Friday, August 20, 2021

Summer Updates

Hey Everyone!

Yup, I'm still here. In the middle of building that ark though, since the rain just will not stop this summer. We had something like 15 inches last month and it just keeps on coming. My tomatoes have very little flavor this year from lack of sun and too much water, but my sweet peppers are doing great. Outside the woods is steaming like a jungle and swarming with mosquitoes. I think I am down a quart after working in the garden for just five minutes yesterday!

I've been crazy busy these past few weeks with family activities, some small home improvement projects and working in the shop. It's been a tremendously productive summer on the one hand, but on the other hand I can't seem to get any projects to completion. That will be changing soon though...I finally found a sheath maker for my blade projects and they are busy working on them right now. So, in a week or two I should have the first batch in hand and can actually put some sales up. I'm in the middle of sharpening BabySharks right now.

In other news, a second blade project, the PieceMaker, just went to heat treat so those will be coming later this fall. Those have been sitting around for a couple of years, so it's good to finally be getting to them.  

After some debate I decided to add an old school V notch to the Mini Prybaby project, so those are once again delayed for a few more weeks to get that milled...steel Mini Wedgies have been cut and all prepped out for milling. I just got done sanding and tumbling out the Zr R25 ruler tools and they are now finally ready for milling. Zr QuickDraws are also ready to be milled. And I have a heavy duty new chainsaw tool which has just been cut and I'm about to start on prepping those out. Ti Medallions are all ready for stamping and finishing, just have to sit down and get to work on them. Ti KingPins are waiting for me to grind the pins and anodize...

So, tons of stuff is in progress, just infuriatingly slow to get any of it to the finish line. Anyway, hope your summer is going great and you're staying safe and healthy!