Thursday, November 30, 2023

Titanium Keytons

Hello my friends, and Happy Thursday! It's a cold one out there this morning with overnight temps around 20f. Definitely the kind of morning when it hurts your face and fingers to take out the trash. Still no snow on the ground, but that will change soon enough. 

I'm still scrambling around in the shop. I am done with milling Atomic Wedgies so now just have to grind them all and get on with some stamping, then tumble the daylights out of them before they go to heat treat. I will have to spend a day or two grinding in this next week.

Today I have some Titanium Keytons for you. These are anodized and stamped with a wide range of colors and themes. I do have a couple of plain ones left as well, just let me know.

Titanium Keytons will run $75 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in and have a nice weekend ahead!

All gone, thank you so much!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

More Cool Mugs!

Happy Tuesday! And a frigid Tuesday it is out there with temps only going to be reaching the mid 30's today and tomorrow, least it will be sunny.

Today I have a few more mugs for you. Here are three beauties with a variety of themes and glaze colors. They are all 12 oz or better in size. Thanks for swinging by today and have a great week!


Mug#1: Shiny Blue Sea Monsters with sword stamp and compass rose inside. Spectacular flourish texture on the bottom! $65 plus shipping...

Gone in a flash, thank you!

Mug #2: Frankenstein in Flames! Dracula and Castle stamps as well, $65 plus shipping...
Sold, thank you so much! 

Mug #3: Large Rampant Lion Mug/Stein! The heraldic theme continues all around with Stone Castle on the back side and Knight's Helmet inside, $65 plus shipping...
Sold out, thank you again!


Monday, November 27, 2023

Stamped Mini Superbugs!

Howdy all,

Hope your holiday season is starting off great. It's turning colder here, but at least the ground is still bare...for now. I'm sure that will change in a week or two though.

Project Updates: I'm nearly done with milling on the Atomic Wedgies and hope to get the grinding done by next week. We'll see how it goes, but they are definitely going to be coming before Christmas. I'm not as sure about the completion date of steel Prybabies, but they are next up for milling. I'm running out of mugs and will probably only be able to complete a few more this year, but I definitely will be working on more mugs and cups over the next few months. Zircuti MikroSpikes are still on the bench and I'm about halfway finished for the grinding. Steel Tiny Tims with pry tips are almost done with the grinding and then will be heading to heat treat in a week or so. And I have some stragglers from various batches that I will be posting as well over the next couple of weeks, including some beads.

Today I have the rest of the steel Mini Superbug Tools for you. These are the stamped ones, and there is a wide variety as usual, but mostly smaller stamps as these are tiny tools with sparse real estate. I still have a half dozen plain Superbugs if anyone wants them, and also there are a few lefties available, please email me!

Stamped Mini Superbugs will run $75 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping in today and have a great week ahead!

All gone for today, thank you everyone! 


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Some Tiny Mugs!

Hey guys, hope you all are gearing up for a great Thanksgiving! Safe travels out there. :)

Today I have a ton of things to do, but I thought I would slip in a super quick little sale...Tiny mugs are very fun to make and they are good for testing glazes or other design ideas, but they do take nearly as much time to make as a bigger mug. These cute little 3-5 oz vessels are perfect for an ice cube and a splash of whiskey or liqueur, or could be used for espresso, a very small portion of ice cream, as a bathroom/medicine cup, gift for a child, desk item, etc. They are just plain adorable all around, and this is generally a hard to find size. 

Tiny Mug #1: Wood grain texturing with fairy door, inside stamped with The Greenman. $55 plus shipping. 

 Sold, thanks so much!

Tiny Mug #2: This little cutie was an earlier piece from this fall, before I has worked out my little stamping regimen that I'm currently favoring. Therefore, it does not have an interior stamp, but it does have a nicely textured bottom, and the little mushroom images are very cool. I should definitely make another mug or two with this general motif. $55 plus shipping...
Sold, thank you again!   

Tiny Mug #3: Super cute little wood grain piece, with vintage truck inside and flame texture on the bottom. $55 plus shipping...

Sold, thanks so much!

Tiny Mug #4: Very cool amber celadon flames with rope banding and compass rose stamp inside. This one is a little bit bigger, maybe 5-6 oz. $60 shipped...
Sold, thank you once again!


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Mugs Round Two!

I'm back with yet another mini batch...earlier packages from today are all picked up and on the way already. ;) I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and safe travels!

Mug #1: Big Blue Dino with heavy lizard skin texturing. This one is about 12-13 oz and has the sweet denim blue glaze. $65 plus shipping...

Gone in a flash, thank you so much!

 Mug #2: Lightning Texture with ancient Winged Lion stamp inside. Green celadon, about 11 oz. $65 plus shipping...

Sold out, thanks again!


Mug #3: Crazy Egyptian Mashup Mug with Camel, Palm Tree, TRex and Pyramid stamps! Green celadon glaze, and a bit smaller at about 10oz. $60 plus shipping...
Sold out, thank you very much!


BigShot Cups! :)

Howdy Folks,

Yup, couple more for ya... :) 

These are BigShot cups, without handles. Ranging from 4-7 oz depending on the cup. Nice for evening whiskey, medicine cup, bathroom cup, desk organizer, etc. Sweet little cups that give me a chance to test glazes or stamp combos and use up left over chunks of clay.

BigShot #1: Large cup, about 6-7 oz. Cool textures, paw band, and French Bulldog inside, denim blue glaze. $50 plus shipping.

Sold, thanks again!

BigShot #2: Sweet Vintage Truck with Largemouth Bass stamp inside! Classic rope band and flames. About 4-5 oz. $50 plus shipping.
Sold Out, thank you!

BigShot #3: Frankenstein, Dracula and Castle. Always a favorite theme of mine and many more related images will be coming. :) About 4-5 oz, $50 plus shipping.
 Gone in a flash, thank you so much!


A Few More Mugs!

Hi Folks,

Well, Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope your plans are going smoothly and the weather cooperates for all of you who will be traveling. Should be a fairly reasonable week for most of us.

Today I have a few more of my one-of-a-kind chunky stoneware mugs for you. These are great fun to make, and I really appreciate the many kind words I've gotten about them. I will be making plenty more of these this winter, so lots more will be on the way over the next few months. I also am planning to do a large kitchen magnet project before the holidays, so stay tuned for those in a regular sale format.

Mug #1: Smaller piece, about 10-11 oz. Spectacular ancient Winged Lion image, Stone Castle on the back and amazing Jolly Roger inside with cobblestone texturing and lightning texture on the bottom. Amber celadon glaze. $65 plus shipping.

 Sold Out, thank you very much!

Mug#2: Wild mashup of Bulldog, Vintage Truck and flame texturing  with Compass Rose inside. Denim Blue lightly variegated glaze, and about 12 oz. $65 plus shipping.  

Sold, thank you so much!


Mug #3: Movie Monster Madness! Frankenstein, Dracula and Stone Castle inside with awesome skull texture on the side and bottom. Green celadon glaze, about 12 oz, $65 plus shipping.
Sold Out, thanks so much!


Monday, November 20, 2023

Plain Steel Mini Superbugs!

Howdy Folks,

I'm back again! It's a lovely but rather chilly day out there today with sunny skies, and it is supposed to briefly touch 40f...This afternoon will be the perfect time to button up the last few outdoor tasks before the colder and slightly messier weather sets in tomorrow night. I still have a couple of bushes to trim and a few leaves left to blow.

Today I have a few dozen CPM 154 Steel Mini Superbug tools for you. I have always liked this particular captive bit tool design, and in this updated version I have given them a broad main pry tip, my classic  small rear pry/screwdriver tip, cap lifter and 1/4 bit carry system, and with an overall length of 2.75 inches they are basically the tiniest package possible for all of these functions. This group today is without stamps for all you plain vanilla lovers out there. :) A second batch with stamps will be coming very shortly. There are no lefties in this group, but I will have a few lefties available in the stamped group.

Unstamped Steel Mini Superbugs will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a great holiday week ahead!

All gone, thanks again everyone!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Fully Loaded A51 Titanium Prybabies!

Hi Everyone,

Well this week may be the end for the mild temperatures as we head into the bitter cold months. Tomorrow and Friday might get into the 50's, but then it's all downhill from there. Luckily almost all the leaves are finally off the trees so if it snows heavily we will be much less likely to have power failures.

Not too much else to report on the various projects. I still have a bit of work to do on Steel Tiny Tims and Stubby Steel MiniBars but they will be relatively quick to finish once I get the grinding done and finish up the preparation for heat treat. Steel Atomic Wedgies are next up for milling, and then a big batch of 3v Steel Prybabies will get milled following the Wedgies. I need to get going on the rest of the Zircuti MikroSpikes in the next week, and I still have some more work to do on another Timascus tool which I would really like to finish before the end of the year....mug and cup making is going to slow down because they take a lot of my time and I need to shift focus to tool projects, but there will be a few more coming shortly. Right now I am almost done sorting and packaging the first wave of steel Mini Superbugs, so those will be coming up next in both plain and stamped versions.

Today I have a small batch of Titanium A51 Prybabies for you. These are all stamped and anodized in my usual wide range of images and colors. I do have three left handed ones also if anyone wants to email me for them.

Stamped and anodized Ti Prybabies will run $80 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in today and I hope your week is going great!

Sold out, thank you so much guys!