Sunday, August 28, 2011

So Far So Good

10:30PM It's back up! :)

We haven't lost power here and the storm seems to be moving beyond us which is a good thing and a big relief. We got about 6 inches of rain I think, never saw winds more than 35 mph. Some massive flooding going on locally on some of the smaller creeks and rivers. I'm dying to see what the Ct River looks like but probably I will play it safe and won't go out until tomorrow.

My email and site is down because the server is hosted in CT and they are without power evidentally.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Ribbed Lanslides Blue

Hi Everyone,

Well, they are calling for storms tonight so I figured if I was going to do any kind of sale today it should be now. I have a small batch of Mini Ribbed Lanslides finished and these are anodized blue. Because the number is limited I think I'll make it two per customer limit on them this time. I will be turning more Lanslides this fall so no worries, more will be coming in a month or two.

Gone in a Flash! Thank you folks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here They Are:

Once again I am always amazed at the number of folks who sign up. Thank you so much, I really really appreciate it! :)

OK, so after sorting through the names and picking the numbers at total random here is the list:

95 dkavanagh
102 d.cooper.jr
124 elfan888
128 Pierre32
153 bruin
172 DC
224 Soulriot
252 patches138
262 Byung
267 654248
297 mcu71
320 turtlefarmer
435 Vizzini
452 Mpallett
456 PettyGenius

Thanks folks!

Sign Up Sale: Pests with Multi Stamps

Hi Folks,

Well, I haven't done one of these Sign Up Sales in ages but decided to do one today. I have just fifteen of these special titanium Pests available, each with multiple stamps on them. They are all different and I had some fun playing around with the anodizing, trying out various color fades and effects. Anyway, these will be $75 each plus shipping.

The way it works is you click on the link below, fill out the form and you will entered into the pool for a chance to buy one. Everyone has the same chance so whether you get here right after I post these or at 7:59 Eastern time tonight, it doesn't matter, you still will have a chance at them.

The sign up period will end at 8PM Eastern time tonight, August 24th. At that time I will shut down the sale, check the list for duplicates and then choose the 15 numbers at random and send emails with purchase instructions to the winners. Please read the SUSale rules posted below if you haven't entered one of these before. Anyone entering twice will have their entry deleted so please play fair everyone. ;) Thank you for stopping in!

SUSale is closed, I will post the list and send emails shortly. Thank you so much everyone!

List of People Who Are Signed Up

Sign Up Sale Rules

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Lanslides

Hey Folks,

I'm working on a variety of things here, slowly picking away at some tool batches. It's been a really busy month and so I'm going a little easy this week in an effort to catch my breath. Anyway, there will be much to look forward to in the next week or two so please stay tuned. And before anyone asks, NO KEYTONS until October at least and they will only be in steel. :p :D

So, today I have some Large Ribbed Titanium Lanslides with blue anodizing. They are the usual $15 each plus shipping. Thanks for stopping in and have a marvelous week!

Sold Out, thank you!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stamped UV Pests

Hi Folks,

The Pests continue to trickle out of the shop...I have some stamped ones today with UV anodizing. These were some of my favorites so far. They run $70 plus shipping and the link is below...thanks very much!

Sold out, thank you again folks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Pests with Stamps

Happy Weekend People!

Tonight I have some more ti Pests...these are stamped and are anodized a deep rich blue. The batch is fairly small so one per customer please. They will run $70 each plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great evening everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Blue ones are gone, thank you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainbow Pests

Howdy Folks and top of the morning to you! It's going to be a warm and muggy day here today.

I have a few Rainbow anodized Pests this morning. Once again, there is a very small number of them so it will be one per customer so everyone gets a chance at them. They are $65 plus shipping and the link is below...

Sold Out, thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UV Pests

Hi Everyone,

Well, today I have a small number of UV Pests available. I only made a couple dozen of them so it will be a one per customer sale please. The UV Pests run $65 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by this evening!

All gone, thank you!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Ti Lanslides

Howdy folks,

Tonight I have some full sized titanium Lanslide beads with the ribbed pattern and these are anodized green. They are a little brighter than the picture shows but are hard to photograph. Anyway, I only have a few dozen....they are $15 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks as always for visiting and keeping up with all my crazy projects, it is always appreciated.

Sold out, thank you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Pest!

Hi Folks,

OK, things are moving right along here...I've been a grinding, stamping and tumbling fool these past few days and I managed to get a good sized batch of these new tools finished. This is The Pest. It's a simple pry tool/screwdriver with bottle opener, similar to the Chiggers that I made last year but larger. These are 3 inches long and made of 5/32" thick titanium with a stonewashed finish. Thanks to the large openings they weigh almost nothing yet are still extremely robust. I love this kind of design, simple and elegant.

Anyway, this first wave is plain stonewashed with no anodizing. I have more to finish up in the coming days and will do some anodized ones next but these are just plain. They are $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Sold out for now, more on the way very soon, thank you so much!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

More Bronze Lanslides

Howdy Folks,

Hot and muggy here today! I hope everyone is having a terrific weekend. Won't be a whole lot more of these this summer as we are already about to say goodbye to the first week of August...

Anyway, I've been working hard all weekend though and today I have the rest of the bronze Lanslide beads finished. Thanks for stopping in, always appreciated!

OK, these are gone, thanks again.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Bronze Rifle Knurl Lanslides

Hi Everyone,

Tonight I have some full sized rifle knurl Lanslides in bronze. These are $15 plus shipping and the link is below...thank you!

Sold out for now, thank you! I have more of these to finish still so more on the way.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Stamped G5 Prybabies

Hi Folks,

Looks like the storms have passed and it's safe to turn the computers back on...

Tonight I have some G5 Prybabies with stamps on them. These are the same Summer Weight ones as over the weekend. The color these ended up is slightly darker than the pictures show btw, just the way they came out from heat treat.

Anyway, they are $65 each plus shipping. Thanks everyone and hope you're having a great week.

First Wave is gone, thank you so much!