Friday, January 29, 2021

Glow Worms!

Hi Folks,

I'm back again. Super cold here this morning, in the single digits F, and I think it dipped below zero overnight. The moon was so bright on the snow covered landscape last night that you could probably have driven without headlights.

I have a quickie sale for you today. There are only 20 pieces of these S30v steel New Old Stock Larva tools with heavy raw bar texture. They have the classic milled V notch and an epoxy/glow powder inlay as well. These little guys have been kicking around for years in a forgotten dusty box and I finally got around to filling the dots just recently.

Larva tools with glow dot will run $75 each plus shipping and it is a limit of one per customer please. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a nice weekend ahead!

Gone in a flash, thank you!


Thursday, January 28, 2021

TableMan Tool Coasters!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe so far this year. We've been lucky here to have a relatively mild winter so far. Of course since we rarely venture out at the moment, it doesn't matter so much if it snows or not. 

Well by this time the Post Office should have finally gotten caught up with their backlog. I haven't gotten any packages back so I assume most all of them must have reached their destinations by now. That was crazy...but things seem to be moving along normally again, thank goodness.   

I've been working like crazy lately on a variety of projects. This is always a period of planning for the year ahead and I tend to get a lot of ideas for new drawings during the winter months. I'm still thinking through a few intriguing ones and only time will tell if they all end up panning out or not. But I have settled on several interesting new designs. Right now I have a batch of new titanium Mini SuperBugs almost completed. I just got a small batch of Zr MikroStiks cut so those will be coming soon. The 10 year old batch of flat steel G5 Prybaby Wruler tools has aged nicely and is now nearing the bottling stage, hehe. There is a big batch of Zr QuickDraws in the works. And there are several small groups of odds and ends as well, some of which are very special. So there is plenty of fun and interesting stuff ahead to look forward to. 

Today I have something new and different for you! The TableMan Coasters are made of stainless steel with a heavy hammered texture, a work hardening method that makes them super strong and rigid. They both look and feel fantastic. The coasters certainly do have some heft to them, yet are not crazy heavy. These unusual tools have built in cap lifters in typical Atwood style, and a sweet hand buffed satin finish. I used felt or cork dots on the back to keep them from scratching your furniture. This first batch is a test run to see how folks like them, so if there is a big demand (please let me know) then I may make some more...a companion tool in the same material is in the works as well.

TableMan coasters will run $48 plus shipping. Thanks for dropping by and have a great week everyone! 

All gone, thank you so much folks!




Friday, January 08, 2021

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday despite all the limitations and complications this year.

Speaking of complications, I keep hearing from people who have not received their orders. Well, they are still super backed up at the post office. Truckloads of packages have been rerouted all over the country. For example, I sent a Christmas package to my daughter in Boston, just on the other side of my state, back on the 19th which was three weeks ago. She still has not received it. The tracking shows that it finally left Atlanta a few days ago and is now sitting in Springfield, MA. So, obviously the post office is still totally screwed up and is dealing with a crazy amount of backlog.

So I would say, if you still have not gotten your orders yet, please hang in there, they will get to you soon I am sure. In the meantime I just don't see any point in posting new sales until they get this backlog caught up, and I apologize for the ridiculous delays. I will say though, that packages sent out now seem to be moving along almost at normal speeds, so I guess they are now treating the backlog as a lower priority or something. And obviously Amazon has a sweetheart deal with them which takes priority over all else because most Amazon orders are still arriving in a timely manner.

Meanwhile I am working on new projects, catching up on paperwork and am trying to get some stuff done this week. I have a new Mini Superbug design that is well under way. More beads are coming. I have several drawings that I am reviewing for cutting including the next generation Mini LockNut Monster, new ruler tools and other designs. A new item called the TableMan is about to be cut next week. Milling is almost done on the upcoming new Mini Prybabies. So lots of cool new items will be coming shortly.  

Thanks for stopping in today, and please stay safe out there!