Friday, December 19, 2014

Fancy Titanium Atwrenches

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the great sale yesterday.  I was able to raise $1100 for the three local organizations and the donations have been made. Thank you so much and I know that everyone in this area will be very grateful to have those services continue to be available. I may make some further donations as well when I get some time to take a breather from cranking out all these goodies. :)

As I mentioned below, someone at the post office late yesterday afternoon mistakenly set their scan machine wrong and so the tracking is messed up on the packages I sent out yesterday. Don't worry though, this happened once before and everything did reach the recipients in the usual time so no worries! Of course, mail is a bit slow this week due to the holiday volume but I am sure most everything will get there OK and I hope before Christmas for the US bound packages. If anything does go missing beyond a week or so just be patient or email me and we'll see if we can track it down.

Today I have a few Titanium Atwrenches done with fancy Vintage Style Anodizing! These are once again tough to photograph and get the vibrant colors right but you can get the idea I think...multiple textures and multiple anodizing steps make these very special indeed. The colors range from warm gold and orangey copper tones to bright pinks, UV purples, deep electric blues and minty greens. Some of these effects I have never been able to achieve before so I'm stoked for what they portend for future projects as well. I'm definitely keeping a couple for my own collection...

Anyhow, the Fancy Ti Atwrenches are $75 plus shipping and the link is below. I have a limited number of these so will keep to one per customer please. There are a few more on deck but not sure if I can get to them right away so this is all for now...thank you for stopping in today and as always it is much appreciated!

These are Sold Out for now, thank you everyone and have a great weekend!



Hi Folks,

The PO received the packages I dropped off yesterday and they mistakenly scanned them as delivered in Turners Falls. This has happened before. All packages are on their way to the correct destinations so just ignore the screwed up tracking message. Thanks!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Titanium Sweethearts!

Hi Everyone,

Woohoo, the holidays are coming fast! At the beginning of December I always think that time is stretching on ahead in abundance but the closer that Christmas looms the more time gets crunched. I think we nearly approaching black hole compression levels now.

Anyhow, I'm still scrambling here to get some last minute work done. The days are quite overcast lately for the most part so it's a challenge to get nice light for photos...especially when those photos are of colored titanium, which is already very difficult to capture accurately. Therefore I can only give you approximations in my images but I think you will find these objects to be quite vibrant in real life.

Today I have a big batch of Titanium Sweethearts done. These are a bit thicker than the stainless ones and measure a hair under 5/32 thick while still weighing slightly less than their prior counterparts. I spent a lot of time playing with these little guys and the results are nothing less than intriguing.

The Sweethearts feature multiple surface textures and multiple anodizing effects. The final finishes are absolutely stunning. I have tried to vary not only the edge colors and surface plane colors but the textures as well to create both interesting contrasts and light catching effects. Even with the same general color combinations no two pieces are exactly alike.

As before, I will be donating a healthy portion of the Sweetheart proceeds to charity. In this case, given the time of year, I'm making those donations to several of my favorite local community organizations which are sorely in need of funds such as the Food Bank of Western Mass, the Brick House Teen Center, and the Turners Falls Public Library all of which provide vital services. It's always good to give something back to the local community.

The Titanium Sweethearts will be $55 plus shipping and I will make it a two per customer limit on them please. The link to order is below and if it is not there when you see this post it means the sale is over and they are sold out. Thank you as always everyone, I hugely appreciate your enthusiasm and support this year and hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Ti Sweethearts are sold out for now, thank you so much everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Minty Green Ti 5 Flutes!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your holiday season is going great so far. I've been quite busy trying to wrap up a few projects here and maybe at some point I might even get a chance start my Christmas shopping. :)

More Roll Bars will be running in a few days but I really don't know if I will have any done before Christmas or not. Even if I did they might not make it to you in time for Christmas...however, I'm pretty confident that there will be another sale of them before the year is over....also, in the pipeline for mid January, something brand new from the Measuring Instrument Department here at Atwood Studios! And hopefully that will be the start of a new line of cool items for 2015.    

Today I have some more of the beautiful titanium 5 Flute beads done. This time I have given them a long slow tumble followed by anodizing. They have an intense bright green color which looks even brighter on the brilliant Purple Haze cord. Great fun.

The Green Ti 5 Flutes will run $30 plus shipping and it's a two per customer limit on them please as the batch is not very big. The link is below. Thanks everyone and have a terrific week!

Green ones are gone for now, thank you!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Titanium 5 Flutes

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We lost power for a couple of days but managed to have a good time despite it all. I did a lot of cold weather backup gear assessments which is always interesting and concluded that we were in pretty good shape as far as emergency preparedness goes. I used a lot of different flashlights of course and all performed well, particularly enjoyed the Maratac AAA lights as well as the McGizmo Mule. My Goal Zero backup chargers and lanterns were terrific and kept us juiced and well lit with power to spare. I even had a chance to use my Roll Bar with 550 cord to reattach the cable wire after it fell off the house and was draped across the driveway. Fun times...that I could have done without! :)  

Well today I have the first wave of titanium 5 Flute Mega Lanslides done. It took quite a while but these are finally running. I decided to make some plain ones first with no pinstripe and no anodizing as I know people really want some basic ones. They have a simple tumbled finish and look great on the cool Undead (they shoulda called it Zombie) cord from Supply Captain. I will probably be doing some Ti 5 Flutes with anodizing and maybe some with pinstripes up the road as well. We'll see how the run goes.

The Titanium 5 Flute Lanslides will run $30 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping in folks and stay warm out there!

These are sold out for now but lots more are on the way shortly...Thank you!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tippler: Last Call

Hi Folks,

Well we're heading into the festive time of year. We still have bare grass in our yard but that may be changing in the week ahead as they are calling for a dusting right before Thanksgiving. It certainly has been cold lately.

The Roll Bars have generated a lot of interest and many enthusiastic emails, comments and social media mentions. Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate all the great feedback and kind words! More of them will be coming in a few weeks for sure.

Also on the upcoming list... those titanium 5 flute Lanslides I've been talking about for the past few months. They are finally underway and will be coming very soon!  I'm not sure if they will happen before Thanksgiving but certainly within the next week. They will be plain with no pin stripe or knurling for the first round and not sure yet on anodizing.

Today I have the very last of the stainless Tipplers finished. This is the end of the batch so now is the time if you have been waiting or if you wanted to pick up an extra one for a gift. The Tipplers are $65 each plus shipping and the link is below. As before, I will set a two per customer limit on them as the remaining batch is small.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a great rest of the weekend! Some good football games are scheduled today, Pats and Lions at 1pm. :)

Tipplers are Sold Out, thank you everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Roll Bars

Happy Weekend My Friends!

It's getting quite chilly here this weekend so I guess you folks down in the South and Midwest are sending us your recent frigid temps...This coming week it looks like it will barely get out of the 30's with some precipitation in the forecast . Time to get the sand and salt ready and make sure the snow blower will fire up.    

Well, the day has finally come when I am able to offer the first batch of Roll Bars!

So what is a Roll Bar? It's a small spool type accessory designed to carry tape, cord or other roll goods in a convenient and tiny package. I created these primarily with tape in mind as it seems like I am in constant need of a piece of tape for sealing something or for making a film reminder tag on a camera for instance. There are literally tons of uses for a little piece of tape as I keep finding the more I carry these. Just yesterday I needed to leave a note for someone and was able to stick it to their door. 

The Roll Bars are designed to carry any 1 inch wide tape so you could carry electrical tape, masking tape, gaffer tape, packing tape or any other kind that you regularly use. I made the opening between the protective roll ends slightly over 1 inch so that you could rip a piece of duct tape in half lengthwise and still have a little wiggle room in case the halves weren't perfectly even. It's nice having those spool ends on there so that you keep the edges of the tape roll clean and they prevent adhesive from getting all over your hands or pockets.

As for capacity, I can fit 36 inches of cloth style tape or more of thin painter's blue tape with ease. For 550 paracord with the 7 strand core intact I can get 32 inches on there or more if I take the core out. The rubber o-ring adds additional grip to the diamond knurl and gives you a little bumper to keep the noise down when attached to your gear. It also works in conjunction with the small milled groove so the band can act as a keeper for a cord end.         

The Roll Bars are turned from bars of 303 stainless steel, just under 2 inches overall length and 3/4 inch in diameter so they are quite compact indeed. They have been well tumbled to give a beautiful vintage style finish and they look like something that might have come off your granddad's workbench 50 years ago. A pair of o-rings are included so there is an extra one and also a NiteIze S clip which allows for handy attachment to keys or gear bag.

This is a tiny batch of Roll Bars so one per customer on them please. If there is a big demand I may make another run of them in the next few weeks. They will be $45 each plus shipping and the purchase link as always is right below....have a great rest of the weekend folks and stay warm!

Thanks everyone! I will do up the packages for these in the morning.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rest of the Bronze 5 Flutes

Howdy Folks,

It's a great week here and much work is getting done. I'm finally finishing up numerous projects and the sales will be rolling over the next few days...

Today I have a small batch of bronze 5 Flute Mega Lanslides to offer. I had misplaced these and rediscovered them the other day when I was getting the copper diamond knurl Lanslides done. They have a nice satin finish on them and are on black cord, very sharp looking.

The Bronze 5 Flute Mega Lanslides are $25 each plus shipping and I'll make it 2 per customer since the batch is tiny. Purchase link is below...thanks for stopping in today everyone and stay tuned for more sales over the weekend. :)

Bronze Lanslides are gone, thank you again!