Monday, May 16, 2022

Titanium Wrunts

Hi Everyone,

Well, it sure is lovely here this week. After chilly temps for the past month and then a freaky summer like warm spell last week we seem to finally have a stretch of sunny moderate weather on the way. Then another hot weekend in the 90's lies ahead. It's funny how we never seem to get consistently pleasant spring temperatures for a few weeks as we move towards summertime.

So I'm nearly done working on those Zr Atwrenches and they are going to be super fun, with crazy grinds and stamps. Also underway are the thick steel Chiggers which I will get moving on as soon as the Zr Atwrenches are completed. A few other new projects are in the planning stages and I will have more info on those in the coming weeks as they come to fruition.

Today I have the rest of the titanium Wrunts finished. These have a wide range of color combos as well as a wide variety of stamps. There are a couple of super basic ones without anodizing, grinds and stamps if anyone wants them. And there are some lefties here as well if anyone wants to email me for them.

Ti Wrunts will run $72 each plus shipping and the link is below. Hope you all are gearing up for a nice week ahead!

All gone, thank you so much!



Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Titanium Wrunts: Blue and Gold

Hi Everyone,

Well, spring is rolling right along here. We're having some showers lately and it has remained stubbornly chilly, but some very warm days are forecast for next week. So I guess we will pass spring and jump right into summer.

My wrist has mended nicely and I'm finally back in the shop this week moving projects along. The newly updated steel Chiggers are about halfway done and are now awaiting the final grinds and stamps before sending out to heat treat. Zr Atwrenches are on the stamping bench and awaiting stamps before final polishing and torching. I just cut an older design, the Original Flea in titanium. Stubby Minibars are patiently awaiting their turn on the grinding bench as well. I just got my stamping anvil and name stamp press base refinished, so they are like brand new and are good to go for the next 10 years...about a half dozen other projects are in progress too, so tons items are more coming this spring and summer.

Today I have a few dozen of the Titanium Wrunts done. These have a great textured patina look to them with contrast anodizing and a lovely buttery smooth finish. I divided the batch into two parts and this smaller group with the blue and gold anodizing is first up. I will have the remaining ones in other colors after these, as well as a few plain ones without ano and grinds...there are a couple of lefties here today if anyone wants to email for them.

Titanium Wrunts will run $72 each plus shipping, and there is no limit on them. A portion of this sale will go to Razom, the Ukrainian relief organization. Thanks for stopping by as always, and I hope you're enjoying the warm days!

Blue and Gold ones are gone, thank you so much! Will have the other colors done in a day or two...