Thursday, October 15, 2015


Hi Folks,

It's a bit cool and wet this week here in New England. Fall is in full swing though finally and I do believe that this weekend will probably be peak foliage. No doubt many leaf peepers will be driving through our state over the weekend. Sometimes the leaves are more dramatic against a gray sky and other times the sunshine lights up individual trees or branches. It's always a lovely time of year here regardless.

Project updates: Actually not too much to report because I've been busy working on finishing these ti Minis. But I am happy to announce that a Krinkle Textured Metric P15 Mini Prybaby is in the works and will be cut soon. So you can expect to see those in a month or so. I still have not ground the steel Mini Wedgies, the SAE and Metric Tombstones and the rest of the P15 surface ground Roids but those are all also on deck.  

Thanks so much for the enthusiastic response for the anodized P15 Mini Prybabies! As the many beautiful Toolbook photos show, they are quite extraordinary both in texture and in color. I have to tell you that it has not been easy for me to part with them because I sort of wish I could keep them all. :)

Today I have the other half of the Krinkle Textured Mini P15 Prybaby batch done. I'm leaving these plain with no anodizing because I know that many folks want user tools or maybe they just prefer vanilla over maple fudge swirl.... Others might want a plain one so they can do their own anodizing. In any case, this next group has fantastic and varied texture on them so you Raw Bar lovers are really in for a treat.

The plain Krinkle Ti Minis are $70 plus shipping and the link is below. One per customer please on them. Thanks everyone and happy autumn!

Plain ones are gone for now, thanks again everyone!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Titanium Mini P15 Prybabies!

Hi Folks,

Things are cooling down here in New England and the foliage is finally starting to get underway. Everything is late this year but that's OK by me because the temperatures have been mild and the days are quite enjoyable right now. I'm going to try to get some photography time in this weekend and early next week.

Projects are slowly progressing. I will be doing some grinding next week and hope to get at least one steel batch into the pipeline for later this month. As the weather gets colder I will be inside more and more and will try to really get things cranking.

Today I have a real treat for you Raw Bar lovers out there. As you know, for many years I have tried to select steels with heavy textured finishes whenever possible because I just love that Raw Bar look and feel. Unfortunately it is always hit or miss obtaining that type of material though and in recent years it has become very difficult to procure it. But it's always steel, I have never found any titanium with nice texture because it generally comes very smooth from the mills and usually with a bead blasted or brushed finish. Until now that is...recently I came across a small cache of a very interesting Krinkle Texture 6AL4V titanium and not only is this some of the best Raw Bar I have ever seen on ANY material, but the sheets are thick too, averaging around 3/16" or greater in thickness.

This is the first of several waves of Krinkle Textured Titanium Mini P15 Prybabies and they are really something. The wildly varying texture gives the color anodizing many angles and surfaces on which to reflect light and the result is simply stunning. The 3/16" thickness gives these tools a little more heft than usual and a fantastic feel in the hand. They are tiny, being a perfectly scaled down version of the recent P15, measuring just 2 5/8" long, and they feature five SAE wrench sizes 1/4-1/2 with the deep style V notch and a 5/16 cap lifter. It's as if I stuck a P15 in the clothes dryer and set it on high heat for an hour...just an ideal balance of size, weight, function and aesthetics in my opinion, especially if you're a mini tool fan like me. :)

This first wave of Mini Ti P15 Prybabies are all anodized and I will be making a second batch that will be plain with no anodizing, possibly a third wave as well, we'll see how it goes. October will be Mini Prybaby Month so no worries, lots are on the way.

The Ti Minis will run $70 plus shipping and the purchase link is below. The colors are all different so I will send you what I send you but rest assured they are all gorgeous. As always a big thank you to everyone for stopping by and I hope your fall is a great one so far!

Anodized ones are all gone for now, thank you folks!