Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Winners Are...

Alright, here are the eleven winners:

5 Ultona
34 Joey
68 s4biturbo
121 Sgt Pinback
138 elfan888
148 xraysrc
223 NYappleguy
233 Chattsmat
268 Ynot
277 George

I'm sending out emails right now. If you don't hear from me soon and you see your number on the list please email me.

Thanks so much folks! More good stuff coming later this week so stay tuned. :)


Matt said...

Damn, out of luck again. I love the lottery system but I am slowly being emotionally drained from not winning anything. : (

Hooray for all the winners and my wallet still having money in it!!!!

Maybe next time, and keep those lotteries coming Peter!

I just want my hands on one of those DLC MSOPThings dang it!

Anonymous said...

Hey you know what? That's alright. I will find places that can actually keep up with demand enough so that I can actually buy things from them.

You want to sit here and run these stupid damn lotteries all the time just go ahead. There are THOUSANDS of retailers that make handmade items and aren't so full of themselves and tempermental that they can't be bothered to make enough of something to satisfy demand. Their delicate sensibilities aren't damaged by making more than a handful of an item.

I don't give a damn what you or any of your fanboys think about this either.

s4biturbo said...


jodj said...

Congrats to the winners.

Peter, any chance we can see some side-by-side photos of the matte and satin DLC finishes?

s4biturbo said...

and after the day i had wow, thanks peter, your randomizer has great timing, i had some really bad news today and this just made me smile!

thanks again!!!

Peter Atwood said...

Joel, I did not take any side by side pics but they are very close to the same.

Matt said...

Wow that guy with a random name is a whacko. You know what bud I haven't had any luck either but I'm still here trying.

I just hope those who won will either collect or use these puppies like I would and not try to sell them for a profit else where.

Congrats to all of the winners and screw that random guy!

Oh and almost forgot, GO PETER!!!!

Lolanose said...

Peter my man, the water, the duck, the back -- and the rolling. The folks who are here consistently really appreciate what you do and why you do it. This lottery format is fantastic and don't respond to those who don't follow your logic -- if they don't get how you sell, and why you sell, then they don't understand that you're making more than just objects. Stay safe, man.


Unknown said...

@ fixalWAQ3foNceEYkfYSleEoyc_CApyN

yeah, I'm SURE the only reason that Mr.Atwood doesn't make enough to satisfy demand is that he just can't be "bothered", and that he's tempermental and full of himself

Would you really want one of these pieces if they were mass-produced by some factory? Or, how easy do you think it is to make one of these? So easy that ONE PERSON could churn out 283 in a day or two or even a week or month?

You clearly have no clue as to the economics and logistics of this situation, and the fact that you "don't give a damn" what anybody says just illustrates how ignorant you are

Matt said...

Well put lolanose

DB said...

The lottery is fun as always, even if it has nearly brought my Atwood collecting to a halt. ;)

(my wife's not complaining though, believe me). :p

Say Peter, I don't know if anyone has asked this, but will you be doing any large batch general sales of items that are DLC coated, or are the DLC items strictly for the lottery?

Sgt Pinback said...

Woo Hoo! My fave Atwood tool and I won one. Christmas came early this year!

Commiserations to everyone who didn't win, better luck next time.

Peter Atwood said...

Hey DB, relax. ;) I have tons and tons of small stuff that is not knifey in the works. I can't crank out a bazillion knives like fixalmawhoseywatchit above wishes I would but there are large general release batches of tools coming in December and as soon as January hits I'll be a cutting and grinding fool. :D

I'm not planning any big batches of DLC stuff right now but that could very well change. We shall see...

Matt said...

Thanks for the info Peter! So are the DLC MSOPTHING's strictly lottery?


Peter Atwood said...

Yes, there were only a relatively small number of them.

Nandu said...

Was this batch the last of the MSOPThings?

Peter Atwood said...

There are a few more coming, a few at DLC coaters right now.

Anonymous said...

Dear @fixalWAQ3foNceEYkfYSleEoyc_CApyN: we sure wish you didn't feel the way you do. Is there something we can do to make your life more bearable?

Adam said...

I gotta stop working on Mondays, missed out again!

hunrichs said...

oh well.

Peter - thanks for ending the lottery signup at 9pm. I try to check frequently but I've missed a ton of lotteries because I couldn't be at my computer during the day. It was nice to be able to give it a shot this time.