Monday, June 27, 2022

Wroidy Steel Chiggers!

Hi Folks,

Happy summer! Hard to believe it is here already...we've just had a little heat wave, although it is nothing like what much of the country has been experiencing lately. Anyhow, it's looking like it might pour rain this morning (maybe!) which is very much needed here as we have been in a nasty drought for the past few month. Crazy weather for crazy times I guess...

Well, the projects continue to roll along. I am about to stamp up the Zr Stubby MiniBars, so those will be coming up shortly. I have a big batch of larger tools underway, a newly updated titanium Bug Out Bar design, and those will be done very soon as well. I have a brand new batch of 6 Flute Mega beads in shiny brass underway, and those will be coming towards the end of the month. A batch of cute little titanium Flea tools which I made very briefly in steel about 10-12 years ago has been started and they are coming along as well. I need to buckle down and get the grinding, stamping and finish work done for all those projects and more...usually the summer heat chases me back inside and down to the cool basement shop.

Today I have those CPM 154 Steel Chiggers done... This is an update to the older design, and I decided to make them a little longer so they are kind of in between the original Chigger and the even older Pest design in terms of length. But these are very heavy duty at just shy of 1/4" thickness, so they certainly quality for the "Wroid" designation. Anyway, these have a robust pry tip, a 5/16" hex wrench/cap lifter and a 9/16" twelve point wrench. This is a hefty tool that feels great in the hand, with a stonewashed finish and classic old school Atwood design!

The Chiggers are stamped with a wide variety of my decorative stamps, including many old favorites as well as a few new ones. There are a handful of lefties here as well if anyone wants to email me. 

Wroidy Steel Chiggers will run $80 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks as always for stopping by today, and I hope your week ahead is a great one!

Sold out, thank you so much folks!


Thursday, June 02, 2022

Hangman Hooks v2.5

Hi Everyone,

Another fine spring day is upon us. I will have to mow the lawn later, but everything is a lovely green and the black flies are out in force. They are late this year, probably because of the cold start to spring. I've been seeing all sorts of bugs this past week though, including an invasive Asian Longhorn beetle which are bad for the hardwood trees such as maples.

Today I have a very small batch of left over tools from a couple years back. These titanium Hangman v2.5 tools have been kicking around forever and I decided to finish them up recently. They are mostly contrast anodized and heavily stamped. There are a couple with plain finish though too, and one without stamps if anyone wants to email for them.

Ti Hangmen with pry tips will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks as always for coming by today!

Gone in a flash, thank you so much!



Wednesday, June 01, 2022


Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! It was lovely here, a great and productive weekend. I managed to get my garden all squared away, slept in late a couple days, and did countless small tasks around the house. We're about to cool off for about a week, weather that my lettuce will really appreciate.

I've been cranking out the projects recently. My goal mostly has been to get things moving along so that I can coast through the summer and fall and concentrate on finishing projects rather than all the prep work that goes into making these things. I actually try to do this every year, but this year with the costs rising on everything, I figured I really better get ahead of it as much as possible...

So, there is some great new stuff on the way. I decided to revive the old Bug Out Bar concept and have created a brand new design that offers more versatility. So a first batch is underway right now in titanium. I was looking back on other old designs and discovered a tiny tool that I made years ago, but only in one very small batch. The Flea is a real throwback to my earliest stuff, and that one is also coming in titanium. The steel Wroid Chiggers are on the bench and will be next up for grinding and stamping. I still have summer weight steel Stubby MiniBars and Zr Stubby MiniBars underway and just need to get to the grinding and finishing. BarClaw tools are also awaiting grinding. I have several small misc projects to get to as well, just need to buckle down, ignore the numerous distractions, and get it all done.

Also, some awesome new stamps are here. I have had several dozen custom stamps made this year and another group is slated to run this week. There are some fantastic new images either done or in progress such as a rooster head, Loch Ness Monster, new compass stamps, vintage fishing lure series, new pirate skulls, aliens, and many many others. And I just had my stamping anvil and the platen of my name stamp press surface ground, so they are now like brand new and will be good for years to come.

Today I have some super cool new Zirconium Atwrenches for you. I altered the design slightly to broaden the pry tips so that these have a more robust feel than the earlier designs. And then I kind of went crazy, hehe...this batch has some really wild grinds going with many unique pieces. If you are a fan of my complex grinds you will love these. There are many different configurations, and also plenty of conventional leaning ones. And I have a couple of completely plain ones here as well if you're not a fan of the wacky stuff. Just drop me a line and I am happy to hook you up. I also have a half dozen very nice lefties available.

Zr Atwrenches with CrazyGrinds will run $80 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by today and hope you have a great week ahead.

All gone, thank you so much everyone! 



Monday, May 16, 2022

Titanium Wrunts

Hi Everyone,

Well, it sure is lovely here this week. After chilly temps for the past month and then a freaky summer like warm spell last week we seem to finally have a stretch of sunny moderate weather on the way. Then another hot weekend in the 90's lies ahead. It's funny how we never seem to get consistently pleasant spring temperatures for a few weeks as we move towards summertime.

So I'm nearly done working on those Zr Atwrenches and they are going to be super fun, with crazy grinds and stamps. Also underway are the thick steel Chiggers which I will get moving on as soon as the Zr Atwrenches are completed. A few other new projects are in the planning stages and I will have more info on those in the coming weeks as they come to fruition.

Today I have the rest of the titanium Wrunts finished. These have a wide range of color combos as well as a wide variety of stamps. There are a couple of super basic ones without anodizing, grinds and stamps if anyone wants them. And there are some lefties here as well if anyone wants to email me for them.

Ti Wrunts will run $72 each plus shipping and the link is below. Hope you all are gearing up for a nice week ahead!

All gone, thank you so much!



Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Titanium Wrunts: Blue and Gold

Hi Everyone,

Well, spring is rolling right along here. We're having some showers lately and it has remained stubbornly chilly, but some very warm days are forecast for next week. So I guess we will pass spring and jump right into summer.

My wrist has mended nicely and I'm finally back in the shop this week moving projects along. The newly updated steel Chiggers are about halfway done and are now awaiting the final grinds and stamps before sending out to heat treat. Zr Atwrenches are on the stamping bench and awaiting stamps before final polishing and torching. I just cut an older design, the Original Flea in titanium. Stubby Minibars are patiently awaiting their turn on the grinding bench as well. I just got my stamping anvil and name stamp press base refinished, so they are like brand new and are good to go for the next 10 years...about a half dozen other projects are in progress too, so tons items are more coming this spring and summer.

Today I have a few dozen of the Titanium Wrunts done. These have a great textured patina look to them with contrast anodizing and a lovely buttery smooth finish. I divided the batch into two parts and this smaller group with the blue and gold anodizing is first up. I will have the remaining ones in other colors after these, as well as a few plain ones without ano and grinds...there are a couple of lefties here today if anyone wants to email for them.

Titanium Wrunts will run $72 each plus shipping, and there is no limit on them. A portion of this sale will go to Razom, the Ukrainian relief organization. Thanks for stopping by as always, and I hope you're enjoying the warm days!

Blue and Gold ones are gone, thank you so much! Will have the other colors done in a day or two...   



Monday, April 18, 2022

Steel MikroStiks

Hi Folks,

Happy Spring! We are in full swing here finally, and have been having some nice days. The grass is just starting to green up a little bit and the early flower bulbs are popping up all over the yard.

I slipped on some ice a few weeks ago and sprained my wrist pretty bad. Then a few days later in another freak yard mishap I managed to tear an abdominal muscle. These injuries are taking seemingly forever to heal up but I'm at about 90% and have just about recovered the full range of motion in my wrist. As a consequence though, it's been hard to get much work done in the shop lately, especially grinding and stamping, so that's why things have been so quiet.

Projects are in full swing now, and I am almost done with titanium Wrunts and zirconium Atwrenches. I have Stubby MiniBars in both steel and zirconium in process on the bench right now. I just cut a batch of Wroid thickness steel Chiggers in a newly updated design. There is a new self defense key fob design coming in stainless steel. I'm mulling a couple of other tool designs right now also. And I recently picked up several sheets of steel to get ahead of prices which are climbing for everything these past few, all those projects and plenty more are on the horizon.

Today I have a big batch of CPM 154 steel MikroStiks in light raw bar finish done. These are stamped with my wide variety of stamps as usual. I also have some plain ones if anyone wants to email me for them. These handy little poker/pry tools will run $55 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. A portion of the sale today will go to Razom, the Ukrainian relief organization. Thanks for your patience and for dropping by today!

Sold out, thank you very much! I will have another round of these later this year. 



Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Steel Mini Wedgies!

Hi Everyone,

Winter is still with us here in New England, but it's definitely easing up. We have a few patches of snow left from the weekend storm, but that will be gone by the end of the week as temps are supposed to go as high as 65F by Friday. I'm more than ready for spring and getting back to my gardens.

The situation remains grim in Europe. Let's hope things turn around soon and the Russians stop this madness and tragedy they have created. But I am fearful for a long dangerous period ahead, perhaps for the whole world. In the meantime about all we can do is try to send some aid. Today I will send some of the proceeds of this sale to some more reputable organizations helping the people of Ukraine.

So, I finally have some new steel tools for you. This is a new Mini Wedgie design that I drew up last year and am just now getting them done. They are roughly the same size as the older Mini Wedgies, but I gave them a tapered handle to remove some weight, and a broader tip with a cut V notch. An O2 wrench serves as lanyard hole and they also have a milled 5mm divot for a DIY epoxy glow dot if you so choose. They are close to 1/4 inch thick so are quite massive, and they have my usual wide range of stamps on them. I also have a few unstamped ones set aside for anyone who wants to email me. 

I had a big thick sheet of 17-4ph stainless steel in my garage and wanted to use it up, so I split the sheet between these Mini Wedgies and another larger pry bar called the BarClaw, and those will be coming later this year. 17-4ph is a cool material that is often overlooked. Used in marine and industrial environments for bearings and pumps, nuclear power plants, etc it is very corrosion resistant and tough. You won't find it used in knives because it doesn't harden quite enough to keep a long lasting edge like you would need for a premium cutting tool. But it's great for a small pry bar tool application like this. 

Mini Wedgies will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by today and I hope your spring is on the way as well.

All gone for today, thank you so much everyone!


Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Ukraine Relief Sale

Hi Everyone,

Quick update: I've been very busy lately trying to move some projects along. Steel MikroStiks and Steel Mini Wedgies just went to heat treat so will be coming back in a couple of weeks. New Ti Wrunts and Zr Atwrenches are in the works. Steel and Zr Stubby MiniBars are being milled right now. I have a few other designs that I am mulling as well, and I just had some super cool new custom stamps made too. Lots coming up so please stay tuned.

But, like everyone else I've been watching with horror as the tragedy unfolds in the Ukraine. It is all so needless, so senseless and so cruel in these pandemic times. As if the world needs anything else on top of all the other countless disasters...I am furious.

So today I have decided to donate to several carefully chosen and highly rated humanitarian organizations who will hopefully spend the money on useful programs rather than just executive salaries. The proceeds of today's sale will go to them and hopefully help Ukraine in some small way. In the meantime, let us hope the heartless KGB man with microscopic member meets his maker soon and in the most unpleasant circumstances.

Today I have a couple dozen older Titanium Tiny Tims. These have been anodized with a variety of colors, with many blue and gold ones for Ukraine. I would have made them all blue and gold but I did these up a few weeks ago before this whole situation blew up. Anyway, the Tiny Tims will run $50 plus shipping. Thank you for stopping in today and stay with it everyone!

Gone in a flash, thank you everyone!



Thursday, February 10, 2022

Gen 2 Zirconium MikroStiks!

Hi Folks,

Well winter's icy grip isn't done with us yet, not by a long shot. But we should be having a few more moderate days coming up, which is not so common this time of year. And the light is getting stronger every day, so you know we're finally on the right side of the solstice and headed towards spring.

I don't have too much to report for projects, and I really do need to take a few days to concentrate on tool production and getting some new designs going. So that grinding stint that I keep putting off will be coming up soon...

Today I have some Zirconium MikroStiks for you. These are a bit bigger than the previous MikroStik release, about 50% larger I think, and also thicker. They are easier to hold but still are small enough to make for a super handy compact pry tool. Excellent for small scraping, cleaning and light prying tasks. 

This batch of zirconium came through with a nice pebbly texture. I played around with my usual heat coloring but was not thrilled with the blackening results. So I decided that these would actually be nicer with an electrical anodized treatment. Zirconium does not exhibit as strong of a color response as it's close cousin titanium, but with some sneaky techniques I was able to coax out some beautiful colors with these. The best is a striking combination of blue and gold that reminds me a little of lapis lazuli.

Gen 2 Zirconium MikroStiks will run $55 plus shipping. Hope your week is going great and thanks as always for stopping by today!

Sold out, thank you so much! I will have steel ones coming in a month or two...


Friday, February 04, 2022

Bronze Game Coins

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are getting another storm today, but this time it is all rain, now turning to sleet. That's fine by me as our driveway is almost completely clear now with only a small patch of stubborn ice remaining in one spot. It's always a fight this time of year to keep it cleared off. So far this winter keeping up with it has been fairly easy though, so no complaints.

I continue to pick away at stuff in the shop. Zr MikroStiks are getting close to the finish line and I have been busily prepping out some Stubby MiniBars for up the road. I need to spend a few days in front of the grinder soon and get these steel projects rolling again...

Today I have the remaining Bronze Game Coins done. This group has drilled edges, and originally I had planned to press in the same black ceramic ball bearings that are in the bottom. Would have made for a cool "satellite" effect, but it is way too much work so I gave up on it and will leave them as is. The holes could be filled with glow powder and that would be very fun as well, so I leave it to you all if you want to mess with that idea and make it DIY.

I used a wide variety of interesting leathers once again and there are some really cool combinations here.

Bronze Game Coins will run $75 each plus shipping. Thank you so much for popping in today. I always appreciate it!

Sold out, thank you so much!




Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Stainless Steel Game Coins

Hi Everyone,

Well I hope you're staying warm out there. It has continued to be bitter cold here, although today we are getting a short reprieve before getting hit with rain tomorrow and then more snow on Friday. It will be ugly no doubt...

I continue to move along slowly on various projects. I don't have too much to report but I will have more tools done soon. In the meantime I'm still going through and trying to finish up some small misc remnant batches and will be posting them shortly.

Today I have a few dozen stainless steel Game Coins done. These have a wide variety of stamps, and also many different types of crazy textured leather inserts. There are some real beauties here and obviously every Game Coin is totally unique. I also used some giant stamps on a few, stamps that are way too big for cold stamping small metal tools, but they work nicely on leather inserts for this purpose. There are some cool Jolly Rogers and also some ancient cave art images such as a horse and woolly mammoth. I will have a larger second batch of these in bronze coming up very soon as well. 

Stainless Game Coins will run $75 plus shipping. Thanks for dropping in my friends, and have a great week ahead!

Sold out, thank you everyone!


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Titanium Treasure Glass!

Hi Everyone,

We're in the grip of a fierce cold snap lately. It will be below zero f tonight and another substantial snow storm is on the way for the weekend. That's winter in New England for ya! They say it builds character, but I'm telling you, I already have plenty thanks very much.

Well I've been busy on numerous projects as always. I have a few older Spin Coins coming up as well as a batch of Zr MikroStiks with new and larger size. Also still working on the steel Mini Wedgies which are next up on the grinding schedule.

Today I have the remaining Treasure Glass Magnifiers done. These are titanium with gorgeous anodizing! Most of them have two tone coloring effects and they are absolutely stunning. I found myself wishing I could keep many of them but alas, they must go out into the world...

Titanium Treasure Glass Magnifiers will run $75 plus shipping and it is a very limited batch so one per customer please. Thanks for coming around today, and I hope your week is going great.

 Sold out, thank you!  



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass

Hi Folks,

It's a snowy world out there right now. Winter has certainly arrived and is putting us into a deep freeze for the next couple of months. I envy those little creatures in the forest who can curl up and sleep until spring.

As I get my bearings for the new year, there are some new projects in the works and I will be starting on them soon. I have a few steel tools in progress that I need to get finished up and sent out to heat treat. So I will be doing a bunch of grinding off and on this month. Mini Wedgies are already pretty far along and I need to get back to them as my first order of business this year. There is a second large pry bar tool coming called the BarClaw which I will start working on as soon as I get Mini Wedgies done. I also have a couple more small batch odds and ends I'm working on, so it will be an interesting January and February, but with my usual fits and starts.

Today I have some Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass magnifiers for you. These have a cool scallop design milled on the face but otherwise they are exactly the same as the initial batch. There will be a few fancy titanium Treasure Glass magnifiers with the same scallop design coming in a week or two as well. Very fun and different projects!

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass will run $70 each plus shipping, and it is not a huge batch so two per customer max please. Thank you for coming by today and I hope you're staying warm and safe out there.

Sold out, thank you again everyone!



Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bronze Treasure Glass!

Hi Everyone,

Happy 2022! It's hard to believe we are in another new's starting out a cold one here this week with overnight temperatures around 0F. Quite typical for January in New England though.

I'm slowly getting myself oriented after my recent marathon end-of-year sales. I will have to spend some days in the shop getting new tools going, so expect some sporadic activity as the month goes on. But I already have some very interesting new stuff planned, so stay tuned. 

And now for something completely different! Today I have a super cool older project for you. I actually made these nifty little guys several years ago, but when I realized how much work they were going to be to finish (arrrrgh!) I set them aside. Sure enough, they proved to be a total nuisance to assemble, but it seemed like a good project to save for a frigid winter week. And so here we finally are.

The Atwood Treasure Glass is a small pocket magnifier lens set in a metal bezel. These cool little tools were turned from solid bronze bars and have a rich patina which gives them a wonderful antique look. The edges have my signature rifle knurl, just like the earlier SpinCoin project. These were drilled to accept a small split ring and so that they can be hung on bead chain, or alternatively a lanyard can be tied onto them. I highly recommend a lanyard as these can be slippery in cold dry fingers...The glass is lightly glued in place and then held fast with a large rubber o-ring gasket. Because of the delicate glass on these, stamping turned out to be a rather bad idea, so they are simply plain.

The simple meniscus style one inch diameter glass on these completes the old time effect and reminds me very much of the glass lenses on certain antique cameras. None of the glass is perfect and I literally discarded hundreds of lenses in order to find the very best ones. So if you look just right you can expect to see minor hair line scratches, shadows and tiny blemishes on all of them. The magnification is very low power, maybe 2x, so it is doubtful you would be able to start a fire with one although perhaps in the right hands under totally ideal conditions it could be done. Nevertheless, these are great for simple inspection tasks and they work nicely handheld in conjunction with a phone camera for some fun creative photography effects. 

This first wave will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for coming by today and I hope your New Year is already shaping up to be a great one!

Sold out, thank you so much!