Monday, August 22, 2016

Stamped P12 Prybabies

Hi Everyone,

Hope your weekend was a good one. We're getting some nice days here right now and you can feel a little bit of fall in the air this morning. It won't be long until we start seeing those flocks of geese heading south.

Not much news on the project front. I hope to do some new beads soon though so maybe I can weave some in among the upcoming steel projects. The main thing I'm thinking about for the next two weeks is going easy and taking some days off. My achy shoulder would appreciate it and there's a family event coming up that will require my attention as well as some other projects unrelated to work.

Today I have the remaining CPM 3v steel P12 Mini Prybabies finished. These are the stamped ones and there is a wide variety here of my usual images. I went back through my boxes of old stamps and pulled out a couple that I had overlooked too. It's always a surprise to me when I find ones that I had previously dismissed and they turn out to be useful shapes after all.

The stamped Mini P12s will run $75 plus shipping, one per customer on them please...purchase link is below. And a big thank you as ALWAYS for stopping by, you guys are the best!

All gone, thank you!


Friday, August 19, 2016

P12 Mini Prybabies

Howdy Folks,

Slightly steamy and humid week here in New England. The light is starting to change a little bit though and it's getting dark earlier. It's just amazing that summer is almost at an end. Soon we'll have cool nights and the leaves will be changing, although due to the ongoing drought stress we already have some maples showing color.

The projects are piling up again. Lots of steel is sitting here waiting to be ground so that's what I'll be doing next week, trying to get another batch of tools off to heat treat. After that I might take a week off since I have barely taken any vacation days this year.

Today I have some of the P12 Prybabies done! These are cute little guys, made of CPM 3v steel. The basic footprint is the same as the P15 Mini Prybabies, but I changed the rear end and gave them an offset pry tip/screwdriver. So they end up being a sort of hybrid of the Mini P15 and the P13/P10 body shape. Very handy small tool and a perfect EDC size. The wrench set is SAE 1/4-1/2.

This sheet of 3v steel had a deep brushed finish on it from the mill. I elected to keep it rather than surface grind it away, thus preserving the maximum thickness of the tool and also creating a really cool contrasting texture on the final finish.

This first wave of P12s will run $70 plus shipping. The second wave is coming in a few days and those will have stamps. These are one per customer as usual. Thanks for coming by today and have a great weekend everyone!

Plain P12s are gone, thanks again everyone! :)


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anodized K3 Keytons

Howdy Folks,

Hello from steamy New England! It's like a jungle out there this week. At least my lawn is liking it...

P12 steel Prybabies will be coming up middle or end of next week!

Today I have the anodized titanium K3 Keytons for you. These have my usual solid colors and color fades on them and there is a very wide variety here. As different from each other and as unique as I can make them. They will run $70 plus shipping and it's one per customer again, link is below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone!

All gone! Thanks again folks! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Plain K3 Keytons!

Hi Everyone,

Heat and high humidity are finally here, which makes us all aware of just how reasonable this summer has been so far. Luckily it's only supposed to last for a few sticky days.

Well, things are certainly rolling right along this month. A couple of projects are delayed for various reasons but they will eventually get done. In the meantime, those steel P12 Prybabies should be back from heat treat very soon. And I have two steel projects to get going on with the grinding, the Mini T-Bones and the 12Points, plus two more after those. Lots of steel coming this fall!

Today I have the titanium K3 Keytons ready to go. These have nearly the same footprint as the old G3 steel Keytons, but I changed the thumb grip area and extended the lower pry tip slightly. The biggest difference is the heavy duty 3/16" thick Krinkle textured titanium compared to the old steel tools which were a mere .155, 5/32" thick. The OAL is just shy of 2.75" and the width is 1". The mini wrench set is 1/4-3/8. A simple tool that offers a lot of versatility and strength in a very small package.

Vanilla lovers rejoice, the first small wave of these have a plain stonewash finish. I'll do some anodized ones in a couple of days once I get the rest of them done.

The K3 Ti Keytons will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. One per customer on this small batch please. Many thanks as always, and may the cool drinks stay flowing this week!

Keytons are gone for today, more coming shortly. Thanks so much!


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Plain Bermuda Minis

How about that...I'm back already! It's quite warm and sunny here today, in the upper 80's. Good day to stay inside for a few hours and do up the last of the titanium Bermuda Minis.

Today I have the plain ones finished. These have a lightly polished finish and no anodizing. I get kidded a lot in my household because my absolute favorite ice cream flavor is pure vanilla with nothing mixed in and I know a lot of people feel the same way about pocket tools. And often I agree. Much as I adore vibrant colors, there is something really nice about plain and simple finishes that let you see the form without a lot of visual distractions.

The plain krinkle ti Bermuda Mini Triangles will run $45 plus shipping and the purchase link is below. It's a tiny batch so one per customer on them please...Btw, the 3v steel ones will be finished in one very large batch and those will be coming in a month or two, once I finally get around to finishing the grinding and get them off to heat treat. On that batch I will open it up for multiples. Thanks once again folks, and stay cool this week!

Plain ones are gone, thanks again everyone. :) 

Monday, August 08, 2016

Bermuda Minis

Hi Everyone,

I do love summertime, even if my favorite baseball team can't seem to get it together this year. At least the Olympics have been fun to watch. Sports make an excellent pastime while I package up tools.

Today I have a few of the krinkle textured titanium Bermuda Mini Triangles done. These are perhaps the smallest tools I have ever made, or close to it anyway. They are roughly the size of a half dollar, except they are three sided instead of round! They feature a simple pry tip/screwdriver, a 1/4 hex opening and a triangular lanyard opening. A 1/4" round center hole is there for additional grip.

I ground them different ways but there are no lefthanded and righthanded ones, they simply differ in the grind directions. These are very cute little tools and can clipped onto a keyring or used as a zipper pull with the included small S clip. They also make a cool pendant tool.

The Bermuda Minis run $45 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. The anodized ones are a small batch, plain ones are still tumbling and will follow in a day or two. These vary widely in color and I'll send whatever I send but they are all gorgeous! One per customer on them please, thank you! Thanks for the visit folks, hope your week is a good one and you're staying cool!

Sold Out for today, thank you so much everyone!


Friday, August 05, 2016

Titanium T-Bones

Hi Folks,

Absolutely lovely weather here this week, best of the summer so far. Hope it continues...

Quick project update: The 3v steel P12 Mini Prybabies should be back from heat treat by the end of next week. Ti K3 Keytons are nearing completion as are ti Mini Triangles.

Today I have a few of these nifty new three way wrench tools. The T-Bone wrenches are made of titanium or steel and this group today is the larger of the two sizes that I have planned. The 12 point wrench sizes on these are 9/16, 1/2 and 7/16 which are three of the most common medium American sizes in use. On the mini version coming soon in steel there will be 7/16, 3/8 and 5/16 wrenches. If there is sufficient interest I will make a metric version after researching the three sizes most people would want to see. 

These little juggernauts are made of titanium and measure a whopping .275 thick so they certainly qualify for a full Roid designation. They are only 3 inches long and 2 inches wide at the widest point. The small size makes them extremely compact and they can be fit into very tight spaces other wrenches could not. Need more leverage? Go ahead and beat on them, they are tough.

The T-Bones have a light mill finish on them which I have elected to leave so that they would retain maximum thickness. I tumbled them for days, so the edges are softened making them very comfortable to hold and use. When not turning nuts and bolts they make a dandy T handle for the keys and an amusing fiddle toy that's hard to put down.

The titanium Roid T-Bones will run $75 plus shipping. The batch is pretty small so one per customer on them please. The link to purchase is right below. Thanks for stopping by this week and hope you're making the most of your summer!

These are gone! Thanks so much everyone!