Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diamond Knurl SpanSlides

Hi Everyone,

Well, the early spring heatwave has passed and we're back to chilly temps and biting cold wind today. It was a good day to spend some time in the shop and get some stuff done. I'm slowly but surely working my way through the S30v steel Wrunts and should have them ready for heat treat in another couple of days. Have not touched the 3V steel Roid G2 Keytons and I'm just not sure when I will get to them...I'm probably going to end up finishing 3V steel G5 Prybabies first. These are Roid G5s but not quite as thick as I first intended so maybe we'll call them Semi Roids. Still, at 3/16 thick, they are going to be quite robust.

For ti projects I will have more ti Keytons coming up and will be doing a variety of finishes on them. And there's always the possibility of a ti mystery tool. ;)

Anyway, today I managed to get more of the ti SpanSlides done. These are diamond knurled and I have left them plain with no anodizing. They are mostly on Teal cord but I have some Tan cord too. They are $35 plus shipping.

Plain diamond ones are all gone, thank you folks!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi Folks,

Hey, any Strider Knives fans in the house? :D

As many of you may remember, some years ago I made a few batches of Prybabies(R) and I incorporated a spanner wrench in the butt end to fit the pivot pins on Strider folding knives. Well, I won't be making any more of the Spannerbabies, but I still get requests quite frequently for them. So recently I was playing around with my old school AR folder and I realized that there might be a way to incorporate the spanner tabs into a Lanslide bead. So, after some quick drawings and a couple of days spent fine tuning the design at the machine shop I have some of these little beauties ready to rock and roll.

The SpanSlides have a jewel like quality to them. They are made of 1/2" titanium bar stock and there's quite a bit of milling involved to get them to work correctly. They are roughly the same size as the 5 rib Longslides, slightly longer if you take the spanner wrenches into account. I wanted to make them so that they could be used when on a paracord lanyard so I milled a deep channel into the sides so the cord has a place to go and the resulting spanner works very well indeed. In addition, there is a deep O-ring groove for enhanced grip or to keep them quiet when banging against another metal object and a couple of o-rings are included with each one.

The first wave is rifle knurled and they are anodized green. I'll have blue ones coming up early next week and then some diamond knurled ones after that in various colors. Maybe I'll do some in plain bead blast finish on military colored cord for the folks in the service too.

The SpanSlides run $35 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone is having a great weekend!

First Wave is gone! Wow, that was quick. I have a ton more of these coming but this is all I had time to finish so far. Thanks so much everyone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

OD Green Longslides

The St Patty's Day celebration continues today...these hard anodized Aluminum Longslides aren't exactly Kelly Green but they are a great military OD green. The cord is a killer color so I'm calling it Killer B.

OD Green Longslides run the usual $25 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping in...have fun and be safe out there this weekend!

First wave is all gone, thank you everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day folks!

Hope you all are going easy and winding down from work as we head into a great early spring weekend. It's going to be crazy warm here all of next week so I'll probably be taking some days off to enjoy the weather....but in the meantime:

Today I have the remaining clear anodized aluminum Bigshots done. I decided to do a little run of them with Shamrock stamps for the occasion. The batch is very small, only a couple dozen, so it's a one per customer sale please. They will run $80 plus shipping and the link is below:

Sold Out, thank you so much folks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aluminum Bigshots

Happy Daylight Savings Time! I love it when the days get longer, means warm days are on the way. It's kinda weird how they keep pushing the date back, but I'll take it.

So today I have a big wave of aluminum Bigshots done. These are the same size as the stainless steel ones but they weigh only 2.5 ounces compared to the 7.3 ounces of the steel ones, so they feel light as a feather in your hand yet there's still enough to know the cup is there. These have been heavily etched before being hard anodized with clear so they have a slightly frosted and subdued appearance that almost looks like light bead blasting. Really pretty and the finish is a great deal harder and more scratch resistant than the steel ones. I think I prefer them in some ways over the steel.

Anyway, these are $75 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the lovely weather.

Thanks everyone, VERY much appreciated! I will have a few more of these soon but that's all I have done for today.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Plain Wedgies

Hi Folks,

Almost spring here in New England and it seems like despite what the Groundhog said that maybe we are going to be getting a rare early spring for once. It's supposed to climbing up into the 60's for most of next week. But today it's that damp and dreary 40F temp that chills your bones and the sun keeps coming and going through the gray clouds.

Today I have the rest of the plain Wedgies done. It's another small batch, just a couple dozen, so it will be one per customer. They will be $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great weekend everyone and thank you!

All gone again, thank you!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blue Wedgies

Happy Freezing Cold Tuesday Folks! Man, it's chilly here today but supposed to warm up later this week to 60 degrees. What a pleasant thing to look forward to. ;)

So today I have some titanium Wedgies done and these are anodized blue. The grinds on these are normal, unlike the higher accent grinds shown in this older pic. I won't be doing any more blue ones after these and the batch is very small...so one per customer please. They run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great day and stay warm!

These are gone, thank you so much!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rest of the Pests

Hi Folks!

I get a lot of emails from people asking for something different or unusual. I also get a lot of requests for patterned titanium pieces. I don't make a whole lot of these because they are time consuming to do and the methods used to achieve the designs are quite tedious and easy to mess up. So, in the past I have made a dozen here and there and usually sell them via a Sign Up Sale. I could have done that this time but instead I decided to bite the bullet and put in a couple of days of work on these so that I could get enough together for a general release sale.

This will be close to the end of the titanium Pest run. All of these special Pests have been stamped...some of them have single stamps, some have multiple stamps. They are all patterned in various ways and they are anodized in a wide variety of colors. No two are alike and they are absolutely gorgeous! So if you've been wanting something with a pattern and something that is one of a kind and different this is your big chance.

Now, I want as many people to get one as possible. So this is going to be a one per customer sale please. Sorry, no choice of pattern, stamp or colors, I'll send you whatever I send you. They will run $85 plus shipping. Thanks as always for stopping in and have a great Sunday!

Whew, that was amazingly quick! They are all gone, thank you so much!

Here's a small sampling: