Friday, April 29, 2016

Color Dogs

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it's just a spectacular week here in Massachusetts. Little bit hazy today but the flowers are coming up, the grass is starting to turn green, the leaves are starting to pop, temps are in the low 60's F and the biting bugs are still sleeping off the chilly winter months. This is going to be a great spring. I've been puttering around the house doing spring clean up stuff and all sorts of little jobs that have been put off for months. Shop clean up and maintenance chores are up next and also I'll be trying to get out a little bit and enjoy the warm weather over the next few weeks.

There's not too much to report on the project front, but I'll keep plugging away at it and try to get another batch of steel tools out to heat treat soon. More Multi Grip beads are coming up shortly though as well as those sweet little titanium Termites. Meanwhile, here's a little something else to ponder: SportWrench.

Today I have the rest of the Krinkle Texture Titanium Wiener Dogs finished. These are color anodized in my usual wide variety of solid colors, color fades, rainbows, and multi colored effects. There are still a few more left down in the shop to be finished too so these will still be around for a couple of weeks if you miss the sale today. Just drop me a line.

The Color Anodized Wiener Dogs will run $65 plus shipping and the order link is below, one per customer as usual.... Thanks for stopping by folks and I hope you all are winding down your week and preparing for a great weekend ahead!

These are all gone for today, thanks again everyone!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Black Cherry Multi Grips

Hi Everyone,

Happy Spring! We're in full swing here this week with pleasant temps and abundant sunshine. The flowering trees are doing their thing and our eyes are itching and our noses are running from the pollen...always my favorite time of year regardless.

I've been preoccupied with spring cleanup chores and a variety of other endeavors but progress has still been made, slowly but surely. I'm working on a new Mini Prybaby design that will fit in nicely with my past ideas and I think you will enjoy them. Also starting work on the steel version of the little Gremlins. And I have a VERY unusual tool on the way in a month or so that will surprise everyone, an older idea finally brought to fruition...I'm still working on the rest of the titanium Wiener Dogs and will have those done in just a few days. And after a minor last minute setback, the titanium Termites are very close to finished as well so there is lots of nifty ti stuff on the immediate horizon.

Today I have the next offering finished in the series of Multi Grip beads. These hard anodized aluminum Lanslide beads came out even nicer than I expected. I wanted to tone down the color a bit so I gave these a gentle matte finish before sending them out for anodizing. I was anticipating something similar to the Red Zombies last year so the result really surprised me. These are a rich, deep, dark red that I'm calling Black Cherry. Paired with a gray camo cord they are simply stunning.

The Black Cherry Multi Grip Lanslide beads will run $30 each plus shipping and the limit is 3 per customer on them. The link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping in folks and have a fantastic weekend ahead!

Black Cherries are gone, thank you so much folks!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wiener Dogs!

Hi Everyone,

Well, that merry old trickster Mother Nature gave us another blast of winter this week and laid a thick  blanket of that pesky white stuff on the ground. With the frigid temperatures the snow will be hanging around for a few days but I think by next week we will be free and clear...well on our way to warmer and sunnier days ahead.

I don't have too much to report as far as projects go. I've been catching up on paperwork for taxes and thinking about taking a few days off this month as soon as the nicer weather arrives for good...but I keep chipping away at it all so rest assured, lots of new goodies are on the way.

Today I have the second tool done in the Little Jimmy series. These cute little guys are called "Wiener Dogs", simply because of their long skinny nature. They are about the same length as the original Little Jimmy, 3.5 inches long, and are made of the same .200 thick krinkle texture titanium. The Wieners replace the rounded pry/push tip of the LJ in favor of a combination cap lifter and 5/16" open wrench and offset screwdriver/extra leverage pry tip borrowed from the 2015 Hatchling design. This style gives the tool a little more versatility and function as well as a nice grippy head to grasp on a key ring. I think they look very cool and I've really enjoyed testing these on my own keys these past couple of weeks.

The first wave of Wiener Dogs will be in a plain non anodized finish for a change instead of my usual anodized colors. Lots of people have request plain textured ti tools recently so I will split this batch up and offer them both ways. The anodized half of the batch will be coming in a week or two but today all I have finished are the plain ones. Let me repeat that: I have ONLY non colored ones finished right now, haven't started anodizing the others yet. :)

Wiener Dogs will run $65 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping in everyone and I hope your week is shaping up to be a great one!

Plain ones are sold out, thanks again everyone, much appreciated!  

Friday, April 01, 2016

P13 Metric Prybabies

Howdy Folks,

And a Happy April to everyone! This is my favorite time of year for a variety of reasons and I'm certainly looking forward to the warmer weather and blooming flowers ahead.

Well, it was a tough week this past week. My computer died and ended up in the shop for a few days but luckily is all fixed up for now. But that distracted me and slowed down progress a bit in the shop. Then a problem developed in a machine which I am still working on fixing, but nothing critical, so the show will go on as they say...

Projects are moving forward despite the little glitches. The Wiener Dog tools are well underway and will be finished in a few days. They are the second in the Little Jimmy series and I think you will enjoy them. In other news, I continue to pick away at the Termites and those will be coming in mid April. I'm still working out the final forms, but a really fun little Mini Bermuda Triangle piece is coming as well and I hope to deliver a surprise TWIST to them. And if I ever get my lazy butt in gear and get some cord cut and tied I will have another Lanslide offering. This is what is great about April 4th...even though the Red Sox probably will suck this year at least they provide a little entertainment while I tie bead cords.

Well, today I have the long promised CPM 3v steel Metric P13 Prybabies done. These are my usual .160 thick stock so they provide a decent weight and thickness without being too heavy on the keys. The wrench sizes are my old odd number metric scale, 5-15mm, because these tools were actually cut a year ago and I'm just now finally getting around to finishing them! BTW, I noticed this morning that I incorrectly wrote on the cards that the wrench sizes were 7-15mm but I double checked and they are indeed 5-15mm. At any rate, going forward, when I make metric tools I will only be using the newer all inclusive wrench scales, 7-12 for Minis or 7-14 for full sized tools.

The 3v Metric P13 Prybabies have a light antique patina finish on them. They will run $70 plus shipping and the purchase link is below. The batch is not very big so it's on per customer on them as usual...have a wonderful weekend everyone and hope spring is coming to you soon as well!

These are sold out, thank you so much everyone!



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Titanium Gremlins!

My Dear Friends, 

I never mentioned this to anyone, not a single soul, but it happened one extraordinary night last September. I still don't know what to make of what I refer to now as The Incident, but I can tell you this: it's amazing how much can happen in the span of a single crazy minute.

It was a warm evening so the windows were still open. Light breezes wafted in bringing with them the delicious scent of decaying leaves and damp earth. Perfect sleeping weather, or so I thought.

I woke up in the early hours to strange glowing lights outside my window. At first I thought there was some kind of accident out on the road, but then I realized it was happening right on my lawn. I threw open the window screen and peered outside. Blinking rows of blue and red lights were coming from a large cigar shaped object hovering silently just above the ground with a small circle of crab grass and dandelions clearly illuminated below it. 

Just as I was considering running to the other room for my camera, out of the corner of my eye I spied my trusty Area 51 Chigger on the bedside table moving mysteriously of it's own accord. I tried to react, but I was too late! The Chigger danced just outside of my flailing grasp, then flew out the window as a powerful tractor beam pulled it rapidly towards the craft. Briefly the little tool was enveloped with a brilliant white light and then I lost sight of it completely as it disappeared inside. 

Suddenly, as quickly as it had appeared and without a single sound, the entire craft lifted off and then vanished, and the yard returned to an inky darkness. An distant night bird called and then all was quiet except for the ceaseless chirping of the crickets. I was left wondering, was this a dream or did it really just happen? I looked over at my table for confirmation and sure enough, my precious Chigger was gone!

Well, I'm happy to report that the Chigger was safely returned some months later in the US Mail, in a plain brown wrapper with no return address. Or maybe it was just an hour that felt like months... Whatever happened during that time we will never truly know, but it's safe to say that various bizarre and mysterious quasi-medical procedures, plus alcohol, were probably involved. 

Anyhow, the Chigger has recently given birth to a large litter of adorable bouncing baby tools (who knew that the Chiggers were female? Really, I had no idea...good thing I had named mine Sam...) so we can assume that the Alien experiments were a resounding success! I'm calling the cute offspring with their fat little cheeks Gremlins. 

Titanium Gremlins will run $55 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping in everyone, have a great weekend, and remember...keep your windows closed tonight. ;)

Gremlins are gone for now, thanks again folks! :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3V Mini Wedgies!

Hi Everyone,

Well a big happy Wednesday to you all! It's a lovely day here in Massachusetts and we seem to be well on our way to the earliest spring in memory. We'll certainly take it without complaint.

Projects have been rapidly rolling along towards completion here at Atwood Studios. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the neat little items that are on the way over the next few weeks...the tiny little titanium Gremlins are just about done and will be revealed in another couple of days. The 3v steel Metric Prybabies likewise are nearly finished and will also be done shortly. Titanium Termites are not far behind either as are a cool new bead offering. Lots more is underway too so there will be no shortage of nifty new tools, accessories and toys in this next period of time.

Today is the big day that many have been eagerly awaiting these past several months. It took me a ridiculously long time to get to them all but finally the Mini Wedgies are done! These little monsters are made from the identical massive CPM 3v stock that I made the T-Wrex tools from so they are quite formidable. The thickness measures a respectable .280 on average so they are very thick indeed. The length is 3 inches. They feature a large pry tip with nail puller V notch, a snug 1/4 hex opening that accepts bits one way and an O2 wrench which doubles as the lanyard or key ring opening. There is no left or right on these, they are all stamped the same way. And no grind variations or decorative stamps, all are straight up.

The finish did not turn out quite as dark as the T-Wrexes so although most of them have an antique looking finish they tend to look more red than black in the crevices. I have not oiled these so if you want to keep them from developing surface rust then you should oil them with any kind of light machine oil, WD-40, household oil, even olive oil. Personally, I like the patina that develops on tool steels from the combination of surface oxidation, oiling, using and abusing over time and I would encourage folks who worry about such things to put such concerns aside and Embrace the Patina. Remember, In Rust We Trust. ;)

Mini Wedgies will run $80 plus shipping and it is a one per customer limit please. The order link is below. As usual the batch is probably not big enough but it would be nice if most of the folks who really want one of these can score one. Thanks to everyone for your great patience and enthusiasm and I hope a pleasant early spring is headed your way as well.

Wedgies are sold out! Thanks so much everyone. :)



Thursday, March 03, 2016

Push/Pry: Say Hello to Little Jimmy!

Hi Folks,

Happy March to you all! That sun is getting stronger and the temperatures are starting to warm up a bit lately. Spring is definitely on the way, my favorite time of year.

Project Updates: The 3v steel Mini Wedgies are at heat treat now so will be coming back in a week or two. Same thing with 3v metric P10 Prybabies. Meanwhile there is all kinds of new titanium stuff coming as well, and some of those projects are in the final stages towards completion. Rest assured there are a ton of new items coming this month and the festivities will continue well into April!

So today I have an interesting new item to offer. This was something that was suggested to me last year by an older gentleman and I thought it was a great idea. He wanted a slim stick that he could keep on his keys or in his pocket that he and his wife could use to press elevator buttons, ATM buttons, etc in public places so as to cut down on the spread of germs, especially in flu season. I'm a little late in getting these out in regards to flu season which is winding down, but I figure it's a timeless concept as those nasty microbes aren't going away anytime soon.

Anyhow, at first I was thinking of making something round for this project. But after much thought I decided that I would be limiting myself in functionality because it's just too costly and too difficult to add useful features in lathe turning. So I turned back to flat stock designs and my favorite new Krinkle Titanium material.

The Little Jimmy (aka FluFob or SikStik) measures a slender .45 inches wide by 3.5 inches long and a hefty .200 inches thick. The features include a rounded push/pry tip, 1/4" hex opening and oxygen wrench/lanyard opening. There are plenty of grip areas along the tool that will make this a nice addition to your key ring. The tool could also be used as a last ditch self defensive tool or pressure point stick as well. And, a second variation design with even more features is on the drawing board and will be coming this spring.

These are anodized in my usual wide variety of solid colors and color fades. I can't promise certain colors, I'll send you whatever I send you, but they are all gorgeous! 

These will run $65 plus shipping and the batch is small, so one per customer please. Thanks for stopping by today and as always, thank you so much for your continued support.

Little Jimmies are gone for now, thanks again everyone!