Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Zirconium Mini Superbugs

Hi Everyone,

Happy Summer! Man, it has arrived with a vengeance too...stepping outside to water my garden this morning was like walking into a sauna. We keep going from very hot spells to very cool temps so it's going to be a long hot crazy summer ahead I think.

I've been quite busy working on projects these past couple of weeks. I just finished stamping and anodizing ti Ringbabies and those will be coming up next. I finally got a small batch of white delrin beads done. A big load of the upcoming BabyShark tools just went out to heat treat yesterday and I began the grinding on steel Mini Prybabies finally as well. I also did some preparation on the Zr R25 rulers and some more Zr QuickDraws but those will be awhile away...so lots of goodies are already on the menu for this summer.  

Today I have Zirconium Mini Superbugs done. These are all stamped and then torch colored in the traditional blackened style finish. A great little minimalist tool that makes it easy to carry a standard 1/4 bit anywhere at all times.

Zirconium Mini Superbugs will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by this week and hope you're staying cool and have a great holiday weekend planned ahead!

All gone, thanks so much everyone! 

Small sampling of stamps:


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bronze Medallions

Hi Everyone,

Happy summer! I know it isn't quite summer yet, but man it has been a scorching week here. We've had some crazy back and forth temperatures ranging from freezing cold, and then directly to burning hot weather this spring. My tomatoes did not appreciate it, that is for sure, although my gardens recovered nicely. Supposedly we're now due for some moderate days in the 70's and that sure would be nice to see. 

Sorry for my long radio silence these past couple of weeks. I've been working steadily on projects but for one reason or another haven't gotten any to the finish line....the good news is that I have gotten a ton of stuff done so lots of tools are now on the verge of completion. Zr Mini Superbugs are almost ready, just waiting on the o-rings so I can start packing them up. I am almost done stamping ti Ringbabies and then then they can get anodized and finished up. Titanium Medallion coins are now ready to stamp and then they can get anodized. Steel Mini Prybabies are still on the bench but are next up for grinding, as are the remaining steel BabySharks. Will be lots to send out to heat treat in a week or two...Steel Wheelman tools are in limbo since I discovered the other half of the batch, so might wait to send those to heat treat until later in the summer. And there are several other things in progress too, as always.

Today I have the Bronze Medallion coins done. I collected coins as a kid, so between all my youthful coin collecting and my adult appreciation of ancient artifacts, I wanted to create something fun that was a hybrid of those interests. I had a sheet of bronze lying around so I decided to turn it into lucky pocket pieces...About the size of a silver dollar, these remind me a little of the old Chinese coins with the square holes in the center crossed with some of the gold pieces and large pennies of the 1800's. Maybe with a dash of Space Pirates thrown in for good measure. Yeah, I went there, Space Pirates and their Pieces of Six! :)

I had a lot of fun stamping these guys up with my ever expanding collection of metal stamps. I have some very cool new ones although they vary in the materials that they can be used on. Some are best in the softer metals so these bronze coins were a perfect palette. I'm really digging the new Bigfoots, flying saucers, little elephant, mushroom, nautical star and literally dozens of others. There are also a few bawdy and irreverent images such as the middle finger and even boobs for a "lucky night" theme coin, haha...I was cracking myself up more than once in recent days and no two Medallions are quite alike in the stamping combinations.

These bronze coins have a heavy distressed and antique finish on them. I gave them multiple chemical baths and tumblings to achieve a range of deep patinas and it gives many of them a look of something that was dug up last week after centuries of lying in the ground. They are all dated 2021 though so I guess that gives their true age away.

Bronze Medallions will run $55 each plus shipping and the link is below, no limit on them. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope everyone is doing great this spring and that life is beginning to return to normal!

*********Sold out, thanks so much folks!

A few examples, back sides:
Front sides:
And no, antique coins are not included, hehe...