Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well good evening folks! I thought maybe a little evening sales action would be a good idea to start these off. :)

The Atwood Lanslides are large titanium beads turned from 1/2" titanium bar stock and feature a variety of decorative knurls and finishes. Can be used as zipper pulls, lanyards, on bracelets, etc. They come with a simple cord for immediate attachment to a zipper or incorporate into your own fancy lanyard work.

One note, please don't ask me to hold beads for you so you can save on shipping. I'll go nuts if I have to keep track of overly complex orders on these. I have many of these coming and there will be different ones available as time goes on but I simply can't hold orders, thanks for understanding.

The first wave has diamond knurl and plain satin finish. These are $15 each plus shipping.

Sold out but many more coming tomorrow. Thank you!

Boo Again!

And the hauntings continue... :) This last wave of S30v steel Ghosts have a brushed satin finish.

Sold out, thank you very much!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Happy rainy Monday. It's drizzling here today, cold and dank. Good day for working...

I have a bunch of S30v steel Ghosts done. These have my antique satin finish on them. Old timers may recognize this one as I used to do it a lot years ago. It's a semi matte gunmetal looking surface and buttery smooth somewhere in between brushed, bead blasted and tumbled and in fact it takes all those operations to get to this. Instant antiques. Your grandfather would have loved it. :)

Sold Out! Thanks very much folks, I have another round of these to finish up so another big load are on the way soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stonewashed Ghosts

Howdy Folks,

Alrighty then, I have gotten some of the Ghosts done. The rest of the wave will be coming in a few days. These have a smooth stonewashed finish and will be $50 plus shipping.

These are sold out for now but more will be coming in a few days. Thank you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Update

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that I did not get my stonewashed Ghosts back from heat treat today like I expected so it will be early next week before I have another sale. Just as well because I have yard work and spring clean up chores to do this weekend... so enjoy the nice weather and have a great weekend. ;)



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

G2 Superbugs with Raw Bar Finish

Howdy Folks!

I have a couple dozen of these Raw Bar G2 Superbugs available. This tool is a bit larger than last year's version measuring in at over 3/4" wide and 3.5" long. The material is S30v steel and they are a full 5/32 in thickness so they are quite substantial. I have added an Oxygen wrench as the lanyard hole and an Acetylene B tank wrench as the "eye" of the creature. I decided to beef up the cap lifter by making it a round opening and dispensing with the former hex opening which was not as strong. I did a lot of hand finishing work on these.

Since there's only a small number in this batch it will be a one per customer sale. These are $65 plus shipping and the link is below:

Sold Out, thank you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Mini BrewDrivers

Happy Friday Everyone! Nice to see the end of the week. I'm looking forward to Daylight Savings Time kicking in on Sunday which means that Spring is right around the corner.

Well, today I have some more of the titanium Mini BrewDrivers finished, this time with green anodizing.

Sold out for now but more will be coming soon. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

And the Winners Are:

Thanks for the big turnout, it's much appreciated. Here are the 16 randomly picked numbers and I will send emails out right now. Thanks again!

15 emmadog08
43 wicker122
87 andydoc
118 StinkBug
167 BoneDaddy
179 Tladams
181 krazz
184 Gadget GUy
200 york2
216 marvin pence
246 lcd
277 netgear68
294 Sublime43
313 Cascabel
319 spyglass

Another Fixer Sign Up Sale

Good Morning Folks,

OK, I have the rest of the Fixers ready to go! There are 16 of them left and this is the end of the batch. The Sign Up Sale will run until 7PM eastern time tonight, Tuesday March 9th. Thank you so much as always for your interest and support!

Sale is over. I will announce winners shortly. Thanks everyone!

Sign Up Sale Rules

Sunday, March 07, 2010

And the Winners Are:

Thanks for signing up everyone, a fantastic turnout as usual!

The winning numbers are:

5 supertuscan
10 I'm a Fixer Upper
88 thatcoder
93 knifenut
95 ideadoc
115 Bosley
139 oldskoolboarder
167 RNST
170 Craiconn
175 WildThing
197 Scudod
198 dale
201 billydreamer
205 Schwartzop
232 Stelgard
265 slothuf
274 Hybernaut

I will send out emails to the winners right now. Thanks again folks!

Fixer Sign Up Sale

So, at long last I have gotten some Fixers done. I have 18 of them sheathed up and sharpened. These compact S30v neck knives are made of 5/32" stock and feature six SAE wrench sizes in the handle (designed to be used with the knife in the sheath), a 1/4" hex opening whose main purpose on this tool is to aid in sheath retention and a small 1 3/8" cutting edge. The Fixers are $145 each plus shipping and this sign up sale will run until 7 PM eastern time tonight, March 7th at which point the winning numbers will be drawn. As always, thank you all for your interest and support!

Sale is over, winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules

Friday, March 05, 2010

If I look like I've seen a ghost...'s probably because I have! :)

I have a limited number of these Raw Bar Ghosts available. It is not at all common but every once in a while I'm able to preserve some pieces with this outstanding textured finish on them. There aren't a whole lot of them so I need to keep it to one per customer. The price is $55 plus shipping.

Sold Out, thank you!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Last of the WingNuts

OK, I have a couple dozen WingNuts left and then that is the end of the batch. These have a lovely smooth gunmetal looking patina on them, the result of sanding and bead blasting followed by many hours of tumbling.

Sold Out, thank you!

Ghost Drawings

Wanna see where this design came from? I had originally been thinking of making a larger prytool and then trying to use the inside waste cutout to give me a two for one kind of tool shape. But the more I thought about it I decided to not do the big tool but just try the smaller one. Because after all, I am most interested in the smaller tools myself. The Ghosts are 2.5" long.

Anyway, I liked the outcome but then I started playing with variations of it. I ended up deciding to go with the most complicated of the drawings and trying a new edge treatment. I may make the variation drawings too at some can see my doodlings, eraser marks and my brainstorming for names, none of which ended up being used. :)

G2 SuperBug Sneak Peek

Here's a quick mockup of the coming G2 SuperBug design. Changes from Gen1 are the O2 wrench as lanyard hole, round bottle opener area, B tank wrench for his eye and overall length is increased to 3.5 inches. Also, the o-ring grooves have been enlarged and I'm using fatter o-rings.

It will be a few weeks before these tools are done. These are only quick mockups, the tools have not been heat treated so no, I am not selling prototypes. ;)

Next to a mockup of the plain Ghost for size comparison:

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March Update

I have the remaining WingNuts ready and will do a sale later today. These had to have extensive refinishing and so will have a smooth gunmetal gray finish rather than the brighter Stone Aged finish. I am just not able to get that high lustre with my home equipment. However, I really like the antique look that I have been getting through my own efforts.

The Fixers are sitting here with sheaths done but I still need to sharpen them.

The titanium Wroach is a long ways off still since they need to be milled, etc...the whole finishing process.

G2 Superbugs are maybe three weeks away from completion with a very small number coming this week with raw bar finish.

My buddy at the machine shop screwed me up with the remaining Mini BrewDrivers because he decided to knock off and do another project rather than finishing mine but he should be back on them this week. As soon as I get them I will be doing a batch in green and probably some other colors as well. Some plain ones will be available for those who ask for them.

The Flea has been renamed the Ghost and I have a small number of them with raw bar finish at heat treat right now, will possibly have them later this week but I don't want to swear to it since the heat treat guys never let me know when my stuff will run through the ovens and tumblers. The remaining LARGE batch is almost done and ready to start tumbling, heat treat etc so will be a few weeks. I'm going to work on these this morning and try to get them out the door by tomorrow to start the finishing journey.

The Raw Bar finished Ghost:

Titanium Prototype Wroach: