Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Copper Mini 5 Flutes

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the loooong silence! I hope your summer has been going great and that you guys were able to take some relaxing days off. Summer is very much still here in New England and we were getting temps in the 90's last week, which is rather warm for what we typically see this time of year, but it's cooling off suddenly and going to be rainy for a few days. Best of luck to the folks down south who will be dealing with far worse this week.

It's been extremely slow here for several weeks and I've just been having a devil of a time getting anything finished. At a certain point you kinda have to sit back and accept that things are continually delayed and simply go with it I guess, but that is always hard for me to deal with. So it has been more than a bit frustrating...Hopefully all this uproar is about to calm down though and finally let me get production back on track. At any rate, rest assured that I have been working hard over the last several weeks to get projects moving along and I will be starting up with some tool sales again very soon!

Updates: The Steel R37 Rulers with pry tips are nearly done and will be heading to heat treat by the end of the week. Same thing with the 3v Roid E115 tools which are awaiting their extra grinds. I also have a big batch of smooth surface ground steel Hangman hooks, with some minor design tweaks and already heavily stamped, heading to heat treat later this month. Small Fry tools in titanium are also finally close to being done, just need a little further grinding before their final finishes. A couple of new Count Sporkula designs are still being worked out (I screwed up the first try) but I am close to finalizing those designs as well and will be cutting them soon.

There are several other small steel and titanium projects also about to be cut, a couple of older things being dragged off the shelves to finally get them finished up. Also I'm about to start a brand spanking new turning project that I am super excited for, if it works out as I think it will, which it should. So lots of interesting goodies are ahead for this fall.

Today I have some copper Mini 5 Flute beads completed. These run $30 each plus shipping and I will make it a no limit sale as there are quite a few of them. Some more Mini 5 Flutes in other materials are coming up as well as more Mega and Magnum beads. Thanks as always for dropping by today and also for your endless patience.

Sold out, thank you everyone!