Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Sale: Red Longslides

Hi Folks,

Everyone around here is hunkering down today and preparing for the storm. I am pretty confident that we will just get a moderate amount of rain and some wind and I really think the worst of it will be passing well to the east of us. I feel sorry for folks near the shore and mid Atlantic states though and am hoping for the best for them...

Anyway,  I thought while we're all sitting here waiting for the world to end that I might as well do a sale. Today I have the remaining Aluminum 5 Rib Longslides done. I've been saving these for last and they are simply stunning...these are anodized a brilliant red and I have tied them onto a pale moss colored cord. They will run $25 each plus the shipping, order link is below. Thanks for stopping by today and be safe everyone!

Longslides are Sold Out, thank you so much!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Green Titanium Prybabies(R)

Howdy Folks,

Well, it's great weather here, mild 60F temps and sunny this afternoon. So I'm probably nuts to spend the day sitting inside and doing a sale but I have a feeling you will really like what I have coming today. Besides, I want to get these on their way before the End of the World, er, that is, the 2012 Frankenstorm, hits us early next week.

Today I have the first wave of Titanium G5 Prybabies(R) ready to go. These are just gorgeous with a sugary textured stonewashed finish and bright green anodizing. I will be doing numerous waves of these over the next few months and will do more colors, stamps and perhaps patterning on subsequent batches but these today are all just plain green. They run $65 each plus shipping and since it's not a huge batch I will make it one per customer. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!

Sold Out! Thank you VERY much and have a nice weekend folks!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

G5 Semi Roid Prybabies

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's definitely getting cooler here and the leaves are falling. Not much color again this year so a rather poor showing, probably due to the dry summer and odd weather in general...

So today I finally have the rest of the CPM 3v "Semi" Roid G5 Prybabies done. These are the second half of the earlier batch so are the same thickness, 3/16. I did more prep work on these and got them tumbled out nicely so they have a nice stonewashed finish on them. Why some of the earlier ones had a reddish haze on the inside edges after heat treat I am not sure but these do not have that at all for whatever reason.

There are no special grinds, stamps or any other variations of these whatsoever, they are all straight up with standard extra grinds on the pry tip. As usual, the batch is not large so these will be one per customer please.

The Semi Roid G5 Prybabies are ONE PER CUSTOMER PLEASE! They run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for stopping by!

G5 Semi Roids are Sold Out, thank you!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Stamped Roid Keytons

Hi Folks,

It's a dreary drizzly day here so please pardon the crummy picture, the light is lousy and it's certainly not my best image...

But anyway, despite the melancholy weather I managed to get the rest of the S30v Roid Keytons done this morning. These are stamped with my antique diemaker stamps and they are mostly different so I'll send you what I send you, no choice of stamps.

The Stamped Roid Keytons run $75 plus shipping and as usual the link is below. There are even less of these than the plain ones so it's a ONE PER CUSTOMER sale please, no exceptions, thank you!

Roid Keytons are Sold Out, thank you so much!