Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Area 51 Mini Metric Prybabies

Howdy Folks!

The summer is rolling right along here in the northeast. We finally got a little bit of rain but we're still way behind for the season and the farmers are having a tough time of it. More hot and mostly dry weather is ahead too. It's a tough year if you're making your living from the soil.

I'm expecting those steel Tombstones to come back from heat treat any day now. So with a little luck, in a few days they should be finished up. In the meantime I've been steadily chipping away at other projects. The CPM 3v steel Mini P12 Prybabies are nearly ready to go to heat treat and those will be little gems, teaser pic posted on the Toolbook group.

In other news, the krinkle ti K3 Keytons are on deck for grinding so those will be forthcoming in a week or two. A second krinkle ti project is also started, a new tool in the classic Poltergeist/Ghost tradition, called the TommyKnocker, and those will be happening in mid to late August. I still have a couple of other steel projects coming up that are already started and I need to get them moving along soon, the Bermuda Minis and the steel Gremlins. And I have at least five more steel projects in the works as well including one brand new larger Roid tool which I think will really knock your socks off.

Today I have the remainder of the Mini Metric P15 Prybabies from last fall. I saved these out from the rest of the batch because they had exceptional texture and I wanted to do something extra and fun with them. I decided to give them Area 51 grinds and leave them plain without anodizing for a change. Multiple finishing steps has given them a buttery smooth bright finish and they are gorgeous.

The A51 Mini Metrics will run $75 plus shipping and it's a small batch so one per customer on them please, link is below. Thank you for stopping in today folks and I hope your week (and your summer) is going very well indeed!

These are sold out, thank again everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HAIII Multi Grips

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe it's almost halfway through July already. How in the world did this happen? Someone put the brakes on please because this year is already going way too fast.

Lots going on here. I'm waiting for Tombstones to come back from heat treat. I have numerous other tool batches in various stages including the 3v steel P12 Mini Prybabies, titanium K3 Keytons, steel Gremlins, the Bermuda Minis, and several others. I'm also evaluating some new designs and finishes as well as taking a look at new versions of some old favorites. There is much in store for this year!    

Today I have the rest of the aluminum Multi Grip beads done. These came out great, with a low light nonreflective matte finish and clear hard anodizing for that Surefire/military feel. Possibly my favorite multi grip bead so far, I like the light weight and low profile. Paired with the gray camo cord they look fantastic and I have tied these on many of my personal knives, pocket cameras, flashlights, bag zippers, etc.

HAIII Multi Grips will run $30 each plus shipping, the order link is below. Thanks for stopping by today and stay cool this week! :)

These are gone for today, thanks again everyone!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SportWrench #4: The Prying Game

Hi Everyone,

We're having some nice warm weather here this week, but we could really use some of that rain they're getting down south. The drought is making my lawn look a little more like it does in August than what we normally see in June. Too bad the humidity has finally arrived though to spoil the comfortable evenings...

Well, much has been happening here lately and as usual numerous projects are underway. I have another batch of the Ragman hooks coming up later this week... I just sent a large batch of CPM 154 steel Tombstones to heat treat yesterday so look for those in about two weeks...and I'm about to start the grinding on a big batch of 3v steel P12 Mini Prybabies. Also there is a sizable batch of K3 Keytons in krinkle textured titanium that is well underway for mid to late July.

And that's just the tools. Also coming is the next round of Multi Grip beads and then a new bead design later this summer. Also, small tool fans rejoice because another tiny gem, the Bermuda Mini, in both steel and ti versions will be coming in July.

Today I have finished the fourth design in the ever evolving SportWrench series. This wearable wrist tool features a small 1/4-1/2" SAE wrench set, a dedicated 1/4" hex opening, oxygen wrench opening, and a 5/16 open wrench which doubles as a cap lifter. And, at the 3 o'clock position, where you would expect to see a watch crown , there is a large pry tip/screwdriver. On this model I angled the lugs a bit to make the tool more streamlined and give it an alternate look.

I know I will be asked this question so I will address it now. No, the pry tip does not dig into the back of my hand or my wrist. I have been wearing one of these for two months totally without issue. Now, if you wear your watch on your left wrist and you wear it close to your hand and the band is usually tight so that a normal watch crowns dig into your hand then yes, you may experience that with this tool. However, I recommend wearing it looser so that it is further back on your wrist and there will be no problem. Or wear it on your dominant hand like I usually do. Or, turn the tool "upside down" in the "Destro" style and that also will eliminate any possible issue.    

The SportWrenches #4 with pry tip will run $115 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. It's a one per customer limit on them again, but this batch is a bit larger than the previous ones so I have more available this time. Thanks again for stopping by today and stay cool this week wherever you are!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ultralight Titanium Shutterbugs

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well, we're gearing up for a busy and warm weekend here in western MA. Thought I would slip one more little sale in before I turn my attention elsewhere for a couple of days.

Here's a little tool for you that is well suited to warmer weather, when you might feel like traveling a little lighter. The Ultralight Titanium Shutterbugs have the identical footprint to their steel counterparts that I released last year. But they are a simple flat tool, made of .060 thick titanium with a well tumbled finish. These are non anodized users. Even relatively thin, they're still plenty strong enough to open a paint can, carry a 1/4 hex tool bit, thin enough to fit a coin slot battery cover, perform simple scraping tasks and pop a beer. And they are truly feather light.

Ultralight Shutterbugs will run $60 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. One per customer on them as usual. Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend ahead folks!

These are gone for today, thanks again everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Polished Ragman!

Howdy Folks and Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Thanks to everyone for the very kind words lately about all my recent creations, it's much appreciated.

Spooky cool weather yesterday, reminded me of's going to get pretty hot this week though. Still not more than a drop of rain lately and everything is looking a little parched outside.

Today I have the remaining plain krinkle textured titanium Ragman tools done. These have a bright, slightly polished finish to them and they feel buttery smooth. I think this is my favorite batch yet and I'll be exploring this new finish a lot more and not just on ti tools.

The Ragman is great to carry a rag, pocket hanky or wiping cloth. Or if you just want to use them on your key ring, they are terrific for getting your keys off the bottom of your pocket. Makes a key ring so much more comfortable for EDC, especially with the way you guys load them up! :)

The plain Ragman hooks plus included Atwood Rag will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks again everyone and have a super relaxing rest of the weekend!

Gone for now, thanks everyone!

Monday, June 13, 2016


Hiya Folks,

Gosh, another gray and gloomy day here in western MA. It's a weird spring for sure...

Well, whatever else you might say about me, I have not been resting on my laurels lately! This is what happens when I start dozens of projects in the spring, they all have to be finished. And some of these things have been sitting since last year even, so I'm making a big push to try to get some things done. Then who knows, maybe I'll take some days off when the hot weather gets here...IF the hot weather ever gets here that is...

Today I have the first wave of titanium Ragmen completed. These are all anodized and I have some left over which I will put up later this week in plain finish. I have to give kudos to Tom Krein as he is the first one I saw do a printed shop rag which I thought was a terrific idea. My understanding is a few other makers have put out their own printed rags.... I wanted to do something printed as well, not necessarily a rag but something or other...recently, while wrenching on my antique Harley and musing on a recent sale, it suddenly came to me. I will not reveal what is on the rag, you'll have to see it for yourselves, but I thought it was kinda funny and I think diehard Toolbookers will appreciate it. ;)

Obviously, this tool can be used like the first two tools in the series, the Hangmen. Use it on your keys, or slip it on a belt loop and hang your shop rag, polishing cloth or whatever you want through the large hole. 

Anyhow, the Ragmen are anodized in a wide variety of solid colors and color combos, my usual bright finishes. I'll send you whatever I send you but they are all lovely I think. Ragmen will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Hope your week is starting off great!

Anodized ones are gone for today, plains coming up in a few days. Thank you VERY much everyone! :)




Sunday, June 12, 2016

Plain SportWrulers

Hi Everyone,

Well, how about a little evening sale for once?

I have a couple dozen of the SportWrench #3s left, the plain version of the ones I put up yesterday. They look great without anodizing too... :)

These plain ones will run $110 plus shipping and the link, as always, is right below. Have a great evening folks and stay tuned, I have more cool stuff coming this week.

Plain ones are gone, thanks once again, much appreciated!