Friday, August 31, 2012

Patterned Ti Wrunts

Hi Folks,

Happy Friday! Hope you all are gearing up for a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend. It's going to be a beautiful weekend here and I'm looking forward to it.

So I'm getting things heating up here a bit and starting to get projects moving forward. My time off slowed things down but I'm getting braced for the upcoming fall season... I've got some ti stuff coming today and over the next week. At the same time I also need to get some grinding time in so that I can finally get some steel stuff in the pipeline. It's all a juggling act each and every day but hopefully it all gets done in the end. :)

Today I have a little wave of ti Wrunts done. These have plain basic grinds, just accents grinds on either side of the main bevel, no extra grinds on any of them. No stamps either...but, they do have patterns and anodizing. They are all different, with many different patterns and all different color combos ranging from simple one color treatments to all sorts of rainbow, fades and multi colored pieces. So, no choice here, I'll send you what I send you, but they are all very nice. A length of bead chain is included with each Wrunt....

The patterned ti Wrunts are a small batch so they will be one per customer please. They run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks and have a terrific weekend everyone!

Patterned Wrunts are Sold Out, thank you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UV Dice

Howdy Folks,

Well, I'm back from my vacation finally. Jenny and I have never really taken a real vacation, ie, one longer than a couple of days, so this was something that was long overdue. We took a 5 day cruise up the coast of Maine on the Lewis R. French, an 1871 antique sailing schooner. Aside from the broom closet sized cabins and cramped bunks it was a fabulous experience and the food was great. The endless numbers of little islands covered in evergreens, classic lighthouses and hard working lobstermen zipping around from buoy to buoy were really cool and made for unbelievable scenery. It's hard to climb out of that mindset and get back to the world of work but I'm slowly coming around. ;)

So anyhow, today I have some more titanium Dice finished. These are drilled and on bead chain. They are anodized a rich UV purple. I'm getting close to the end of the dice and not sure I'll make any more of them or not, we'll see what happens in the next month or two. These are the usual $30 for each single die and the link is below. Thanks for your patience (as always!) and I appreciate folks stopping by.

UV Dice are Sold Out, thank you!


Friday, August 10, 2012

More Flat Wrunts

Happy Friday Folks!

It's rainy and muggy here today, typical summer weather....good day for a sale though. But first a brief update:

I've been doing some grinding this week and making a bit of progress on the S30v steel Roid Keytons. Probably a good estimate on them would be mid September or so but at least they are finally moving forward. Same story and similar timeframe for the remainder of the 3v steel Semi Roid G5 Prybabies.

So today I have more of the flat Wrunts with light raw bar finish done. These have a set of small grinds on the pry end of the tool. And before anyone asks, they are all the same, no variations, no stamps and no other styles of grinds on these. Because I did the grinds after heat treat I ended up having to lightly bead blast them to even out the finishes.

Anyhow, these Wrunts are $50 plus shipping and as usual the link is below. Thanks for stopping by and hope your upcoming weekend is a relaxing one!

Flat Wrunts are Sold out for now, thank you again everyone, always very much appreciated!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Stainless Count Sporkulas

Good Morning Folks and Happy Weekend!

We've been having a warm spell lately so I've been staying close to home and getting a bit of work done. Today I have the first wave of stainless steel Count Sporkulas finished. These are made of 301 half hard stainless steel, the same material used to make better quality kitchen spatulas and other implements. This is a great steel for this application as compared to 304/18-8 (which is what your flatware at home is made of) because it is just as stainless... but because it has been work hardened to some extent it is much more rigid, so you're not going to bend it like you would a cheap spoon. These are .060" thick so are thin but they still have a nice weight to them.

I have testing them quite a bit for all kinds of meals and they perform well for everything from ice cream and yogurt to salads, cole slaw, baked beans, mashed potatoes, even steak. A handy item to keep in your wallet and a terrific conversation starter. :)

So the stainless Count Sporkulas run $45 plus shipping and the link is below. Stay cool this weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!

First wave is gone for now but I have lots more of these coming in the weeks ahead, thank you!