Monday, November 07, 2022

Micarta 6 Flute Megas

Hi Everyone,

It's a lovely day out there today, but about to turn much cooler. I did manage to get most of my garden stuff squared away this weekend and we're pretty much buttoned up for the winter that is surely on the way.

I do need to spend a day at the grinder this week and get those Bar Claws moving along. I'm breaking in some new tumbling media right now and need to do some maintenance on my big bowl tumbler this week as well. It's always something, but eventually I get it all done.

Today I have some more of the brown Micarta 6 Flute beads finished. These are just gorgeous, my favorite of the synthetic materials for sure. I might do a run of the smaller Mini size this winter, we shall see...

Micarta 6 Flutes run $30 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping in, and I hope the rest of your week is not too stressful!

All gone for today, thanks again!

  Dry and with oil:


Thursday, November 03, 2022

Titanium GameCoins!

Hi Everyone,

It's another surprisingly gorgeous fall day out there today! Now they are saying it will be in the 70's this weekend too, so the nice warm days and mild nights will continue for now. I need to get out this afternoon and blow some leaves now that the oaks are finally starting to give theirs up, and they are littering the lawn once again.

Today I have a treat for you! These Titanium GameCoins had been sitting around for ages, so I finally took some time and got them done over the summer. They are anodized with a variety of contrasting colors, although a great many did end up mostly blue which really looks great on them. I used a wide range of stamps, and there is just one here that did not get any stamps if anyone is interested...they each have cool leather inserts from my huge collection of crazy leathers. Truly unique items, and they would make for a very special gift this year, and there are only about three dozen of them so are quite limited in number.

Titanium GameCoins will run $85 plus shipping, purchase link is below. Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead!

These are all gone, thank you so much!


Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Zirconium Mini Bermuda Triangles

Hi Folks,

Happy November! Usually this is my least favorite time of year as it generally is cold and gray here, and the days are getting darker and shorter. But this week we are having a reprieve, and it is still spooky warm, in the 60's or better, and sunny for the next few days. I will take it!

I'm slowly picking away at the upcoming projects but not much to report today. In the meantime I have a few more small items and remnant batches to offer you...

Today I have a couple dozen Zirconium Mini Bermuda Triangles finished. These are cute little minimalist tools with funky grinds. They are drilled to accept one of Scott McCoskery's spinner cores, but the fit is a tiny bit loose and requires a thin wipe of tacky glue to get them to stay in place snugly. Anyway, they are a fun little item and can be worn on the included length of bead chain if desired.   

Zr Mini Triangles run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. As always, I appreciate you dropping by and hope your week is as pleasant as ours!

All gone, thank you so much!