Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!

Wow, as I look back on 2011 it's really been one heck of a ride. I've had a lot of fun and played with quite a few ideas, revisited others. It's been pretty darned cool and I'm incredibly fortunate to have had all of you along for the trip. So I'd just like to say to all of you, THANK YOU! May you all have a safe and fun New Year's and here's a toast to a fabulous year ahead! It's going to be a good one, I can tell you already. ;) :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Thank you so very much for all the interest and enthusiasm you all have shown for my little creations this past year. It means so much to me and I am deeply grateful.

I hope everyone has a terrific Christmas! Stay safe and warm and may all your holiday wishes come true for you and your families. ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stainless LongSlides

Hey Folks,

How about a little evening action? :)

So, tonight I have some more of the Five Rib Longslides but this time in 303 stainless steel. They have a satin finish and are very substantial in the hand. These are the usual $25 plus shipping...thanks for stopping in!

Stainless Ones Are Sold Out. Thanks again everyone and have a great holiday season!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Flatbabies

Hi Everyone,

Well we're getting down to the wire now...I think the mail is moving pretty well this year though so hopefully everyone will be getting these in time for the holidays, at least folks in the US at any rate.

I have more of the Flatbabies done today. There are still a couple dozen more probably that need to be sorted through so even after this sale there will be some left. Once again, these are 420 stainless steel, .070 thick, 3 inches long, with a laser engraved name stamp and they have been heavily tumbled. A nice back up piece for the wallet and in fact G5b stands for "backup". They run $45 plus shipping.

Second Wave is gone, thank you very much!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Black LongSlides

Hi Folks,

I'm recovering today from a ton of family oriented events and visits from the past few days. It's always good to see everyone and it was a little early this year which is fine by me. It will make for a relaxing Christmas.

I will have more Flat G5 Prybabies coming up but I need to figure out what finishes I want to do on them so it won't be for another day or two. In the meantime I do have these lovely aluminum Longslides available. These are anodized with type III black Hardcoat and they are tied on gorgeous leopard pattern cord from Supply Captain. They are $25 each plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by!

All gone, thank you again!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

G5b FlatBabies

Hello Everyone,

Cold, rainy and gray today, a good day for a sale!

The G5b Flatbabies are up today...b stands for "backup" in this case. The minimalist folks will love these ultralight .070" thin Prybabies(R) made of hardened 420 stainless steel. They are perfect for backup wallet or keychain carry and they won't weigh you down. The 1/4" hex driver opening makes for a nice little addition to the original G5 design along with the classic 1/4 - 9/16" wrench set, 5/16" wrench and cap lifter. Despite it's low profile the G5b is still strong enough for light duty prying jobs such as opening a paint can. One of the cool features is the new 1/4" hex opening, since it allows you to hang the tool from your keys or tie a lanyard on from either end.

The G5b Flatbabies run $45 each plus shipping. This is the first of several waves coming over the next few days. Thanks for stopping in today!

First wave is gone but I have many more to sort through and get packaged up for tomorrow and the weekend. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

G5 Roids with Stamps

Howdy Folks,

Gearing up for a busy week here. I'm working on Flat G5 Prybabies(R) today and hope to do a sale tomorrow. Also coming later this week are some lovely 5 Ribbed Longslides but this time in aluminum with black HAIII hardcoat anodizing. And we're getting a new BigShot design dialed in this week which will hopefully be ready just before or just after Christmas, we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, today I have the rest of the G5 Roids done, this time with antique diemaker stamps. They are mostly different and the batch is quite small so it's a one per customer sale on them please...they are $80 plus shipping.

One note on the CPM 3v Roids...CPM 3v is a TOOL STEEL. That means that is NOT stain resistant and it will be subject to light rusting. I don't find this a problem because 3v is a bad ass steel with superior lateral strength (prying) and extreme toughness and that is the tradeoff that you make for corrosion resistance. Personally I happen to like the patina of surface rust that will develop over time, just like all the antique tools in my collection, many of which I use on a regular basis and are 100+ years old. But just be aware on the cosmetic front that 3v steel may rust more easily than other steels. ;)

All gone, thank you!

Friday, December 09, 2011

UV Swingers

Hi All,

Yup, I'm going full steam ahead this week. Up tonight are the Swingers in UV finish. These are just a beautiful color...they run $45 plus the shipping and the link is below. Thanks once again for your support and I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

UV are all gone, thank you again folks!

Blue Swingers!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This morning I have some titanium Swinger Golf Tools done. If you're looking for a stocking stuff for your favorite Uncle Bob (you know the one, the avid golfer!) this tool is perfect. Featuring a divot repair tool, cap lifter and light pry tip, he'll be walking the links in style. These are anodized a rich blue. The Swingers run $45 plus shipping and the link is below, thanks!

Blue ones are gone, thank you!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

5 Flute Olive G10

Hey folks, I'm on a roll today!

These olive G10 Lanslides have been sitting around for months waiting for me to tie them up and package them. They are $15 plus shipping and the link is below...thanks for stopping in tonight. ;)

All gone, thank you again!

More Bronze Lanslides

Howdy All,

Whew, no snow this morning, just a layer of black ice so we dodged another bullet last night. I'm not looking forward to the next few months though...they say the New England winter gives you character but I assure you, I already have plenty of that!

I'm not quite ready to face the bead blast cabinet again this morning so the rest of the Roids will have to wait another day. Today I have more of the large 5 ribbed Bronze Lanslides done. These chunky little beauties look great on zippers, knife lanyards and bags. They are $25 plus the shipping. Thanks for stopping by today!

Sold out, thank you!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

G5 Roids

Hey Folks,

Well, my computer is back up and I think I'm oriented enough on the new operating system to attempt a sale this evening. We'll see how I'm able to keep up.

I have a few of the G5 Roid Prybabies(R) done today. These are massive, and at .285" the thickest ones I've ever done. The thick tool steel is a bit gnarly so expect a few stray machine marks here and there. I had some difficulties with the tumbling so I decided to bead blast this batch to even them out cosmetically. There are still more to go so there will be another sale later this week as well.

The G5 Roids are $75 plus shipping....the batch is small so these will be one per customer please. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Sold Out for now, thank you so much!

Monday, December 05, 2011

One Thing After Another

This has been just a ridiculously annoying period lately!

My computer developed problems last week and so I bought a new one. The last few days have been filled with switching over data and setting up the new system. This morning I actually got things mostly in order so that's all good to go.

However, I went to jump in the shower and get my day going only to discover that our well pump seems to be on the fritz. So now I'm sitting around waiting for the well guy to call me back. All this PITA stuff on top of the other disruptions this continues to be very frustrating!

Anyway, I will have some sales going later this week (G5 Roid Prybabies, G5 Flat Prybabies and more Longslides) so please bear with me for a few more days. Hopefully things will settle down and I can get some work done instead of chasing after all this other crap. Thanks!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Blue Longslides

Howdy All,

Great day here in the northeast, a little cloudy and gloomy but it's very warm, almost t-shirt weather. A good afternoon for a sale.

Upcoming later this week will be G5 Prybabies in the Roid Edition. I just have a little finish work to do on them still. Also coming in a week or so will be a large batch of some flat G5 Prybabies. I played around with the design a little and came up with a nifty wallet version which will make for a perfect stocking stuffer.

Today I have some satin finish titanium LongSlides, anodized a beautiful blue. These are really lovely and I couldn't resist keeping a few for my own collection. They look great on pocket flashlights for example. Which reminds me, I better keep a plain one for my incoming McGizmo Mule with Nichia 119 Hi CRI. :D

Anyway, these are $25 plus shipping and the link is below:

Blue ones are gone, thank you! I will have more bronze ones coming in a week or so as well as some in stainless steel and a few aluminum.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Pests!

Hi Everyone,

Today I have the second round of steel Pests done. Once again, these are stonewashed S30v steel in my normal thickness, 5/32. A simple, handy and elegant little tool that feels great in the hand and rides easily on a keychain. They are $50 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by on this fine Saturday!

Second wave is all gone, thank you so much folks!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Steel Pests

Happy Black Friday Folks!

I'm gearing up for a busy couple of weeks with many batches of items in the queue for finishing. Today I have a wave of Pests ready to go. These are made of substantial 5/32" thick S30v steel with a smooth stonewashed finish and are my simple and elegant nod to the classic pocket screwdrivers of the past. The Pests run $50 plus shipping. Thank you for stopping in and hope everyone has a relaxing and stress free weekend ahead!

First Wave of Steel Pests Sold Out for now! Thank you!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks so much for all your support this year, I am deeply grateful! Hope everyone is having a great day out there. Let the feasting and the footballing prevail! :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Largeness Continues...

Hi Everyone,

Turkey Day is almost here! I'm looking forward to much feasting followed by some interesting football games.

Today I have a batch of the plain titanium Five Ribbed LongSlides done. These unanodized machine satin finished monsters definitely will make a substantial addition to any zipper pull or knife lanyard application. The giant Lanslides run $25 plus shipping. Thank you for stopping in folks, and for the continued support, it is very much appreciated!

Plain satin ones are gone, thank you! I will have more coming up soon, some more in titanium and then also some stainless steel ones, some bronze ones and maybe some others.

Friday, November 18, 2011

More Bookies!

Hi Folks,

The past few days have been rather gloomy but the sun is out today which always lifts my spirits even though it's a little chilly outside...I think I know what is coming soon and it's going to be cold, white and unpleasant. :D

Projects updates: Steel Pests are coming along and should be done in a couple of days. Same with the G5 Roid Prybabies. Also, a couple of other goodies should be on the way for next weekend. There will be lots of stocking stuffer type items for the next few weeks. Roid Keytons are probably not going to happen until January, same with ti Keytons, I just can't get to everything this year.

Today I have more of the steel Bookies done. These are $60 plus shipping and the purchase link is below...hope everyone is heading for a relaxing weekend!

All gone for now, thank you so much! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Steel Bookies

Howdy Folks,

Well, things are getting more interesting by the minute around here. Sooooo many projects going on that it will be a miracle if I can even get half of it all done before the end of the year.

So, you wanted more sharps? Sharp Week continues... :D

Today I have the first wave of Bookie desk tools done. These are the 420 stainless steel version of the Bookie tools and they have been hardened to 56-58 Rockwell and then CNC ground on one side. They are razor sharp and will open an envelope or perform other small chores with ease.

I chose 420 for these over something more exotic like S30v because it is a well known and reliable cutlery steel and it is readily available in the very thin thickness that I needed for the bookmark/letter opener project. At .040 in thickness you really don't need anything fancy as the geometry will allow nearly any material to cut like crazy.

The Bookies have been tumbled and then retumbled and then retumbled some more to a gorgeous stonewashed finish. The cutting edge was buffed to a high polish for a nice drag free cutting action and the Atwood logo is etched to distinquish this mid tech tool from my custom projects. They come with a simple plastic slip sheath like the EDK knives and also a lanyard. You can keep the tool in the slip or do what I like to do which is tuck it into an address book or checkbook so that it's handy on your desk.

Since the Bookie is shaving sharp be VERY CAREFUL if you want to use the bottle opener!! I would leave it in the plastic slip sleeve or in the spine of the book if you want to open a beer. Or consider it a design feature and use it as a knife only. ;)

As I said, this is just the first of several waves of these steel Bookies. They are $60 each plus shipping. Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope everyone is having a terrific week.

First Wave is Sold Out but I have more coming mid week. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Things are back to normal around here finally and I've been getting back to work in the shop. There is just a TON of stuff happening all at once and this month will be getting busier and busier as the days go on.

SuperSlides, LongSlides....I have had a number of folks ask for a larger Lanslide bead so I decided to make some giant ones. These are the same diameter as the full sized Lanslides but are nearly twice as long. So they measure 1/2" wide by 5/8" long. I decided to stick with the ribbed pattern but added a couple more ribs on to the end. The effect is big and beautiful, especially on these bronze ones which have some heft to them. I'll be making some in titanium pretty soon as well but for now just have the bronze ones ready.

These big guys run $25 each plus shipping. As always, thanks so much for stopping by, it's very much appreciated.

Bronze ones are sold out, thank you!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

power is back

We have power finally but no cable. So no internet, no email and no sales until it is restored...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stonewashed G2 Keytons

Happy Weekend Folks! ;)

We had a dusting of snow last night (which did not thrill me in the least) and they're forecasting 2-5" more of heavy wet white stuff on Saturday night. Way too early IMO...absolutely rotten weather in the Northeast this year.

Lots of goodies coming up. I will have giant ribbed Lanslides shortly. I have steel Pests and G5 Prybaby Roids at heat treat right now so those will be here in a week or two. The hardened steel Bookies are coming in a week or so as well. It's going to be crazy busy here for the next few weeks.

Well today I have the stonewashed G2 Keytons done. These are $60 each.. Thanks for stopping by as always!

Sold Out! Thank you!

P.S. How about that World Series game last night? Wow! I'm dragging my butt today but it was worth staying up for. ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raw Bar Keytons

Hey Everyone,

So, at long last the G2 Keytons are back from heat treat. Unfortunately the stonewashed ones need a bit more clean up and tumbling before they will be ready but the raw bar ones look great so they will go up first. This update to the original Keyton is made of CPM S30v steel, they measure 3 inches long and are milled from my usual hefty 5/32 thick stock. Of course the raw bar ones are slightly chunkier because they haven't had the mill scale removed.

There aren't a lot of them so these will be one per customer please and they will run $65 plus shipping. I'll give international customers the option of Priority or Express Mail...thanks as always! PURCHASE LINK IS BELOW:

Sold Out!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the Numbers Are...

Thank you once again folks! Wow, great turn out. :)

Here are the numbers, will send emails right now:

20 Figurado
26 Tad
41 fc3
48 SteK
65 godlovesugly
140 SamMcGee
146 Morton
196 mp101
247 Cobra4246
332 raz184
393 ralphdrocketman
408 rugerfanuk

Ti Ghost SUSale

Hi Folks,

Rainy day here so a good day to work in the shop and also to put up a SUSale.

Today I have 13 titanium Ghosts that were remaining from a batch I did last year. I finally got around to finishing these off...they are all anodized differently and each one comes with a length of bead chain.

These will be $60 each plus shipping and the Sign Up period will end at 7PM Eastern Time this evening, Thursday 13. One entry per customer on the list please!

Sign Up is over, numbers announced shortly, thank you!

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blue Bookies!

Howdy folks,

It's been a little slow recently but that's because I've been scrambling to get various projects underway and on the road to being finished. Some big batches of stuff will be going out to heat treat later this week...speaking of heat treat, those G2 Keytons are still in there but should be coming back next week I believe. I'll have those and lots of other tools coming on in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Today I finally have the titanium Bookies finished up. This is an interesting concept I think, a titanium bookmark tool...or as I like to call it, a Page Blade. They are made of thin (.040") titanium and feature a bottle opener and light pry tip/screwdriver. OAL is 4 1/2 inches and the blade portion is 2 1/2 inches. Really neat little item. I only did a small batch of these so I decided to mostly finish them off in one color, blue. And yes, a hardened 420 steel version of the same thickness but with full flat grind will be coming next month and that piece will have an additional function as a letter opener/desk tool. ;) Still trying to decide if the steel ones will get sharpened or not...

Anyway, these titanium Bookies are $55 plus shipping. As always, thank you for stopping by. :)

Blue Bookies are gone, thank you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last of the Black

Hi Everyone,

It's a warm day here, probably the last of the 80's that we shall see this year. The leaves are a total dud this year probably on account of the incredible amount of rain, otherwise I'd be out taking pictures today...

Progress Reports: I'm not positive but I think the G2 Keytons will be back from heat treat by the end of the week. I also have the titanium Bookies coming along in the next day or two. I need to spend some hours in the shop on each of several projects but there is much that is partially completed and almost ready to send out for heat treat and those include S30v Steel Pests, 3V Steel Roid Renches and more G2 Keytons but this time in a Roid Edition. I have some other projects planned for late fall such as titanium G2 Keytons and a reprise of an older tool design so there are many more goodies to look forward to as well. ;)

Anyway, this afternoon I have the rest of the black handled S30v EDKs finished. They are $110 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks!

Black are Sold Out, thank you so much!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

More Wood Handled EDKs

Hi Everyone,

I have the last of the wood handled EDKs done. Steel is on special order and I will be making more of these in a few months and perhaps another blade shape as well. Although I like these handles I may also be trying some other handle materials and finishes, we shall see...speaking of handles, the wood ones should get oiled regularly and/or waxed. I found a nice product for this over on Amazon, Howard Butcher Block Conditioner...highly recommended!

Wood ones are gone, thank you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EDK with Hardwood

Hello Folks,

Today I have some more EDK knives done. These have beautiful hardwood handles made of Morado, sometimes called Bolivian Rosewood. Not a true rosewood but lovely nevertheless, it is dense and heavy. I am told it is sustainably harvested which is always a plus and hopefully that is true. The grain and figure vary widely on these and don't expect bookmatched handles or anything that fancy...however, ALL these knives are gorgeous and it's just about killing me to actually have to part with any of them. Sigh, I do love nice wood! :D

These wood handles have been lightly oiled with food grade mineral oil and I recommend you do so periodically to keep them nice. There are a number of other food grade products available for maintaining fine wood and I will be testing some as time goes on. At any rate, as with the black handled EDKs, hand wash only and towel dry.

These are slightly more than the synthetic handled EDKs, $125 each plus shipping. As before, insured shipping is $10 and International will ship via Express Mail for $26. Thanks for stopping by!

First wave is sold out, thank you! I will have more very soon. ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sharp Week!

Howdy Folks,

Well, I'm proud to announce that not only is this the first week of fall but it's also another week that I think just may be of great interest to Atwood Fans...that's right, it's Sharp Week! Hehe, sorry could not resist the obvious pun... :D

OK, so this is a project that I have been working on for over two years, the EDK or Every Day Kitchen knife...

I started out with a simple idea. I noticed that even though I have a nice variety of knives in a block on the counter, most of the time I find myself reaching for a small utility blade for nearly every chore that I encounter. Whether it's slicing an onion, coring a tomato or opening a plastic package, 9 times out of 10 I don't end up using a big chef's knife. In fact, I have to admit, I've never really been a big fan of those honking 8 or 10 inch chef knives and I'm not good at the rapid cutting skills that you see the TV chefs doing. Maybe I'm just unsophisticated, but unless the task before me is slicing a turkey or something like that a smaller knife usually will suffice. So with that in mind I started thinking about smaller knife shapes.

Now it just so happened that one day I called my steel supplier looking for slightly thinner stock than my usual 5/32" tool steel and they jokingly told me they had some REALLY thin S30v sheets available. I immediately bought some of it. Then I contacted my local friends who run a kitchen knife factory and asked them about producing a small mid tech kitchen knife. The project didn't happen and things dragged on for some time. Finally I got them to make a sample knife for me but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Nevertheless I took the sample home and I have used it for nearly two years. I have to say, even with a so-so heat treat on the blade I was surprised at how well it performed. I took that knife home and sharpened it once, and I have literally not sharpened it since. It really needs sharpening right now but amazingly it does still cut pretty well and that knife has been used and used and used. S30v is some remarkable steel, especially when ground thin. I have to say, I'm impressed.

So anyhow, this past June I made another trip over to the factory and brought up the kitchen knife project again. This time they said they would finally get going on it. And so they did. The blades were cut and then sent out for a premium heat treat this time including vacuum oven, cryo freezing and double temper. They returned with a high rockwell, I believe it was 59-60. Then the blades were carefully ground so as not to lose the fine temper. The grinds are full flat grinds that extend to the top of the spine. The broad blade shape with generous belly results in a wonderful geometry for slicing. They are very light and quick in the hand. These knives may be ground thin but they are still fairly stiff with only minimal flex so you can use them on hard cheeses or sausages with no fear of bending the tips.

Next, handle materials were selected. For this first round I chose a black recycled paper material very similar to paper Micarta. The rivets are solid nickel-silver and the handles are both epoxied and riveted in place for maximum durability. Because the blades were ground after hardening it was not possible use my normal steel marking stamp on them so we went with an old style logo etch which is larger than my current stamp size. This also differentiates the blades as being a mid tech item rather than from my own shop.

I really wanted these to be done right and I'm so happy to report that the end results are even better than I had hoped for. I can see a few very minor things that I'd like to tweak in the next batches but considering they are a factory produced item, I'm quite satisfied with what I see as truly STELLAR user blades. And yes, a special order has already been put in to Crucible for more thin stock S30v so you can expect a second and much larger run of these in the early winter. ;)

Specs: 4 inch blade, .85 inch wide, .064 spine, .012 cutting edge, 3.75 inch handle. For best cosmetic results: hand wash only, towel dry, do not put into dishwasher.

So since this is a relatively small exploratory run I ask that we keep this a one per customer sale. The mid tech EDK knives with basic black handles will be $110 plus $10 for insured Priority mail shipping. International orders will ship via Express Mail only for $26 and please pay attention to any country restrictions that could exist about knives. I will not be responsible for confiscated blades at customs. I would think that kitchen knives should be OK to import but I really don't know what some countries with restrictive knife laws like Australia or the UK might do so you are on your own.

So there you go...I'm happy to finally be able to tell the story of these little knives. It's been a rather long and frustrating process and at times I really wasn't sure if they would ever happen especially since the recent floods closed down the factory for the past three weeks. But they are a great way to kick off Sharp Week. :D

Folks, first wave is gone....HOWEVER, they are not done with the black handles so the bulk of them are coming late next week. In the meantime, there will be another much larger round of OTHER ones coming early next week so stay tuned. Remember, I did say Sharp WEEK! :D

I hear they are delicious fried up with some onions so this cat better watch himself! :p :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

G2 Keyton Sneak Peak

Hi Folks,

I didn't fall off the face of the earth or anything, just been busy grinding tools! I wanted to share a quick pic of the upcoming G2 Keyton. These are pretty slick I think. They kind of combine the old school Keyton design with my older Nibble design. It always bothered me that the Keyton lacked a bottle opener so I managed to get one in there on this version. These fit the hand very well and they are about the size of a full sized old school Keyton.

Anyhow, I just got done grinding these and they are in the tumbler now getting a thorough deburring. They head out for heat treat in a day or two and then it will be at least a week or two before they come back. So we're looking at early October on those.

In other news, I am grinding some steel Pests right now. I hope to get those out to heat treat next week so they will follow the Keyton batch in October.

I can't say what just yet but there are other items of great interest on the way in the interim so please stay tuned! :D

G2 Keyton hot off the grinder:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The List

Another amazing turnout! Thanks so much everyone. :)

OK, I was surprised to see some of these numbers come up in a row but they did...I will send out emails right now.

3 smack2000
36 JonnyThunder
67 anewby
81 BSR
99 Hellooo Snakebite!!
133 Zazenist
136 SteK
146 ClassicDerek
162 Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!
176 brmin
177 DB
178 Bloodline
196 Fred
256 raincoast
272 Konigsberg13
349 thartley
350 Taz Devil NYS

SnakeBite SUSale

So, how about a SUSale? I have some SnakeBites done. These are S30v knives (that's right people, KNIVES!) with captive bits and bottle openers. They come with a kydex sheath and bead chain. This is the end of the SnakeBite batch that I made a couple of years ago and I'm just now getting around to finishing them.

So here's the deal, I have 18 of these. They are going to be $175 each plus shipping. International orders will ship via Express mail only. PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP UNLESS YOU INTEND TO BUY. I don't want to have to chase after people and remind them that they are one of the winning numbers. Also, ONE ENTRY PER CUSTOMER please. There's been a few sneaky folks trying to sign up with their wife's name or just plain signing up with multiple names. I will delete all duplicates including the original so I'd appreciate it if you all would keep my work load to a minimum and keep it honest, OK? Lastly, RELAX! I have more sharp stuff coming this fall so just chill out will ya? ;) :D

SUSale will end tonight at 7PM eastern time.

One more thing................thank you! :)

Sign Up is over, will post the list shortly, thanks again everyone!

List of Entrants

SUSale Rules

Multi Stamp Pests Mini Sale

Howdy folks,

It's been very chaotic here the past week or so but things are settling down and maybe I might even be able to get some work done going forward. :)

Today I have a tray of multi stamped Pests done. These have all different stamps and are anodized different colors. I could have done a SUSale but there's too many of them to deal with the hassle so I decided to do a straight up sale on them. I will have another wave of ti ones later this fall btw so no worries, more will be coming. Also a batch of steel ones will be coming sometime in October or November.

At any rate, these are $75 plus shipping and it's a one per customer sale due to the small number of them. Thank you so much as always my friends!

Sold Out thank you!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jenny's New Book!

Hi Folks,

No tool sales tonight but I wanted to mention another matter...

As many of you know, my wife Jenny is a romance novelist. I'm proud to announce that her second novel in a series of three with astrological twist was just released this week and it is a terrific read. I read it in a couple of evenings and really enjoyed it. The story is as much historic spy novel as it is romance, a very entertaining page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're looking for a gift for the romance reader in your household I would highly recommend it and it might just add a few sparks to your love life (hint hint). :D

Star Crossed Seduction is available in some Barnes and Noble stores, at the larger WalMarts and of course through online stores such as Amazon in both paper and E-book formats. You can learn more about it and find links where you can buy it at online stores including those that ship overseas postage free here: Jenny's New Book

Jenny is running a spotting contest like she did on the last one. Anyone who spots Star Crossed Seduction in a store and can snap a pic and submit it will be put into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to their favorite online bookstore. She had a nice turnout last time for this: Spotting Contest

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Whistle List

Wow, so another terrific turnout. Thank you to everyone who signed up! I guess maybe another batch of whistles should be in the offing at some point...

Anyway, here is the list. I'll send out emails right now, thank you again!

9 Dale
45 SchexMixx
67 Ryan Kat
75 kii
89 Janette Luttrell
92 Epoch
109 katsiin
134 Do Not Have One
138 Bob Ross
192 GMoney
195 MJN
196 ixbrian
197 Seven Out
199 saltydog
218 melman8r
238 Porterspop
240 Jacob
244 wadams
248 onyxhawk
251 skull92

Ti Whistles SUSale

Happy Sunday Folks! It's gray and gloomy here, good day for another sign up sale...

Today I have a small batch of titanium whistles done. There are 20 of these in rainbow anodized satin finish. They vary in color a little, some are lighter and some are darker but all are really gorgeous. They will run $95 each plus shipping and the link is below. Sign Up Sale will end at 7PM Eastern time this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

Sign up is over, I will publish the list and send out emails shortly, thank you!

List of Entrants

SUSale Rules

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The List

Once again, thank you everyone for such a big turnout! Here are the randomly picked numbers...emails going out to them right now. Thanks again and hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.

1 rasi
35 CW
36 thanny
56 L0mein
80 arem
109 Munkey6901
169 Lila Bean
206 NeverWin
236 Bigfatporkchop
243 pk
249 nbmaine
256 colindn
296 rg
338 tique
365 Bloodline
385 robho

Tropical Storm SUSale

Howdy Folks!

So, in light of the tropical storm that we had here in the northeast last weekend that left such damage (thankfully not to our house) I thought maybe a Tropical Pest SUSale would be in order. I have just sixteen of these available and they will cost $75 each plus shipping. The Sign Up Sale will end at 8PM Eastern Time today, September 3rd. Thanks for stopping in folks, I deeply appreciate it and never take your continued support and generosity for granted! ;)

Sign up is over, list will be posted shortly and emails sent. Thank you!

List Of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So Far So Good

10:30PM It's back up! :)

We haven't lost power here and the storm seems to be moving beyond us which is a good thing and a big relief. We got about 6 inches of rain I think, never saw winds more than 35 mph. Some massive flooding going on locally on some of the smaller creeks and rivers. I'm dying to see what the Ct River looks like but probably I will play it safe and won't go out until tomorrow.

My email and site is down because the server is hosted in CT and they are without power evidentally.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Ribbed Lanslides Blue

Hi Everyone,

Well, they are calling for storms tonight so I figured if I was going to do any kind of sale today it should be now. I have a small batch of Mini Ribbed Lanslides finished and these are anodized blue. Because the number is limited I think I'll make it two per customer limit on them this time. I will be turning more Lanslides this fall so no worries, more will be coming in a month or two.

Gone in a Flash! Thank you folks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here They Are:

Once again I am always amazed at the number of folks who sign up. Thank you so much, I really really appreciate it! :)

OK, so after sorting through the names and picking the numbers at total random here is the list:

95 dkavanagh
102 d.cooper.jr
124 elfan888
128 Pierre32
153 bruin
172 DC
224 Soulriot
252 patches138
262 Byung
267 654248
297 mcu71
320 turtlefarmer
435 Vizzini
452 Mpallett
456 PettyGenius

Thanks folks!

Sign Up Sale: Pests with Multi Stamps

Hi Folks,

Well, I haven't done one of these Sign Up Sales in ages but decided to do one today. I have just fifteen of these special titanium Pests available, each with multiple stamps on them. They are all different and I had some fun playing around with the anodizing, trying out various color fades and effects. Anyway, these will be $75 each plus shipping.

The way it works is you click on the link below, fill out the form and you will entered into the pool for a chance to buy one. Everyone has the same chance so whether you get here right after I post these or at 7:59 Eastern time tonight, it doesn't matter, you still will have a chance at them.

The sign up period will end at 8PM Eastern time tonight, August 24th. At that time I will shut down the sale, check the list for duplicates and then choose the 15 numbers at random and send emails with purchase instructions to the winners. Please read the SUSale rules posted below if you haven't entered one of these before. Anyone entering twice will have their entry deleted so please play fair everyone. ;) Thank you for stopping in!

SUSale is closed, I will post the list and send emails shortly. Thank you so much everyone!

List of People Who Are Signed Up

Sign Up Sale Rules

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Lanslides

Hey Folks,

I'm working on a variety of things here, slowly picking away at some tool batches. It's been a really busy month and so I'm going a little easy this week in an effort to catch my breath. Anyway, there will be much to look forward to in the next week or two so please stay tuned. And before anyone asks, NO KEYTONS until October at least and they will only be in steel. :p :D

So, today I have some Large Ribbed Titanium Lanslides with blue anodizing. They are the usual $15 each plus shipping. Thanks for stopping in and have a marvelous week!

Sold Out, thank you!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stamped UV Pests

Hi Folks,

The Pests continue to trickle out of the shop...I have some stamped ones today with UV anodizing. These were some of my favorites so far. They run $70 plus shipping and the link is below...thanks very much!

Sold out, thank you again folks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Pests with Stamps

Happy Weekend People!

Tonight I have some more ti Pests...these are stamped and are anodized a deep rich blue. The batch is fairly small so one per customer please. They will run $70 each plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great evening everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Blue ones are gone, thank you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainbow Pests

Howdy Folks and top of the morning to you! It's going to be a warm and muggy day here today.

I have a few Rainbow anodized Pests this morning. Once again, there is a very small number of them so it will be one per customer so everyone gets a chance at them. They are $65 plus shipping and the link is below...

Sold Out, thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UV Pests

Hi Everyone,

Well, today I have a small number of UV Pests available. I only made a couple dozen of them so it will be a one per customer sale please. The UV Pests run $65 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by this evening!

All gone, thank you!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Ti Lanslides

Howdy folks,

Tonight I have some full sized titanium Lanslide beads with the ribbed pattern and these are anodized green. They are a little brighter than the picture shows but are hard to photograph. Anyway, I only have a few dozen....they are $15 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks as always for visiting and keeping up with all my crazy projects, it is always appreciated.

Sold out, thank you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pest!

Hi Folks,

OK, things are moving right along here...I've been a grinding, stamping and tumbling fool these past few days and I managed to get a good sized batch of these new tools finished. This is The Pest. It's a simple pry tool/screwdriver with bottle opener, similar to the Chiggers that I made last year but larger. These are 3 inches long and made of 5/32" thick titanium with a stonewashed finish. Thanks to the large openings they weigh almost nothing yet are still extremely robust. I love this kind of design, simple and elegant.

Anyway, this first wave is plain stonewashed with no anodizing. I have more to finish up in the coming days and will do some anodized ones next but these are just plain. They are $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Sold out for now, more on the way very soon, thank you so much!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

More Bronze Lanslides

Howdy Folks,

Hot and muggy here today! I hope everyone is having a terrific weekend. Won't be a whole lot more of these this summer as we are already about to say goodbye to the first week of August...

Anyway, I've been working hard all weekend though and today I have the rest of the bronze Lanslide beads finished. Thanks for stopping in, always appreciated!

OK, these are gone, thanks again.