Friday, February 07, 2014

HAIII Natural BitBuckets

Hi Everyone,

TGIF is all I can say...the sooner we get through this miserable February the closer we'll be to warm and sunny Springtime. At least the sun is out today and the snow looks bright and shiny. Almost makes you forget for a minute that the mercury was showing below 0F this morning, as it has for many many mornings this winter.

There have been a lot of distractions lately but I'm steadily chipping away at a variety of projects. Ti Count Sporkulas are coming up very shortly and a brand new Lanslide design will be coming in maybe a week or so. Still no movement on the remaining Frankenslices but I will get back to them soon. And I haven't gotten too far on the remaining Hangmen but will try to get to some of those in the next few days as well.

Today I have the last batch of aluminum BitBuckets done. These have a beautiful deep olive gray colored HAIII Natural Hardcoat Anodizing on them. A nice match for your SF flashlights. These will run the usual $55 plus shipping and it's a very modest sized batch so one per customer on them please. Link is below...thank you for stopping by today and may your weekend be a warm and happy one. :)

Sold Out, thank you very much!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Anodized Titanium Hangmen

Hi Everyone,

Happy Superbowl Weekend! My Pats got knocked out two weeks ago but that is just as well since they didn't have much of a chance this year anyway. So I don't really have a dog in the fight anymore and can just sit back and enjoy the game.

It's been a bit quiet around here lately but I'm making great progress and will be stepping up the sales a bit in this next week. So much stuff is about to be finished...

Today I have the first wave of anodized ti Hangmen done. These are finished in a variety of colors, mostly different although there are some duplicates such as a few solid green, a few solid blue, a few gold, etc. I tried to make them as different as I could though so there is a wide variety of color fades and multi colored pieces. These all have a bright chamfered accent on the attachment hole as well. I will send whatever I send so I can't give you a color choice, but they are all absolutely gorgeous and I think everyone will be thrilled.

 I ran out of the mini S clips so these will all ship just by themselves...but since most of you guys put them on keyrings and such anyway I'm sure you will find a way to integrate them into your EDC. :)  This is the first half of the batch and more will be coming in this next week.

If you are new to colored titanium: finger oils will dull the colors so clean periodically with Windex and a soft cloth to restore the bright color. Colors are applied via electricity and are very thin. They are somewhat delicate but at the same time surprisingly durable. The stonewashed texture on the base of the pieces will help preserve the color and blend in the inevitable patina from use. 

The anodized Hangmen are $45 plus shipping and the link is below. It's not a very large batch so is one per customer please...thank you for your patience this winter and I hope everyone is staying warm and comfy this weekend. Temps are finally moderating a little bit here after the most brutal January I can remember...

Anodized Hangmen are sold out for now but more are coming shortly, thank you so much!