Saturday, July 30, 2011

Titanium Poltergeists

Nice evening tonight! Good night for a sale... :D

I have these titanium Poltergeists finished today. These are the larger version of the ti Minis that I did a couple of weeks ago...they are all anodized blue. This is a really small batch, just a couple dozen, so I need to make this a one per customer sale. They will be $70 each plus shipping.

I have a brand new titanium tool called the Pest that I'll be doing in a few weeks and those will be much much more plentiful. Also more Swingers are underway and another ti tool as well so there is tons of titanium on the horizon! :)

Blue Poltergeists are gone, thank you!

G5 Prybabies

Hi Everyone,

Happy Weekend! :) Lovely day today although it's going to be getting pretty hot over the next few days.

I have some S35vn steel G5 Prybabies with stonewashed finish available today. These are less than 5/32" in thickness at .140", just slightly lighter than usual, so I'll call these the Summer Weight Prybabies. They are $60 each plus shipping and the link is below...thanks for stopping in and I hope everyone is having a great summer!

First wave is gone but I have more coming in a day or two...thank you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plain Swingers

Sometimes the shop is a good place to beat the heat. I put in some time earlier today and got some more Swingers done. These are plain, no anodizing, with a fine glass bead finish on them.

Plain ones are gone, thank you everyone!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello Everyone,

It's a warm one today, still 91F degrees here and it reached a high close to 100F. At least it's not too humid or it would be intolerable. Anyway, I hope everyone is staying cool!

I'm working on a new flat tool in titanium and have the first wave ready to go. These are geared toward golfers and they're something that I have been talking about making for years but just never seemed to get around to the project. Recently I had started thinking about making a run of some sort of flat tool but didn't want to revisit my old designs. So I thought, why not revive the divot repair tool idea...and with a nudge from a couple of my customers who are avid golfers I sat down and did some drawings.

The Swinger is made of 6al4v titanium, a little over 3 inches long and about 1 inch wide. The thickness is .060 which is thin but not too thin...the tool still has a little bit of substance to it but is thin enough that it will slip into the dirt easily. The Swinger features a divot repair fork, a bottle opener and a simple light duty pry/scraper tip. You could probably use it as a club rest with a little jockeying. Even non golfers might find this a handy little backup piece for the wallet.

The first wave is anodized blue and I will follow this one with some plain unanodized ones and then maybe some more in different colors.

The Swinger is $45 plus shipping. Thanks as always for stopping by!

Blue One are Gone, Thank you! More on the way in other colors.

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Tipplers

Hi Folks,

It's getting warmer. By the end of the week it will be in the mid 90's and humid so good time to hunker down in the basement and get some stuff done.

OK, tonight I have the remaining 303 stainless steel Tipplers finished... Thanks as always for stopping by and stay cool!

All gone for now, thank you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stainless Steel Tipplers

Hi Folks,

Well, finally I have something in stock I have the first wave of 303 stainless steel Tipplers ready to go. These are finely made and built to last at least 10 lifetimes. They are truly beautiful objects IMO. They have been passivated (acid washed) to remove surface iron and sulfur and that leaves them fairly neutral smelling and tasting as well as giving them a bright finish. Each Tippler holds one generous sized shot of liquid refreshment, 35ml which is 6 ml more than a standard 1 fluid oz shot.

The cost of material and labor has gone up since I made these last and so they are slightly more than the first batch that I made two years ago, $60 each plus shipping. International orders for one Tippler will ship via Priority Mail and for more than one will ship via Express Mail. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

First Wave is Sold Out, thank you!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Weekend Update

Howdy All,

Sorry for the long radio silence. I had to take some days off to enjoy life while we had a spell of really fine weather but now it's rainy, hot and muggy so back to the dungeon for me! For the past week or more I've been scrambling to get a bunch of projects underway. Good things are ahead!

For those who remember my stainless steel shot glasses, I have another round of the Tippler cups coming up for the middle of next week. These hold a generous shot of your favorite refreshment (actually 35ml vs 29ml for a standard shot) and are in 303 stainless steel. I'm doing the same classic pattern as the originals.

Today I sent out some Summer Weight G5 Prybabies to heat treat. These were a little under the usual 5/32" thickness so will not weigh your keychain down so much. They will be back in two weeks and ready to go then.

G2 Keytons are still sitting here waiting for me to start grinding them. Hope to get going on them next week or possibly over the weekend depending on how much energy I have.

More Roid Rench G5 Prybabies have been cut and are waiting for me to start working on them but I want to get into the G2 Keytons first. But at least those are here for when I get time to start them and that's half the battle.

Some other nifty items are in the works too...the Swinger, the Pest and the EDK. More info on those as time goes on... ;)

As soon as I get some more lanyards tied I will do a sale with some full sized bronze rifle knurl Lanslides. And I have other odds and ends such as that small batch of full sized Poltergeists too. So please bear with me a few more days! Good stuff is on the way. :)