Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stainless BedBugs

Hi Folks,

We're heading into another hot and sticky summer week here in the northeast. So I figured I better get another sale in today since I'll probably not be very productive for the next few days.

Today I finally have the small batch of stonewashed 316 stainless steel BedBugs done. These have been sitting around for several months and I just haven't had a chance to get them finished up and packaged until now. Anyway, the BedBug series are nifty little bit caddy tools and they make nice keyfobs or zipper pulls for your gear bags. It's a tiny batch so one per customer please...have a wonderful rest of the weekend and stay cool this week!

Sold out, thank you so much everyone!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Time to Tie One On!

Hi Folks!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Independence Day holiday weekend. It's in the 90's F. here with high humidity so definitely the dog days of summer...

As mentioned previously, I've been very busy lately with new drawings and getting new projects underway. Today I have the first wave of one of those projects ready to go...

I designed this new tool with two groups in mind: the paracord/knot tying crowd and traditional sailors. The DreadKnot is an ultra compact 3 inch pocket tool that features a universal shackle key for loosening those thumb screws found on the U shaped shackles on sailboats. lt works very well for working standard wing nuts too. Also featured is a small marlin spike which I have intentionally left just a little bit blunt but still quite pointy. Fantastic for loosening tight knots in either paracord or ropes! And of course it has a cap lifter and a 1/4" hex opening.

Because I envisioned this tool going to sea, corrosion resistance is an important consideration in the choice of materials. I chose 5/32" thick 316 stainless steel for the first batch as it is excellent in salt water environments. The second batch will be coming in a week or two and they will be in titanium.

The DreadKnots will run $55 plus shipping and it will be one per customer on them for this small first wave. I will be making a bunch of these as time goes on so expect a few releases and possibly a 4 inch version as well up the road.

Thanks for stopping by today and stay cool folks!

All Gone for now, thank you folks! :)