Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patterned DLC Booger Lottery

Alrighty then, how about a DLC Boogers with high contrast patterns lottery? :D

These little gems came out really nice. There are only five and all are different. The Termite one has a tiny Rockwell test dot on the back and the card is labeled Rockwell 58 to reflect this. Each will come with a kydex sheath with bead chain. The price on them will be $175 plus $8 shipping for US customers or $26 shipping Express Mail International.

Lottery has ended! Thanks to all who entered. After the drawing I'll send emails right away to the winners. First winner to get back to me gets first pick, second gets second choice, etc. I'll post the numbers here as well. If you are one of the winners and you fail to hear from me within a half hour please email me.

Lottery Rules

Lottery Entrant List


High Voltage





Heath said...

Very nice Peter!

DB said...

WOW!l Those are great Peter!

Stultifera Navis said...

holy, cow, these are beautiful

Matt said...

hopefully I'll get lucky tonight : p

Unknown said...

Now those are some good looking boogers!

With the DLC coating it gives them properties that make them hard, strong and slick. These properties are just the opposite of the, soft, weak and sticky boogers that I've experienced so far.

I hope I get to pick one of those boogers.

Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that as I've been with my three year old most of the day.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. And these are CPM S30V???

Peter Atwood said...

Thank you. :)

No, these are CPM 154 at 58 Rockwell with DLC coating.

Unknown said...

Is there a glossary for CPM and Rockwell and DLC somewhere?

A newbiew question I realize..but while y'all wait for the lottery drawing what else do you have to do? ;)

Peter Atwood said...

Crucible is the maker of the Powder Metallurgy steels (CPM). These are fine grained custom cutlery steels that have very good edge retention properties and are stronger and more corrosion resistant than cheaper common steels.

DLC refers to Diamond Like Carbon and is a super thin coating that is incredibly hard, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. It's pretty much the gold standard right now in coating technology as far as I can see.

58-60 Rockwell is generally the hardness range that you want to see in knife steels. In theory anyway, 58 Rockwell is a good target for these type of steels where you want good hardness for edge retention but at the lower value you are trading off a little hardness for greater toughness, a handy quality in a prying tool.

After a vacuum hardening heat treat and temper cycle all of my stuff is cryogenically aged in liquid nitrogen and then retempered. This further refines the grain structure and improves edge retention, toughness and hardness.

Unknown said...

really beautiful, I'll win one, I hope ;)

Exit14a said...

drum roll.............fingers crossed

spiff said...

ahhhh, how did i miss this one!?