Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wrest of the Wraw Bar Wrunts

Howdy Folks,

Lovely evening for a sale! Tonight I have the rest of the Wraw Bar Wrunts done...they run $55 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping in and I hope everyone is having a great week!

Wrunts are all gone, thank you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi Folks,

Quick update: More Count Sporkulas are tumbling today but may take a few more days to complete due to birthday/tax season paperwork/nice upcoming weekend kind of delays. So I'm guessing early next week for the next wave.

Anyway, at long last I have the first wave of Wrunts ready to go. These cool little keychain tools are very small, only 2.5" OAL, and the material is Wraw Bar S30v with a slightly matte stonewashed finish. These are close in size to the Chiggers or Mini Poltergeists and in fact the footprint is similar to the Mini Poltergeist/Ghost pieces. However, the Wrunts have a small wrench set with SAE sizes 1/4"-1/2" and a simple cap lifter area rather than the wrench/bottle opener. Cords will vary in color.

The Wrunts will be $55 plus shipping. The batch is fairly large but not huge so I'm going to make these two per customer please. International purchases will ship via Priority Mail for one or Express for two pieces. Thanks for stopping by today, always appreciated!

First wave is sold out, thank you!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Count Sporkula...

...the Prince of Forkness!! :D

Hehe, I crack myself up!

I have been working on this design for quite some time (ever since having some ice cream at the drive-in last fall) and it's been killing me to keep it secret. But finally I have the first batch of them cut and have the very first wave ready to go. They are made of .063 titanium, 3.5" long, and are virtually weightless, a flat tool that will get the job done and will ride easily in your wallet. Practically unbendable too. True, since it's flat you won't be eating soup with it... but chili, yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, chicken salad, mac and cheese, really just about anything else is fair game for the Count. Spread cream cheese on your bagel with ease. And of course it opens your beer or soda pop too.

I decided to pattern all of these for several reasons. The ti has all sorts of minor imperfections in it and unfortunately it does not tumble well. Because these pieces are so light and flat they just clump up instantly in the tumbler. They all have to be individually sanded out which just makes all the little scratches and stuff show up and it's a bit slow going. So, it looks like patterning is going to be the way to go on this whole batch probably. I may do some of the next ones without the anodized coloring though and those look very nice too, very elegant and understated.

This is only the first of numerous waves of these. I'll make this bunch one per customer but no worries, there really are tons of them left to finish up over the next week or two. Count Sporkulas will run $50 plus shipping and the link is below. As always, thank you for stopping by today and thanks for your patience!

Gotta shut them down for now, thank you so much folks! I have a ton more coming, just need to finish them up.

The inspiration for CS came from the humble ice cream stick: