Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FunnyBone Lottery Winners!

Thanks everyone for participating and for your interest. :)

The winners are:

5 tndiver13 chainlink
30 dovk802 termite
41 helvick
139 tritium termite
141 ironman jungle
151 avp termite
171 arthur d.
180 chuyleo termite

I have sent emails to all the winners. If you're a winner and you don't get the email for some reason please send me an email. I'm pretty sure I got all the email addresses right but you never know.

Thanks folks! I will have more stuff coming up tomorrow or the next day. Also, probably end of next week will have the new WildCard credit card knives at the finishing up stage. There are a lot of them currently at heat treat and there will be an open sale once I get them back and do the sharpening.


Matt said...

Dang, never seem to have any luck, oh well. Didn't have to spend any money and congrats to those who won! Hopefully my luck will come with a msopthing or booger

Heath said...

Congrats guys!

These are some awesome designs Peter. Can't see what you come up with next...

Unknown said...

Hey....does anyone besides me find it odd that 4 of the winners have "termite" in their screen name? Hmmmm....just coincidence?

Unknown said...

Oooops...never mind that last comment....Congrats folks :)

Peter Atwood said...

Scott, I was just putting down their choices so people could see. :D

Lane said...


Any chance on seeing a sneak preview of the credit card knives?

Peter Atwood said...

Actually no because they are all at heat treat and I didn't take any pictures before I sent them out. If you go on the Museum blog though and scroll down to the second page there are some pics of a sample made with slightly thinner stock.

Matt said...

are the wildcard knives the size of a credit card? I saw the comparison to the other card knife in the museum.

Thanks, oh how much will dlc booger cost?

Peter Atwood said...

Matt, they are the size of a mini credit card but not quite as long.

1.5" x 2.25", cutting edge is just over 1 inch.

Aaron said...

What could possibly be coming up today. Hmm. The anticipation.