Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Titanium Treasure Glass!

Hi Everyone,

We're in the grip of a fierce cold snap lately. It will be below zero f tonight and another substantial snow storm is on the way for the weekend. That's winter in New England for ya! They say it builds character, but I'm telling you, I already have plenty thanks very much.

Well I've been busy on numerous projects as always. I have a few older Spin Coins coming up as well as a batch of Zr MikroStiks with new and larger size. Also still working on the steel Mini Wedgies which are next up on the grinding schedule.

Today I have the remaining Treasure Glass Magnifiers done. These are titanium with gorgeous anodizing! Most of them have two tone coloring effects and they are absolutely stunning. I found myself wishing I could keep many of them but alas, they must go out into the world...

Titanium Treasure Glass Magnifiers will run $75 plus shipping and it is a very limited batch so one per customer please. Thanks for coming around today, and I hope your week is going great.

 Sold out, thank you!  



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass

Hi Folks,

It's a snowy world out there right now. Winter has certainly arrived and is putting us into a deep freeze for the next couple of months. I envy those little creatures in the forest who can curl up and sleep until spring.

As I get my bearings for the new year, there are some new projects in the works and I will be starting on them soon. I have a few steel tools in progress that I need to get finished up and sent out to heat treat. So I will be doing a bunch of grinding off and on this month. Mini Wedgies are already pretty far along and I need to get back to them as my first order of business this year. There is a second large pry bar tool coming called the BarClaw which I will start working on as soon as I get Mini Wedgies done. I also have a couple more small batch odds and ends I'm working on, so it will be an interesting January and February, but with my usual fits and starts.

Today I have some Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass magnifiers for you. These have a cool scallop design milled on the face but otherwise they are exactly the same as the initial batch. There will be a few fancy titanium Treasure Glass magnifiers with the same scallop design coming in a week or two as well. Very fun and different projects!

Fancy Bronze Treasure Glass will run $70 each plus shipping, and it is not a huge batch so two per customer max please. Thank you for coming by today and I hope you're staying warm and safe out there.

Sold out, thank you again everyone!



Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bronze Treasure Glass!

Hi Everyone,

Happy 2022! It's hard to believe we are in another new's starting out a cold one here this week with overnight temperatures around 0F. Quite typical for January in New England though.

I'm slowly getting myself oriented after my recent marathon end-of-year sales. I will have to spend some days in the shop getting new tools going, so expect some sporadic activity as the month goes on. But I already have some very interesting new stuff planned, so stay tuned. 

And now for something completely different! Today I have a super cool older project for you. I actually made these nifty little guys several years ago, but when I realized how much work they were going to be to finish (arrrrgh!) I set them aside. Sure enough, they proved to be a total nuisance to assemble, but it seemed like a good project to save for a frigid winter week. And so here we finally are.

The Atwood Treasure Glass is a small pocket magnifier lens set in a metal bezel. These cool little tools were turned from solid bronze bars and have a rich patina which gives them a wonderful antique look. The edges have my signature rifle knurl, just like the earlier SpinCoin project. These were drilled to accept a small split ring and so that they can be hung on bead chain, or alternatively a lanyard can be tied onto them. I highly recommend a lanyard as these can be slippery in cold dry fingers...The glass is lightly glued in place and then held fast with a large rubber o-ring gasket. Because of the delicate glass on these, stamping turned out to be a rather bad idea, so they are simply plain.

The simple meniscus style one inch diameter glass on these completes the old time effect and reminds me very much of the glass lenses on certain antique cameras. None of the glass is perfect and I literally discarded hundreds of lenses in order to find the very best ones. So if you look just right you can expect to see minor hair line scratches, shadows and tiny blemishes on all of them. The magnification is very low power, maybe 2x, so it is doubtful you would be able to start a fire with one although perhaps in the right hands under totally ideal conditions it could be done. Nevertheless, these are great for simple inspection tasks and they work nicely handheld in conjunction with a phone camera for some fun creative photography effects. 

This first wave will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for coming by today and I hope your New Year is already shaping up to be a great one!

Sold out, thank you so much!