Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Batches

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that I am grinding and milling this week. Will have Mini Prybabies coming up next but realistically it will be about two or three weeks before completion. There will be some XL (with a bend for extra leverage) versions included in this next batch. Could be a lottery before that too... and there are also some other tools coming so stay tuned. ;)

Friday, August 07, 2009

And the Winners Are:

First of all, wow! I can't believe how many folks signed up for this one, thanks so much for your interest.

OK, the sixteen winners are:

2 Aznridah
11 Dan
25 Code-X
46 CodeNaked
57 KCM1
68 P-Nut
176 StrayLight
178 tonester
199 deedub5853
201 antmelnat
203 BSR
213 longac1
254 Zatchmo55
279 trucklvr2003
296 knifenut

I will send out emails shortly, thanks so much everyone.

Friday Lottery

Hi Folks,

It's been ages since I've done a lottery so I thought it was time to finish a few pieces just for this purpose. These are steel G3 Prybabies with extra grinds and glow dots. I know someone will ask but there aren't any titanium G3s with glow dots coming, only these steel ones. Anyway, I have just 16 of them and the price will be $80 each plus shipping. The lottery will run until 8PM eastern time tonight, Friday, August 7th. The 16 winners will be announced shortly thereafter and I will send emails out at that time with purchase instructions.

Please remember only one entry per person and if you haven't signed up for one of these lotteries before please read the rules, link is below. Thanks folks and hope your summer has been going well!

Lottery is over and winner will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Lottery List

Lottery Rules

Not the best picture I'm afraid but it's all I had...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Plain G3 Titanium Prybabies®

Good Evening! :)

I have some plain G3 titanium Prybabies® without anodizing. Here is the purchase link:

Sold Out! Thanks folks.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ti G3 Prybabies

Hi Folks,

I have the first of the titanium G3 Prybabies ready to go. These are anodized green. Same specs as the steel G3s in regard to wrenches and sizes but these are slightly thinner at .140 due to the shortage of 5/32" titanium stock. I am finishing the batch in stages and will offer some plain ones next but today I only have the green ones done. Price is $70 each lus shipping and purchase link is below:

Sold out for now, thank you folks! More coming though so stay tuned.