Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Grinding!

Sorry for the long period between updates...Despite taking a lot of time this summer for some playtime I've been quite busy working on projects as well. Here's the current situation:

At heat treat right now:

Metric DoubleHeaders
More Metric DoubleHeaders
Oddball batch of Chiggers that I forgot about
Second batch of LockNut Monsters

Waiting on sheaths for Snakebites. Waiting on grinding for Dace knives. Waiting on cutting for something new called the Hooker. Waiting on cutting for the Larva. Lot of waiting it seems... :p :D

Destined for the tumbler and finishing very soon would be tritium slotted Lanslides.

I have some odds and ends of tools that I ought to prepare for some sign up sales too...

And, I have some plans for something brand new turned in titanium that would be a September or October timeframe release.

So, barring catastrophe, there will be a trickle starting in a few days that will turn into a raging torrent of stuff by the end of August. :)



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blue 3 Dot Lanslides

Hi Everyone,

I have some 3 Dot Lanslides finished. These are anodized blue. The dots are drilled with flat bottoms so they can filled by the user with glow powder or they will also accept 4mm cabochon stones. These run $15 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by!

Blue ones are gone, thank you. Working on gold and UV next.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's Hot!

This heat might make the bugs fly faster but it just makes me slower. Highs near 100 for the past two days and the air is absolutely still. Pretty miserable and not likely to be significantly cooler for several more days...of course this is summertime so I should stop whining. :)

The good news is though that I am getting the new DoubleHeader wrenches underway. These are a Metric double ended pocket wrench tool with odd number jaws on one end and even number jaws on the other. Made of CPM 3V so they will be crazy strong. Teaser pics coming very soon. I am making a relatively large number of these and so there should be plenty to go around.

The little Dace knife is coming along but very slowly. I need to finish up the pry tip grinds this week and they will be ready to go to my friends for the blade grinds. I'm having these CNC V ground. Hoping they can get to this in the next week or two but they are currently closed for a vacation week and may extend shutdown for a second week so it's touch and go.

A second small knife, the Helgramite, is actually nearly done. I need to make sheaths for them and sharpen them. I'm hoping to have the majority of sheaths made for me but the sheathmaker I want to use for this project is off for the week. So not sure how long it's going to take. I'll trickle a few out when the weather moderates and I can run the exhaust fan a little without sucking the cool air out of the house.

Another project in the wings is a tiny pocket prybar called the Larva. This one will be made in raw bar S30v if I can sort through and find a suitable sheet. Cute little thing!

I have another couple of rounds Lanslides that I need to finish up. One design is the 3 Dot pattern and then I have a few with trit slots as well.

So, lots of stuff is coming but it will be a little slow for a week or two. ;) Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!