Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ghouls Coming Back

Will have some more of the CPM 3V Ghouls coming along in a few days, probably after the full sized Son of PryThings. This will be the last batch of the 3v Ghouls and no more will be made when these are gone. For those not familiar, these are the small chisel ground drop point blades with the cord wrapped handle and screwdriver butt end. Neat little personal carry tool blades.

Son of PryThings

Got a few of the Minis available now and a few more in the finishing stages. The full sized ones are also in the final stages and will be up in a day or two.


I'm waiting on inserts for the ti whistles and so will be a few more days until release I think. I may also have my logo laser engraved on these whistles because my stamped logo has always looked like crap on the curved surface and ti is particularly springy and uncooperative under the hand stamp. Depending on cost I may send the entire balance of this batch in all materials out for engraving and that will add yet a few more days. So patience is the idea here for now. ;)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Know What You're Thinking...

"But Peter, what about us lefties?" Well fear not my Southpaw brothers and sisters...I saved the last three titanium Prybabies for you.

What! Not Enough for You?

Two talonite Skeeters....:D

Hey, what about that Eye Candy?

I know it doesn't seem like I'm listening sometimes but I am. Honest! Hehe, here's a few goodies for ya...also, literally about two tons of stuff is coming over the next week or two so stick around. Something tells me it's gonna be a fun few weeks ahead. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Knurl's the Thing

Finally! Got the first 30 diamond knurl whistles turned this morning and got them finished up this afternoon. I spent several hours with the CNC shop yesterday and again today tweaking the darned things. It was time well spent though because we dialed in the knurl nicely in the end. What a tough one though, what with some tooling breaking and endless other little complexities that came up. Thank God I'm not a serious machinist and just play one on television! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm Getting There!

Patience please! :) LOL, I've been in and out of the shop a bunch this last week but I'm getting myself back into a production mindset. I think this week will see a fair amount of activity.

I'm slowly working my way through a huge pile of Son of PryThings and hope to get them done in the next week and get them into heat treat.

The machine shop that I work with is being a pain so the diamond knurl whistles are still in limbo. I was told "tomorrow" every day last week and am frankly disgusted with their service. Hang in there though, supposedly this week I will be seeing some pieces to finish and assemble. We'll the end of the run they will be turning some damascus too...

Other projects that are on deck and are set to start grinding include Mini Keytons, new and improved Mini Prybabies, Bug Out Bars and a few others.

There will be a couple of misc. pieces coming out this week as well if all goes according to plan.