Thursday, April 25, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Thanks so much everyone, here are the results:

3 burningbeard
15 awwsheeet
42 rjc
66 Mcfister
90 lweird1
140 benpham
177 mbacas
178 Jared
198 BDK
228 Gerhardt
240 Greenline 85
251 Moebiuslord
254 EricKjeldsen
256 buckeye775
257 Zylont
267 tombo
312 Oblong Nose
339 Chauncy
352 iamsatan
362 teacher

I just sent emails out to the winners, thank you again!

Lefty Weevils SUSale

Howdy Everyone,

Sorry about that mixup yesterday, it just got away from me before I was able to shut the sale down. No worries though, there are tons and tons of new Ghosts on the way and I might even revisit the Gen 1 design again after I get through the Gen 2s...we'll see.

Today I have a little SUSale for you. These are lefthanded Weevils and these are the last of the Weevil batch. They have regular grinds and a stonewashed finish. The lefty Weevils will run $60 plus shipping and the sign up link is below. There are a total of 20 Weevils available. This is going to be a short sign up, let's call it one hour, and so it will be done at 3:30pm EST today, April 25th.

Thanks for stopping in everyone and have a great day!

Sale is over, will post the winners shortly. Thank you again folks!

List of Entries

Sign Up Sale Rules, Please Read!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rest of the 3v Ghosts

Hi Folks,

It appears that Spring is finally here in the Northeast with temps today in the 60's, after what seemed like an endless winter. Even yesterday I was seeing my breath when I stepped outside around noon time. It's been brutal.

Well I've been puttering around the shop this week trying to get some things finished. These CPM 3v Ghosts are a good example of several batches of tools that I need to get through and more tools will be coming in the next few days. Clearing some shelf space will be good as I have tons and tons of Gen 2 Ghosts on the way...

At any rate, these 3v Ghosts were ones that I had culled from the first round because they had finishes that were uneven or other little flaws. I spent all day yesterday bead blasting them and then running them through several different tumbling steps to get them to a beautiful shiny finish. This is it for the Generation One CPM 3V Ghosts but there are too mega sized batches of the new Gen 2 design that will be coming in late May and June so lots more on the way. 

The Ghosts are $55 as before, plus shipping, and it's ONE PER CUSTOMER again. I hope to have enough of the Gen 2 version to relax the one per customer restriction but on these I only have a few dozen left so please bear with me. Anyway, as usual, the link is below. Have a great rest of the week folks, even a bad week this week has to be better than what we all went through last week.

Sold out, thank you!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, this sure has been a crazy and sad time for folks in MA and in the USA in general. Here's hoping that life will calm down and return to normal now. We could all use a break from the stress of it all.

The first wave of S30v G2 Ghosts have gone to heat treat so if all goes well and in a timely fashion they should be back in approximately 2-3 weeks. There are many more coming as the steel has already been ordered. The idea is there will be enough G2 Ghosts for pretty much everyone who wants one. At least I hope so at any rate. ;)

Anyway, today I have a small batch of titanium Count Sporkulas ready to go. These have a stonewashed finish and are anodized a light UV purple. These are the only ones available right now and I'm not sure when I will have more but there are some stainless steel ones that I hope to get done at some point soon as well.

The UV Sporkulas will be $50 plus shipping and the order link is is a ONE PER CUSTOMER sale please. I will refund any multiple orders so please abide by the rules. Thanks folks and I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend!

These are Sold Out, thank you so much!

Thursday, April 04, 2013


Hi Folks,

Spring is finally finding it's way to the Northeast. Today was the first day that didn't feel like a walk in freezer when you stepped outdoors and it's supposed to be getting steadily nicer as the days and weeks progress. I'm lookng forward to it!

OK, so, tonight I have some of those long awaited CPM 3v Steel Ghosts done. These are identical in design to the previous batches from several years ago. However, someone asked how they would be able to tell them apart from the older ones. The answer is, "easily"! I've been interested in some of the distressed finishes that have become popular with many makers in recent years so I decided to develop my own take on the heavy patina look.

These Ghosts feature a hand rubbed and oiled antique finish that is very attractive and I think it will prove to be extremely durable. If you showed these tools to a casual stranger who was unfamiliar with my work you would probably have little trouble convincing them that this was an heirloom tool transported straight from your great grandfather's workbench from 1935. And given the tremendous strength of CPM 3V powder based tool steel, your future great grandchildren will be enjoying these tools years from now. Of course, a little oil applied periodically will help that dream become a reality...3v is a pure tool steel so is more susceptible to rusting but IMO a dash of oxidation will further add to the patina and the charm.

Features include pry tip/screwdriver, cap lifter and 5/16 wrench, 1/4 hex opening, oxygen wrench for first responders and medical. They measure 2.5 x 1" and the thickness is just under 5/32.

The 3V Ghosts will ship with a nice little NiteIze clip and they will run $55 plus shipping. Let's keep it one per customer please as the batch is not huge. I will have a few more in the days ahead although they will be getting progressively shinier as the remaining pieces get retumbled and further refinished. These were just the ones I was able to get ready for today. In addition, there is an enormous batch of Generation 2 Ghosts already underway with some slight design changes so those will be coming in late May and June in both steel and titanium.

Thanks again for stopping in and Happy Spring everyone!

And these are Sold Out, thank you so much!