Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fancy Hangmen

Howdy Folks,

Started out a bit dreary today but it's now sunny and very mild this afternoon here in Massachusetts. Compared to last year this winter has been a breeze and we are all looking forward to an early spring, which is really only just a few weeks away.

I've been working steadily on several projects at once this past week. So even though it doesn't seem like much is happening, it's actually just the opposite. This is the time of year when I tend to have a lot of ideas too, so lately I've worked out a bunch of new drawings and have started preparing for a whole lot of nifty new tools.

The prep work on the Mini Wedgies is finally getting closer to finished. The milling is done on them at long last and I just have to do the extra grinds and final cleanup to get them ready for heat treat. Same with the P10 metric Prybabies. Both of those projects are 3v steel.

Also well on the way to completion is a cute titanium mini pry bar tool which I mentioned previously, the Little Jimmy. Krinkle Ti Termites are about to be milled also. A brand new design, the Gremlin, is a definite go and that one will be cut shortly along with some variations of it I think, in a variety of materials. I have several more bead projects coming up shortly, as well as the next design in the shot glass series, slated for late spring. There is a brand new mini tool on the drawing board for those of you who like the really small items, and two new Prybaby variations that I think you will find quite intriguing. I'm also looking at a Krinkle Ti Mini G3 Keyton variation and reprises of several older designs which I am still considering. Tons and tons of cool new stuff ahead this year!

Today I have a very small batch of fancy Hangman 2.0 tools finished. These have alternate style grinds, some extra grinds and most have two tone contrast anodizing.

The Fancy Hangmen will run $70 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thanks for stopping by today everyone and I hope your weekend is delightful!

Sold out, thank you folks!


Sunday, February 07, 2016

Ti Sweethearts

Hey guys, just a reminder, coming up next Sunday is a VERY significant day....and you sure don't want to forget about it because I hear the Dog House is rather chilly this time of year! Haha...

Besides that critically important sentimental card, the lovely flowers and the really good DARK chocolates you might want to consider some other small token of your affection. I recently came across the remaining titanium Sweethearts, finished them up and thought I would offer them this weekend as a cute little something for the sweetheart in your life. Definitely a much smarter choice than a vacuum cleaner, trust me on this...

These simple key fob openers are made of brushed titanium, .160 thick. Most of them are various shades of pink and UV purple, with a few rainbows and colors fades as well. She'll love it even if Every Day Carry culture isn't exactly her thing!

The ti Sweethearts will run $50 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

Ti Sweethearts are all gone, thanks again everyone!


Friday, February 05, 2016

Stamped Zirconium Mini P15s

Hi Folks,

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! After a long period of relatively mild temps and bare ground we are finally getting some of the white stuff falling today. It's light and fluffy though and I don't think it is here to stay for very long as it will be in the 40's F. this weekend. Sure is pretty at the moment.

Well I have a cool little surprise for you today. After much hemming and hawing I finally decided to do another Zirconium 702 tool. I could have done almost anything but I chose the SAE Mini P15 as it is one of my current favorite designs. These tools are made from my "normal" thickness stock, .160, so they have just enough heft to them, the weight falling squarely between titanium and steel. The material has a subtle sandy texture to it which is the natural mill finish on the sheets. The deep black finish comes from a long process of sanding, tumbling, blasting and burnishing. Finally they are slowly and gently FlameWashed, one by one, and then oiled to bring up the final shine.

In addition I have stamped these Prybabies with a wide variety of both my antique and modern stamps. Great fun and a nice way to showcase this rare and exotic material.

The Zirconium Mini P15s will run $110 each plus shipping and obviously it's a one per customer sale. The link to purchase is below...have a terrific weekend everyone and enjoy the big game on Sunday.

These are sold out, thank you once again everyone!