Thursday, September 29, 2016

Zirconium Multi Grip Beads

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the long silence! I've been quite busy lately with all sorts of distractions ranging from family events and short vacations to numerous production delays and the like. Happy to be back at it this week and I'm hoping to start bringing many ongoing projects to completion over the next few weeks.

Speaking of projects, those steel Mini T-Bone wrenches should be back from heat treat any day now. I am halfway through grinding steel Gremlins and those will be out to heat treat by next week. I have a new tool in the Ghost/Poltergeist tradition called the Tommyknocker and that is coming shortly in krinkle textured titanium. I have the 12Point pry bars well underway and those will be next up for grinding. Also steel Bermuda Minis. There is a new steel Mini Prybaby design coming as well and those are all cut and halfway prepped for grinding too. An older design brought back to life in beefed up metric form, the 3v steel Crawdaddy, will be making an appearance in late fall. Another older pocket carry idea that never got to fruition, something brand new for Atwood pocket carry, has finally become a reality and is coming late fall as well. Then there's the next generation Keytons... Lots more cool stuff is in store this year so please stay tuned!

Today I finally have another installment for you in the Multi-Grip bead saga. These little beauties are made from solid Zirconium bar stock and feature my classic rifle knurl. They have had multiple finishing steps done to them including a final individual heat treat and oiling to bring out the depth of color and shine. Really nice beads...and for once it's a fairly good sized batch so I will be able to offer more than one to you.

Zr Multi Grip beads will run $50 each plus shipping and it's a limit of 3 per customer on them please. A second tiny batch will be coming next week as well and I have a batch of brass ones with straight knurl and some 316 stainless steel rifle knurl coming too. Thanks for your patience everyone and for stopping by today, always much appreciated!

Zr Multi Grips are gone, thanks again!