Thursday, May 26, 2016

Plain Titanium Termites

Hi Folks and a big Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!

We're in for a hot spell this weekend it looks like. In between projects I've been quite busy this week with my chainsaw cutting down some nuisance trees on my property, installing air conditioners and catching up on some other home maintenance stuff before the hot weather gets here. So now it's time to hunker down in the cool shop and actually get some stuff finished...

Anyhow, the first wave of SportWrench tools I revealed the other day on Toolbook are well underway, straps have been shipped, and I am hoping to get the whole thing together in about two weeks if everything continues on schedule. Also coming up is a nifty little new item, the RagMan, and those will be done in about a week. I have some ultralight flat titanium Shutterbugs which have been sitting around forever so maybe I'll get some of those done while I'm in the captive bit packaging mode...and maybe I can tie up some cord while the Red Sox are on this week and get another batch of beads done too. Of course there is a ton of grinding to do and fixing some machines which I have been putting literally never ends. The good news though is that my shop is in the best shape it's been in for quite some time and it's much better organized this year.

Today I have the remaining titanium Termites done. These have a plain finish without anodizing. They will run $75 plus shipping and it's one per customer again as this is a very small batch. Thanks for stopping in today and hope you all have a terrific weekend ahead.

Plain ones are gone, thanks again everyone! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Titanium Termites!

Hi Folks,

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks. Our spring has been a bit slow in coming so the weather has been all over the place. My time has been consumed with personal projects and also coordinating current tool and accessory projects. A few new ideas have popped into my head as well lately. Sometimes it's good for me to have some days away from the shop, doing totally different things and taking a little break...allows the new ideas time to percolate and mature.

Today I finally have the first round of titanium Termites done! This is an older tool idea which I have now updated with my current look and design elements. The tiny batch of original steel tools had an extra leverage bend but it wasn't practical to do that with this new design. Nevertheless, the new version of the Termite is stunning with the .200" thick textured titanium and color anodizing. The light is very flat again this morning as it has been much of the time in the past week so please forgive the rather washed out colors in some of the pics below, they are actually a lot brighter and more vibrant in person.

The ti Termites will run $75 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. The batch is fairly large but I have divided it up and will be finishing the plain non anodized ones in a day or two. Thanks as always for visiting folks and here's wishing you a great week ahead!

These are gone for today, thanks so much everyone!