Thursday, December 04, 2008

And the Winners Are...

30 I never win anything
41 benbeaux
43 HoopleHead
56 rholcombe
61 Frango
76 six4
92 yybug
97 gwaveguy
106 kalkwarf
120 Leezell
124 Doc Allen
125 Jealous Monk
127 JoeB42
137 Clean1
145 jjwright55
160 bonedaddy
161 richiefriday
167 Aknight
168 navig8or
177 asornelas
179 Iowill

Thanks very much for participating folks! I'll be sending emails to the winners right now. I have more lotteries coming up this week so stay tuned. I'll post a more complete update in a day or two also.


Aaron said...

congrats to the winners.

Matt said...

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! The best chance at winning with 21 boogers and still didn't win!!!!

Congrats to the winners and Peter

Peter Atwood said...

Don't worry guys, I'm mulling over plans for a Super Booger next year. :D

Aaron said...

any word on the fixer? I guess with all the stuff you have out we are talking sometime after the first of the year for sure.

Super booger !

Exit14a said...

Congrats to all the winners.
Super Booger?
You know how to "pick" a winner!

Matt said...

^^^ No pun intended right?

I don't even know what a super booger will even look like!

I also just realized that I was one number off of winning!

Give us a nice detailed update okay Pete!?


iconoclast said...

congratulations to the lucky (twenty-)ones.

I guess I'll just have to start looking forward to this rumored "super booger". Can't wait till the details start to spill on that one.

DB said...


....that is all. :)

BSR said...

That first winner "I never win anything" needs to change his name, now!

Quoddy said...

Congratulations to the winners. It looks like the random generator forgot about the highest 88 numbers.

Peter Atwood said...

Yup, this is the nature of random number generators. It was also unusual to see that 4 of the winners happened to be from my home state of MA and there were no international winners either.

Unknown said...

I finally did win. There is a first time for everything. I will now have to change my screen name. Congrats to everyone that one and sorry to everyone that missed out.

Unknown said...

Hey, I won! Number 145 jjwright55. The only problem is my email was hacked yesterday and I may have missed the purchase message. It has been a strange two weeks.