removable mini teklok belt clip. I have 10 of them and the price will be $195 plus shipping, $10 US Priority insured or $26 Global Express.

Lottery is over!

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Update: New Projects

Hi Folks,

Well, the lotteries have been very successful and I just want to thank everyone for signing up. I deeply appreciate the interest in my little tools and knives and I want to wish everyone the very best this holiday season! :)

I have a lot of stuff coming up even though it seems like it is taking forever. The long awaited extended G3 Prybabies are getting a pretumble right now. They should be back to me any day soon as I get them I will be doing my name stamp and then sending them back to heat treat and then on to a final bright polish tumble. My aim here is to raise the bar on my finish and I think these may very well be the best that I have been able to achieve so far. I think the small delays in working out the new schedule will be well worth it. I'm not sure they will be completed before the heat treater breaks for the Christmas holiday though. If that is the case then these will not be done until the second week in January. I'll be pestering them though to get them to me before Christmas so keep your fingers crossed.

At the same time as the G3s there is a large batch of Mini Keytons that will be getting the same treatment.

In other news, I have long had an interest in antique tools as many of you know. My collection has grown over the years and I have a very wide range of hand tools. Everything from old pliers to wrenches to screwdrivers to pocket tools of all sorts. I'm always researching and evaluating that which came before my own little creations. One of my favorites has always been little rulers and I have about 40 of various sizes including the cool old boxwood and brass folding rulers as well as metal machinist rulers of all sorts.

So I got to about a small pocket Atwood ruler? Even more interesting, how about an Atwood ruler tool? The first hurdle was to find a reliable laser engraver. My previous attempts to hook up with local companies was a disaster. They wouldn't return my calls, had unreasonable charges, etc. One place actually had a sample with promises to return it and never got to the project despite a dozen phone call reminders. I finally gave up in disgust. I recently attended a small trade show however and found a terrific place in eastern MA that will do the job for a reasonable price and turnaround time.

Anyway, this was just a first pass sample. The final tool will have the American scale across the top and metric scale on the bottom:

Cool huh? :) I thought it was pretty neat...but it gets even better:

Hehe, I've seen a lot of rulers but never one in ti. Lots of fun! If this works out as I hope it will open up a whole new palette of possibilities and I already have several drawings for future tool ideas.

Many of you might have seen pictures on the forums of a small Ringtool with captive bit. I had a couple of prototypes cut in steel to test the design. Recently I did some tweaks to the drawings and came up with something slightly more robust. Made of much thicker 3/16" stock, these are not only look much better but have a bit more weight to them as well. Well, the steel ones did anyway...but everything is better in titanium isn't it? :D

There's more too but that's it for now. I'm not sure if any of the above projects will be completed in time for Christmas but if not then January is going to be rather busy. In the meantime stay warm!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winners Are:

Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone. I have sent emails to the list below.

2 LZ
17 goingyard
24 liam91
31 GauchoAmigo
61 Bobalink
72 KLH
86 lcd
89 spydercofanatic
115 jeff
133 cc
144 JosKatz
152 come on come on come on....
154 dc42
157 d_clark
178 Vipin Goyle
184 bonedaddy
188 misterjoshua

Fancy Ti Gasbabies

OK, I had a few of these flat titanium Gasbabies left from a big batch and I thought I'd play a little with my new Helter Skelter patterning. As a couple of people have said, it has a quality that reminds you of the patterns of light that you see at the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny day. The Spectrum anodizing really works well with it too. Neat little wallet pieces and at just .060 thick they seem almost weightless.

I have 18 of these available and the price will be $45 each plus shipping. The lottery will end at 7PM EDT tonight, December 6th. Thanks to everyone for signing up!

Lottery is Over!

Here is the list of winners real quick...I'll send emails as soon as the Florida/Alabama game is over! :D

2, 17, 24, 31, 61, 72, 75, 86, 89, 115, 133, 144, 152, 154, 157, 178, 184, 188

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Friday, December 05, 2008

Whistle Winners

Oh my word! At 433 entries this was just an amazing turn :0

OK, the 13 lucky winners drawn at random are:

1 puzi
37 Jellosh0ts
39 xraysrc
45 bamabenz
149 cosmicomic
162 gadgetjack
176 chadt
219 simeon03
242 thebsharp
297 macjmillsx
330 The last boy scout
400 enkidu
408 SchexMixx

Congratulations folks. I will send out emails shortly to the winners. Thank you to everyone who signed up, it was really cool and I appreciate it very much. I have some much larger batches of stuff coming up for general release in the next couple of weeks so lots of neat stuff is on the way. And there will be another lottery tomorrow and probably for the next few days in a row as I finish up more knives and tools.

Brass Whistle Lottery

Hi Folks, got a few brass whistles available. This is the very end of the whistles and no more will be made. I have a baker's dozen, 13 of them. Price is $35 plus shipping. Lottery will end tonight, December 5th at 8PM EDT.

Lottery is over!

Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Thursday, December 04, 2008

And the Winners Are...

30 I never win anything
41 benbeaux
43 HoopleHead
56 rholcombe
61 Frango
76 six4
92 yybug
97 gwaveguy
106 kalkwarf
120 Leezell
124 Doc Allen
125 Jealous Monk
127 JoeB42
137 Clean1
145 jjwright55
160 bonedaddy
161 richiefriday
167 Aknight
168 navig8or
177 asornelas
179 Iowill

Thanks very much for participating folks! I'll be sending emails to the winners right now. I have more lotteries coming up this week so stay tuned. I'll post a more complete update in a day or two also.

Happy Thursday!

Hey folks, finally got these sheaths done for the Matte Black DLC Boogers. I have just 21 of these and I'm going to offer them up all in one shot. They are $150 each plus shipping. The lottery will run until 9PM EDT tonight, December 4th. After the drawing I will post the winning numbers and also immediately send out emails to the winners with purchase instruction. Please make sure to check your email later or check back on the blog to see if your number came up so it's easy to chase folks down. Thanks for participating in my lotteries, they're a lot of fun and I appreciate the interest. :)

Lottery is over.

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Saturday, November 29, 2008

DLC WildCards

These came out so nice I'm going to have to keep one for myself. They are a beautiful matte black with black lanyards...very sharp both in looks and in edge. ;) I have a limited number so am keeping it at one per customer. They are $90 plus shipping...this batch sold out.

Sold Out, thanks!

Friday, November 28, 2008

G3 Titanium Prybabies

Happy Post Turkey Day! Hope everyone had a good day and are on the road to gastric recovery. :)

I finished a batch of the G3 Prybabies this morning. The green G2s were so popular that I thought I'd do some of the G3s in green as well. The G3s are not a limited edition although I do not have a whole lot of them this time around. Another batch will probably happen at some point in the winter. At any rate, these are running $70 each plus shipping.

Sold Out, thanks folks!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I certainly have a LOT to be thankful for this year. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way and bought and enjoyed my little tools and knives. I really do appreciate it.

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! Have a good time today and don't eat too much turkey. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Limited Edition: G2 Tibabies

Hey Ya'll,

I have some stonewashed G2 Titanium Prybabies that I have anodized a nice green. This is a Limited Edition of 42 pieces and I won't be making them again. These were cut from some thick .160 (5/32) ti sheet which is getting very hard to find these days...they are substantial little tools. Same exact size as a standard Atwood Gasbaby but without the wrench cutouts. Price on them will be $70 plus shipping.

Sold Out! Thanks very much folks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short Run: DLC Flat Ti Gasbabies

I have just a handful of these available but too many to do a lottery. They are flat titanium Gasbabies that I have blasted and then DLC coated. Great little wallet pieces.

Sold Out, thanks.

Flat Ti Gasbabies DLC

Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Winners Are...

Alright, here are the eleven winners:

5 Ultona
34 Joey
68 s4biturbo
121 Sgt Pinback
138 elfan888
148 xraysrc
223 NYappleguy
233 Chattsmat
268 Ynot
277 George

I'm sending out emails right now. If you don't hear from me soon and you see your number on the list please email me.

Thanks so much folks! More good stuff coming later this week so stay tuned. :)

DLC MSOPThing Lottery

Hi folks, got another batch of the DLC Mini Son of PryThings ready to go finally. These are mostly matte finish but there are a couple of satin DLC pieces also. The cord is the very nice quality OD green with glow flecks. They come with kydex sheath and bead chain. Price on them is $180 plus $8 domestic shipping, $26 for international express mail shipping. I have ELEVEN of these total. :)

Lottery will run until 9PM EST this evening, Monday 24th.

Lottery has ended!

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Friday, November 21, 2008

In Grinding Mode

Just wanted to pass along an update. I'll be done with grinding and cleanup of all the extended G3 Prybabies this morning including both the metric and American versions. Unfortunately the heat treater is closed all week next week so it will take some time to get these through the last steps. However, I have some other stuff to grind as well and so I'll have a really big batch of stuff to send to them by the end of next week. Will be lots of little things for December...

I'll get back to the sheaths in a few days as well, just as soon as this grinding session is out of the way. Also, the DLC stuff should be back by next week at the latest so there will be a bunch more of those pieces coming as well as the titanium Prybabies which should be back from tumbling any day now. So stay tuned for a mix of general releases and lotteries coming up in a few days.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

DLC Whistle Lottery

So, moving right along. ;) How about this DLC coated, high voltage patterned, one of a kind stainless steel whistle? This piece is quite unique and is one of the very few Atwood whistles with no knurling that have ever been made. There is no name stamp. Pretty neat stuff and it took that patterning rather nicely, shows up better in person than my picture conveys.

Anyway, for those not following sports, the New England Patriots will be playing the NY Jets tonight. The drawing will be at halftime, whenever that is. Hey it's a football game! :D Price on the piece is $70 shipped in US, add $5 for international.

Lottery is over. Pats aren't doing so well but maybe they'll rally.

Winner is #44 cpcc3830. Thanks folks!

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Go Pats!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Metric Prybaby Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek at the upcoming metric G3 Prybaby®. I have two versions, one SAE and one metric. The SAE version has the usual round lanyard hole and the metric has a distinctive "M" shaped lanyard hole for quick and definitive identification. :)

I just started grinding these yesterday so it will be at least two weeks or so before they are completed. But the good news is they are finally in the length on these is 3.5" so they are a bit longer than a regular Prybaby®. I may also do a shorter metric version up the road without screwdriver end. Metric sizes 6,8,10,12,14,16mm. SAE sizes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

MBOBlade Winners

And the winners are:

161 Jealousmonk
218 MaxP
255 Nocam

Thank you folks for the interest. I will have more coming up this week and a general release of some sort pretty soon as well.

DLC Micro Bug Out Blade Lottery

I have just three of these Micro Bug Out Blades with DLC coating and OD green cord wrap. These are the very last of the Micro Bug Out Blades and as of now I have no plans to make more. They are made of the great Crucible tool steel CPM 3V so they are incredibly tough and hold a terrific edge. Each will come with kydex sheath and removable teklok belt clip. Price is $180 plus shipping.

Lottery is over!

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Winners Are....

#1 benbeaux
#2 Joe
#13 Diesel
#61 PK
#127 mediumheadboy
#141 andy195
#150 deaddybear
#198 biruhiko
#209 SobaFett
#260 chux
#274 Brules

Thanks everyone, this was a lot of fun. I have sent emails to all the winners and if you are one of them and do not get the email for some reason, please email me.

I have a bunch of other stuff coming in a day or two as I finish more sheaths so please stay tuned. :)

MSOPThing Lottery

Hey Everyone! I'm back after a few days of shop maintenance, yard work and trade show attendance. I'm back in sheath making mode and finally have some more Mini Son of PryThings to offer. These are matte blasted and coated with DLC. The cord wrap and lanyard is a high grade paracord with a glow in the dark accent fleck. Really nice stuff. These come with a kydex sheath with bead chain.

Anyway, I have 11 of these DLC MSOPThings available. Price will be $180 each plus $8 shipping in the US and $26 shipping via Express Mail worldwide.

Lottery is over! Thanks to everyone who signed up. :)

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WildCard Credit Card Knives

OK, I have some of these done. They are running $85 plus shipping. I decided to take a chance with international shipping and will send them via the lesser priced Priority Mail but if you reside outside the US and wish to have it sent via Express Mail just email me. Thanks folks! :)

Sold out for now, thank you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Working on WildCards

Howdy folks! Thought I should put out an update...

I'm currently working on the WildCard mini credit card knives. These are in the final stages of sharpening and packaging and the first wave will be going up for sale tomorrow. Here's the product card details on them:

"Made of CPM S30V steel just under 1/8" thick, this mini credit card tool features 6 SAE wrench sizes: ¼, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, ½ and 9/16. Also includes 5 metric wrench sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm. Bottle opener doubles as a 5/16 wrench. A ¼” hex opening and screwdriver tip is also included as well as a small cutting edge. Be mindful of the cutting edge and use extreme caution when using the tool functions!"

These little tools are designed to be carried in a card slot in your wallet. For this reason I will not be making sheaths for them as your wallet acts as the sheath. However, I will apply a small piece of extra thick electrical tape over the cutting edge to protect your wallet from incidental slices and to provide a small amount of protection when lightly handling the tool. Electrical tape is a simple solution, leaves minimal residue and is easily replaceable by the user. At the same time it gives reasonably quick access to a cutting edge and it is reusable. If it gets worn out just put 3-4 layers of common electrical tape over the edge and trim excess with a blade.

Obviously, this is designed to be a last ditch piece and is not supposed to replace a Craftsman tool chest. :) Please be very careful if you go to use the wrench features as the tape will not provide significant protection against cuts if direct pressure is applied to the edge.

This new design is a nice update to my previous credit card knife designs....before anyone asks, I will NOT be making any more of the little S30v Micro Card knives or the full sized card knives that I produced in years past.

Some pics:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And the Winners Are...

# 3 ichem jungle
# 18 Ultona chainlink
#77 shroyerg termite
#96 jfeld0208 snakeskin
#171 frigidextremity high voltage

Congratulations folks and thanks very much for participating. I will have another go round of DLC Boogers in a few weeks, going to be sending the rest of the small batch out for DLC this coming week.

Patterned DLC Booger Lottery

Alrighty then, how about a DLC Boogers with high contrast patterns lottery? :D

These little gems came out really nice. There are only five and all are different. The Termite one has a tiny Rockwell test dot on the back and the card is labeled Rockwell 58 to reflect this. Each will come with a kydex sheath with bead chain. The price on them will be $175 plus $8 shipping for US customers or $26 shipping Express Mail International.

Lottery has ended! Thanks to all who entered. After the drawing I'll send emails right away to the winners. First winner to get back to me gets first pick, second gets second choice, etc. I'll post the numbers here as well. If you are one of the winners and you fail to hear from me within a half hour please email me.

Lottery Rules

Lottery Entrant List


High Voltage




Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FunnyBone Lottery Winners!

Thanks everyone for participating and for your interest. :)

The winners are:

5 tndiver13 chainlink
30 dovk802 termite
41 helvick
139 tritium termite
141 ironman jungle
151 avp termite
171 arthur d.
180 chuyleo termite

I have sent emails to all the winners. If you're a winner and you don't get the email for some reason please send me an email. I'm pretty sure I got all the email addresses right but you never know.

Thanks folks! I will have more stuff coming up tomorrow or the next day. Also, probably end of next week will have the new WildCard credit card knives at the finishing up stage. There are a lot of them currently at heat treat and there will be an open sale once I get them back and do the sharpening.

Patterned Ti FunnyBones

Hi Folks,

Got a few more goodies done today. These are Titanium FunnyBones that have been DLC coated and patterned for a high contrast effect. I'm really happy with the way these came out and we will be seeing more of this type of thing in the future I'm sure. The Termites were my favorites so I made more of them.

Anyway, I have five in the Termite pattern, two in the Jungle pattern and one in the Chainlink pattern, eight pieces total. The way it will work is, after the lottery is over I will send out emails to the winners. The first person to get back to me gets first choice and the second gets second choice, etc. This way we don't have a situation where someone takes hours to get back to me with their pattern choice and holds up the process.

Price on these will be $85 plus $6 shipping for US customers, $12 shipping for international customers.

Lottery is ended!

Lottery Rules

Lottery Entry List




Monday, October 20, 2008

UV Titanium FunnyBones Sold Out!

Good morning folks. I have finished a batch of titanium FunnyBones and they have been anodized with the intense and popular ultraviolet color. These are the last of them and I probably won't make more of these in titanium or even steel. If I do revive the FunnyBone tools it will probably be in a longer version with pry tips as a new Bug Out Bar type of tool.

Sold Out! Thanks very much folks, I appreciate it. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well that was amazing, 314 people signed up for this one! Thanks everyone for participating, I really appreciate the interest.

OK, so the five winners chosen at random are, in the order they came up:

#1 204 Tune Ninja chose Jungle
#2 310 boots
#3 28 gte
#4 53 bombardier defuser
#5 305 rolexkid

I'll send emails to the winners in order and the first guy gets first pick, then down the line. Thanks very much folks and I'll have a bunch more of these lotteries for different knives and tools coming up regulary over the next several weeks.

Patterned DLC G3 Prybaby Lottery

Happy Friday Everyone!

OK, I have finished five more DLC coated pieces. These have subtle background patterns underneath the DLC coating and there are four different patterns available. I have one Chainlink, one Bubbles, one Jungle and two with Termite patterning. All have a glow dot as well. I'm very happy with the way these turned out. :)

The five winners will be drawn at random and first dibs will be given to each winner in the order in which they are drawn. First winner gets first choice, second gets choice of the remaining pieces, etc.

Please note the Atwood Lottery Rules, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON and ONE ENTRY PER ADDRESS. If I see duplicate entries they will be discarded. It wasn't exactly clear before so I'm clarifying it now.

These will be $80 each plus $6 shipping for US customers, $12 shipping for international.

Lottery has ended.

Lottery Entry List





Thursday, October 16, 2008

And We Have Four Winners!

#120 sidb
$123 Old Gaijiin
#207 lloydmilligan
#211 chuyleo

Thanks so much folks, this is a lot of fun. :)

DLC Atwrench Lottery

I have four DLC coated S30v steel Atwrenches with tiki grinds and glow dots. The price on them will be $80 plus $6 shipping in the US or $12 shipping for international customers.

Lottery is over.

Lottery Entry List

Wave of G2 Gasbabies

Hi folks,

I have a couple dozen of G2 Mini Gasbabies available. These tools have a nice bright stonewashed finish on them, not the gray bead blast shown in the picture below. This will be the last batch of them for this year.

Sold out, thank you folks! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I had a set back last week when the bearings on my grinder finally gave out. I had been meaning to replace them for some time and had replacements on hand. However, when I actually got the thing apart I discovered that the drive shaft was worn out so had to order another one. Got it over nighted and did the rebuild yesterday.

Now I'm working on getting a batch of the new WildCard knives ready to send to heat treat. Should be ready to send off by tomorrow. These are the updated credit card knives that I previewed on the Museum blog a few weeks ago.

Next will be finishing some pieces from the DLC batch. These will be slow to finish because most of them are knives so I'll have to get back into sheath mode. I'm actually trying to decide whether to tackle those first or go ahead and spend three more days grinding and get the Extended G3 Prybabies ready for heat treat as well. It's hard to juggle all this stuff at once and keep it flowing...

Friday, October 10, 2008

DLC MSOPTHing Winners Are...

#78 Mirek
#231 PBRstreetgang

Congratulations fellas and thank you for participating. :)

DLC Mini Son of PryThing Lottery

Hi folks! Got two of these done finally. These are matte finished with super hard Diamond Like Carbon coating. One with yellow cord and one with blue cord. They come with kydex sheath and bead chain. The price will be $180 plus $10 shipping for US customers and $26 shipping for International Express Mail. Lowest number picked will have first choice of color.

Lottery has ended.

Lottery Entries

Lottery Rules

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sumo Proto Winner Is...

#97 JacobF

Congratulations Jacob and a big thank you to everyone who participated. :)

Sumo Prototype Lottery

Here's a knife you won't see anywhere else, the prototype for my Sumo design. It is made of slightly thinner 1/8" stock and the steel is 420 stainless, OAL is 5.25 inches and blade length is a very fat 2 inches. I used a lesser grade of steel to see how the design would feel in the hand and to test the cord wrap channels before going to the more expensive and thicker S30v.

The knife is V ground with false edge grinds. Comes with a kydex sheath and removable mini teklok belt clip. I don't have a metal "PROTO" stamp but the card is written to indicate that it's a prototype.

The price will be $175 plus $10 shipping in the US, $26 Express Mail shipping for international.