Friday, November 30, 2012

Plain Titanium G5 Prybabies

Hi Folks,

Well, it would seem that the holiday season is upon us once again. I thought it was just here about 5 minutes ago but the time sure is flying. It doesn't quite feel like December here either because we still don't have any snow but that's fine by me. It will be here soon enough...

Things are cooking along at a reasonable pace despite a few recent setbacks. I'm grinding some new Mystery steel tools this week and hope to get them further along over the weekend. If all goes well those tools will be going to heat treat early next week so should be back the week before Christmas. A second new tool design, which does NOT require heat treat, is being cut today and Monday and those will be coming perhaps as early as next weekend. So there is lots of cool new stuff on the way shortly!

Today I have more titanium Prybabies done. I decided to leave these with a plain stonewashed finish and so none are anodized. No stamps or grind variations either, just plain Janes because there's a lot of people who like vanilla. I should know, I'm one of them! :D There will be stamped Prybabies, more anodized Prybabies and probably eventually even some patterned ones coming but it won't be until next year.

For the newbies just a reminder, the ti G5 Prybabies feature a pry tip/wire stripper notch, bottle opener that doubles as a 5/16" wrench and a set of SAE wrenches ranging from 1/4-9/16", all in a compact package that is just over 3 inches long and is 5/32 (.160") thick.

The plain ti G5 Prybabies run $65 each plus shipping and I'll make this sale a limit of two per customer please. International customers: You have a choice on this sale, one item can be shipped via either Priority International for $17 or Express mail for $34. If you order two then they will automatically ship via Express Mail.

Thanks for stopping in folks, always appreciated!

These are all gone for now, thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Wow, another great turnout. Amazing stuff...thanks for signing up for this one!

OK, the winning numbers are:

 9     Rlyle531
53    Speed Racer
192  BusyBadger
197  Roylee
286  the grizz
320  NeonEcko
365  Boricua
368  kemtitec
417  Gschaffner
425  Kaos
524  p8r1ck
541  JaredC

I'll send out emails right now, thanks again and have a great weekend folks!

SUSale: SlotShots

Hi Everyone,

Well, the OD whistle SUSale was such a success yesterday that I thought we might as well keep the ball rolling with another sale...this time I have dug deep in the Atwood Archives to bring you another blast from the past!

Today I have twelve 303 stainless steel SlotShot cups. These are the old school diamond knurled BigShots with three milled slots that will accept the small tritium tube markers, users to obtain and install the tubes themselves, if so desired. These are gorgeous cups and I can't believe I had these hiding in a box down in the shop, totally forgotten about. They even have the little dice with each cup.

So, the 12 SlotShots will run $75 each plus shipping. International customers will have to pay $35 for Express mail due to the weight, I don't want any problems with customs and tracking issues and you know these are going to be checked out since they weigh so much (1/2 lb each).

Let's make this one a little earlier...The SlotShot sign up will run until 6PM Eastern time this evening, Saturday 24th. Winning numbers will be drawn at that time and emails sent. Once again, thank you so much for the enthusiastic support and interest, I can never thank you all enough!

Sign Up Sale Rules

Sign Up is over, thank you once again everyone! Will post results shortly...

List of Sale Participants

Friday, November 23, 2012


Holy Smokes, I know I've said it before on previous SUSales, every one of which always seems bigger than the last, but I'll say it again: Amazing turnout for these!

OK, after going through and pruning doubles (ahem) the numbers were drawn and are as follows:

26 Ansel1
131 Samson
231 rab4
239 Daniel Jr Castonguay
282 Giovanni
302 Lucasbartends
394 omegahpr
415 JohnS
455 dj jazzy reff

I will send emails out right now to the winners. Thanks once again folks, really appreciate all the support!

OD Green Aluminum Whistles SUSale

Howdy Everyone,

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one! I ate too much as usual and then watched some GREAT football games so it was a pleasant and relaxing day for me.

Ok, so it's been a long time since I've done a Sign Up Sale. I have several regular projects underway but due to unforeseen delays they are taking forever to get in the meantime I thought perhaps a little SUSale action would be just the thing to break the monotony.

For those folks who are more recent fans and have not encountered the SUSale system before please familiarize yourself with the rules and also, remember that it's ONE ENTRY PER CUSTOMER please. We carefully go over the list and any duplicate entries will be deleted at the end before the random numbers are selected so don't be "gaming" the system here!

Sign Up Sale Rules 

Today I have something really special and very old school. These were leftover from a run of whistles that were made about 6 or 7 years ago, back from the very first run of whistles. At that time I wanted to use mostly just stainless or brass to make whistles. However, the guys at Amherst Machine stuck a bar of aluminum in the machine and turned a dozen plain aluminum bodies as a test to prove out the design before running the rest of them. I sold a couple of these plain unanodized aluminum oddballs over the years but hung on to the rest. Earlier this year when I sent out the 5 rib Longslides for anodizing I decided to throw in these whistles as well and finally get them finished up.

So, there are a total of 9 Olive Drab Green Aluminum Rifle Knurled Whistles available. Eight of these are on Dungeon Finish matte bead chain. There is one more that has the lanyard hole drilled at a funny angle and that one is on a keyring, so it's a true one of a kind setup piece.

The whistles will run $50 each plus shipping and the sign up period will end tonight, Friday 23rd at 8PM Eastern time so get your entry in before then. The winning numbers will be announced shortly after 8PM and at that time I will send emails and purchase links to the winners.

Sign up period is over, thanks so much to  everyone who entered! List will be coming shortly...

List of the Folks Who Have Entered

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sandy and Updates

Hey Folks, people keep emailing me and asking how I'm doing after the storm. I appreciate the concern! The answer is, that we only lost power for two hours.... so we got very lucky and the storm missed us for the most part. No damage here whatsoever. I do feel pretty bad for the folks in the low lying areas of NY and NJ. My best wishes to them and I have made a small contribution to relief efforts. Hope they get things straightened out soon!

On another note, I'm working on some new drawings and designs this week. Also preparing for some batches and lining up materials and cutting schedules. It's going to take a little bit for me to get the next batches of items together but I think you all will really like what is around the corner! :D

Have a great weekend and stay safe.