Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Steel MiniBars

Hi Everyone,

Well I'm back finally!

We're starting to have some of our first glimpses of spring here in the northeast, even though there are still big snowbanks at the end of the driveway. It's always a big relief when the weather starts to warm up a little bit and it no longer hurts your face to walk outside. I get tired of my fingers turning icy every time I take out the trash. And baseball season returns this week too, so life is definitely taking a turn for the better.

I've been a busy boy lately, slowly picking away at several projects and working up some new ones as well. Coming up are ti Count Forkulas with cap lifter and bronze Magnum beads. Ti magnets are almost done, just need to finish stamping a few of them and figure out how I can hold them for the anodizing. The new Mini Prybabies are still a few weeks away but are getting milled this week, so it won't be long until I can get them finished up and off to heat treat. Fans of the Original Hangman design will rejoice as I have a reissued version coming up very soon, as well as a new version of Hangman v2. Metric Mini Prybabies in steel will be getting milled in a week or two, so those will be coming in late April or early May. I have a really cool new small tool design on the drawing board too.

Today I have the CPM 154 Basic Steel MiniBars done. These are identical to the fancier ti version, but they are without stamps. They feature a broad pry tip with V notch and 7/16 wrench. A slim and light weight tool that carries easily on your keys. The practical combo of Rockwell 58-60 hardened steel and tumbled finish means these will wear like the iron that they actually are, and last pretty much forever.

The Steel Basic MiniBars will run $55 plus shipping and the link is below. It's a big batch so no limit on them. Thank you so much for waiting on me and my sporadic sales so patiently, and I hope everyone is gearing up for a great spring!

Sold out, thank you so much!


Friday, March 08, 2019

Bronze MultiMags

Hi Everyone,

Happy Weekend! It's bright and sunny here today, but we're due for another round of minor storms again this weekend. Still, the sunlight is so much brighter now, and much stronger than it has been for many months. Spring is definitely on the way in a few weeks whether it likes it or not and we won't be taking "no" for an answer...and the clocks change this weekend too, woohoo!

I've been quite busy these past couple of weeks grinding tools, organizing projects and getting my taxes out of the way. The Steel MiniBars just went out to heat treat a couple of days ago. The first wave of new Steel Mini Prybabies (SAE) are much further along now, and I'm just about to do the milling on them. The Metric Mini Prybaby batch is still a bit further behind in the preparation steps but I will be starting on those next. Sneak peek at the new Mini Prybaby which will be done probably mid April time frame:

Other things that are underway: Count Forkulas with cap lifter are coming along but they have been slow to get to the finish line. The titanium MultiMags are also getting closer to finished and I should have those available sometime next week. And a few other surprises are in store if I can ever get my production act together and settle down to work.

Today I have a medium sized batch of Bronze MultiMags done. These have a cool "Desert Tan" matte finish for something a little different. They will run $45 plus shipping and I'll make it a four per customer limit on them please. Thanks for dropping by everyone and hope you have a great weekend!

Sold out, thank you so much everyone!