Thursday, November 13, 2008

DLC Whistle Lottery

So, moving right along. ;) How about this DLC coated, high voltage patterned, one of a kind stainless steel whistle? This piece is quite unique and is one of the very few Atwood whistles with no knurling that have ever been made. There is no name stamp. Pretty neat stuff and it took that patterning rather nicely, shows up better in person than my picture conveys.

Anyway, for those not following sports, the New England Patriots will be playing the NY Jets tonight. The drawing will be at halftime, whenever that is. Hey it's a football game! :D Price on the piece is $70 shipped in US, add $5 for international.

Lottery is over. Pats aren't doing so well but maybe they'll rally.

Winner is #44 cpcc3830. Thanks folks!

Lottery Entrant List

Lottery Rules

Go Pats!


DB said...


Heath said...

Awesome one-off Peter!

Unknown said...

It looks like that Kberg13 may have accidentally entered twice. He has 41 and 42. OOPS!

Exit14a said...

I know it's a touchy subject Peter, but I actually like the Jets tonight. If the Pats can stop the run as well as they did last time they played them, then maybe Pats by 3 in OT. Then again what the hell do I know? It's not like I bet this one...LOL

Unknown said...

Man, that is AWESOME. I've gotta get that one, it has to be the best Atwood Whistle to date.

Nice work Peter.

alan said...

Nice one Peter. The DLC came out pretty sweet. I got to admit i like it better without the knurling.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I know there isn't much time and may not get an answer but how is the tone of the whistle? Is it like an Acme or Fox40? I know you may not know what these sound like but are they loud is what I'm asking.

Atwoodite said...

I will have to focus on my Hokies tonight but I will flip over to the Pats every now and then. Very nice whistle btw!

Unknown said...


Here it was night and I was soundly snoring :(

Someone give me an american time zone :(((

Francesco, ITALY

Snake Man Bone said...

That is a sweet whistle I would put it at the top with the Damascus and the Ti Whistles. Can you even coat a Ti Whistle or would that not look or work very well??

Snake Man Bone said...

This is a side note:
I really like the way Peter's Kydex sheaths have evolved over the past couple years. They are trimmed down, Smoother look, appears to have nicer finish. They are more compact and "tight" Well made. I really like the one's made for the RingThing. Those looked really nice. Small,compact, no extra bulk.
Very cool Very cool.