Friday, December 05, 2008

Whistle Winners

Oh my word! At 433 entries this was just an amazing turn :0

OK, the 13 lucky winners drawn at random are:

1 puzi
37 Jellosh0ts
39 xraysrc
45 bamabenz
149 cosmicomic
162 gadgetjack
176 chadt
219 simeon03
242 thebsharp
297 macjmillsx
330 The last boy scout
400 enkidu
408 SchexMixx

Congratulations folks. I will send out emails shortly to the winners. Thank you to everyone who signed up, it was really cool and I appreciate it very much. I have some much larger batches of stuff coming up for general release in the next couple of weeks so lots of neat stuff is on the way. And there will be another lottery tomorrow and probably for the next few days in a row as I finish up more knives and tools.


Matt said...


I hope I have some luck tomorrow and the next day!!!!

Oh well I'll just have to purchase a titanium whistle from

YL said...

so close :)

Unknown said...

433 entries are good market research. We want more whistles! ;-) Great going & congrats to winners..

bltkmt said...

+1 on the Dr's comment above...MORE WHISTLES PLEASE!!!

BSears said...

I'll second the sentiments of those wanting more whistles. brass, ti, damascus, hell, bamboo at this point! Ok, well, no bamboo, but seriously, we'd like more whistles, please. :)