Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Updates

Hi Everybody,

Happy Spring! We're still due for a few more weeks of cold weather up here in New England, but the overall trend is starting to warm up. We keep hearing rumors that there is a large yellow ball up in the sky which gives us light and warmth...maybe we will even get to see it someday, haha.

Well, it's been mighty slow going around here lately. Many delays and little setbacks but things are slowly starting to come around. One of the great things about a slow production period is that it gives me time to work on new drawings. I'm happy to report that I have some awesome new stuff in the works, some of which is already underway.

So, coming Spring 2018:

3v steel Metric Crawdaddies (finally!)

CPM 154 RingBabies

17-4ph SS HangMan

Also, a brand new Count Sporkula design is finalized and about to be cut, steel R37 Rulers are on deck for milling, ti Small Fry tools without opener also now ready for milling. New beads including copper, white delrin and Zr mini 5 flute beads are actually running this week so are coming very soon.

And finally, a double batch of new ti BedBugs are also about to be milled and will be on the way in a week or two:


Have a great Easter weekend everyone and stay tuned!

Friday, March 09, 2018

Tellurium Copper Multi Grips

Hi Folks,

Another frosty day out there today but the heavy wet snow we got yesterday won't be around for long hopefully. Spring really is right around the corner and daylight savings time starts this weekend. Time is flying!

Not too much to report as far as updates go. I'm hoping maybe to get started on the grinding and finish work of the new BedBugs next week. If not those then some other tools...We'll see how it goes but no doubt I will be spending several days next week making metal dust.

Today I have a batch of tellurium copper Multi Grip beads finished. The hour glass shape and rifle knurling on these makes them a great choice for zipper pulls on jackets and bags, as well as lanyard beads for knives and flashlights. The copper will develop a rich patina over time.

Copper Multi Grips will run $30 plus shipping and the link for them is below. Thank you as always for stopping by today and have a great weekend everyone!

Sold out, thank you so much!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Titanium SeedNeedles

Hi Everyone,

It's a damp and dark day here today with what could be a sizable early March snowstorm bearing down on us. We're supposed to get up to a foot of wet heavy snow over the next 24 hours so there will be a mess to clean up tomorrow. At least this time of year it doesn't tend to hang around too long, and truth be told, we really need it as the relatively light snow fall this winter might be setting us up for a bit of drought in the spring. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of absolute favorite time of year! This year I will be planting a variety of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces and other vegetables. It's actually time to start some seeds right now and continue throughout the next month so I can get an early start on the gardens. Planning ahead is important for successful gardens and that's what got me thinking last fall about making a small batch of today's nifty tool, the sleek and elegant SeedNeedle.

The SeedNeedle is a mini planting tool for planting seeds consistently at their recommended depths. It's loosely based on a very ancient tool, the dibble or dibber as they are sometimes called, which are traditionally made of wood and often have scribed depth lines. My pocket sized version is made of titanium and features a deeply milled 2 inch depth scale with 1/4 inch increments on one side and a 5cm depth gauge on the reverse side.

The SeedNeedles are all further embellished with my huge collection of antique and contemporary blacksmith stamps, especially those with botanical or nature themes of which there are many. The tools have been anodized and then most of the anodized color removed except for the measuring lines and marks. The final finishing allows the tool to be used freely without worrying about messing up the anodizing. Although these are designed with seed planting in mind you can certainly use them for estimating the depth of anything shallow or simply as a quick and handy measuring tool.

SeedNeedles will run $65 plus shipping and there is a limit of two on them please. Happy gardening this year!

All gone for now, thank you as always!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Stainless Steel Mini 5 Flutes

Hi Folks,

It's another lovely day here in what has been a stellar week of relative warmth and sun for this time of year. We still have a little snow and ice in our yard but everywhere else it's mostly gone for now. Will we have an early spring? Could be...

Well I don't have any more progress updates since the other day. I generally don't get much done in the shop if I'm doing sales, so it's kind of a "one or the other" situation. I did want to mention those steel R37 rulers though, they are still in the works and coming this spring. Also titanium KingPins will be coming with stamped heads once I get around to grinding the pins and assembling them.

Well today I have the last batch of Mini 5 Flute beads done. These are 303 stainless steel with a smooth bright tumbled finish on them. They have a satisfying weight to them and a soft feel in the hand.

After the last bead sale a few folks asked about white Delrin Mini 5 Flutes...I will make a small batch next time I run beads, which will probably be this spring. I also want to do a few tellurium copper beads and perhaps Zr as well. In addition, I am mulling a bead related project and will certainly let you know if it works out.

The stainless Mini 5 Flutes will run $30 plus shipping and I will put a limit of 4 on them please... Link to purchase is below and I hope your week is going great so far. It's almost the weekend!

Stainless are sold out, thank so much everyone!