Friday, December 05, 2008

Brass Whistle Lottery

Hi Folks, got a few brass whistles available. This is the very end of the whistles and no more will be made. I have a baker's dozen, 13 of them. Price is $35 plus shipping. Lottery will end tonight, December 5th at 8PM EDT.

Lottery is over!

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Aaron said...

A lot of last chances lately. Come on 93. A little sad from coming to know your tools a little late, but I am sure there are great things around the corner. Thanks Peter

Unknown said...

Wow....I always wanted one of your whistles, and at $35bux it's like a christmas gift from you to your customers! Thanks Peter, keep up the good work!!


Matt said...

Last of the whistles!!!!

What's the deal Peter!?

You don't put any stamps or markings on your whistles like your tools and knives do you?

Hopefully I'll be able to get one since I still have yet to win anything.


Peter Atwood said...

The ti whistles did not have name stamps but most of the brass and steel do have one. Often not a full stamp because of the curved surface but it's there. The local shop I had turning them was too difficult to work with and crazy expensive. Besides, I can't make it all!

Anonymous said...

There are still whistles?

Peter Atwood said...

LMAO, and some of them might just be headed down to Mex-e-Co! :D

DB said...

Holy crap! We've passed 400 entries! Here's hoping for a winning number...been wanting a brass whistle since the beginning!