Monday, February 16, 2015

Bermuda Triangles Revisited

Hi Everyone,

Bitter cold here this week (-10F this morning!) and the snow has been unbelievable so far this year. The piles are getting higher and higher with no real melting in sight. I sink nearly to my crotch in the yard so this is about as deep as I've seen it in a long time. I would think that the flooding on the Connecticut River this spring will be spectacular.

Well, it's possible that the first ruler project might start moving forward again this week, we shall see. Once they finally get going with the CNC marking then the final finishing should go fairly quickly as I already have put many hours of preparation time into them.

The first wave of new Prybabies are moving along quickly and should be ready to go to heat treat in a week or so. I was able to put in two days on them this weekend and will be grinding them next on the schedule.

Hard Anodized AL Roll Bars are back from plating and I should have them ready shortly as well. They are feather light and look fantastic!

Well, I had mentioned that I was going to be revisiting some older designs this year and today I have the first of several of those designs ready to go. The Bermuda Triangles were first made probably 6 or 7 years ago or so, I really can't remember now. But I always loved the fiddle factor of them. Recently I was trying to find one of the old ones to play with amidst the chaos and clutter of the shop and office. I couldn't locate any after a brief search so I decided to simply take a look at the drawing and see about making an updated version. Sometimes it's really nice to be a maker!

Anyway, this is version 1 of the new Bermuda Triangle and a second version will also be forthcoming soon. These are cut from .160 titanium and feature a new edge treatment design I'm calling the Fractal Edge because it uses the same 120 degree angle as the main triangle shape, only smaller. I decided to ditch the cap lifter in favor of a closed edge shape and I think the design is much stronger now. The tool has 1/4 and 5/16 wrenches and O2 wrench in addition to the main 7/8 hex opening. The fiddle factor of these is off the charts...I tried to vary the anodizing on these as much as possible so they are as different as I can make them although there are a few repeats and some solid colors in the batch. I can't give a choice of colors, I will send you what I send you, but they are all really neat and the colors are vibrant.

The Bermuda Triangles will run $65 plus shipping, one per customer please, and the purchase link is below. Thanks for stopping by today folks, and stay warm this week!  

These are sold out for now, more on the way soon though. Thank you so much!


Friday, February 06, 2015

Zirconium 5 Flutes

Happy Friday Evening Everyone!

Today I have a teensy little batch of Lanslide beads to close out the week...these are made of the exotic and expensive material Zirconium. This was the first time I have worked with this metal and I gotta say, it's really weird stuff. Kind of reminds me of a very dense and heavy titanium in that you have to be careful sanding it because the dust is highly flammable. With Zr the fumes are also quite unhealthy and it requires heating with a torch to achieve the final blackened finish. So a good respirator and adequate ventilation are a must when working with it. It's interesting stuff and I'm glad I tried it finally after all these years of hearing about it, but not something I will probably bother with again. Cool finish and final look though.

Anyway, the Zirconium 5 Flute Beads are $45 plus shipping. It is a strict one per customer limit on them please since the batch is very small. Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!

Zr 5 Flutes are gone, thank you!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Plain Titanium Roll Bars

Howdy Folks,

It's been cold and just a little snowy here lately as winter grinds on. Not much relief in sight either.

As much as I hate being cooped up in this type of weather I have to admit that it is probably good in the long run. Being bored at home removes a certain amount of distractions and it gives me a chance to work on new drawings. And I have sooooo much new stuff on the horizon both for this winter and well into the spring. I feel like a kid in a candy store and am just frustrated that it all can't happen at once. Better that it doesn't though because slowing things down gives me a chance to make sure that the ideas are really fleshed out to be all they should be.

Update on the rulers: The first one will be a tiny one and if all goes well on it I may have some finished in about a week or so. I have another ti tool in progress that I think will appear before the end of the month. For steel tools the progress has been much slower and I need to squeeze in some time for grinding. But there will be four brand new tools coming over the next three months and at least two reprises/updates to older designs. And possibly a couple more too depending on whether they perfect that cloning technology and make a few more of me. Hehe...

Well, today I have the remainder of the Titanium Roll Bars done. These are plain with no anodizing. The batch is very small so it will be one per customer on them please. The link to order is below. Thanks for stopping by today everyone and I hope your week is a warm and toasty one!

These are sold out, thank you so much everyone!