Monday, October 21, 2013

The List!

Man, I never cease to be amazed at the turnout for these sales. Thank you so much everyone!

OK, here is the list....I will send emails out in a few minutes and the winners will have 3 hours, until 4:15 Eastern time, to get back to me. Thanks again folks!

SUSale: G2 Ghosts

Hi Everyone,

Well, I can tell you right now, everyone is in New England is total stoked for the Boston Red Sox! I'm really looking forward to the World Series this year. Go Sox! :)

I've been very slow to get back into the shop after my cold/flu episode and there have been numerous other family health issues not to mention a pile of other unrelated distractions that have been taking up my time. So those batches of SAE Atwrenches and G2 Ghosts are still sitting in the shop with zero progress towards grinding and finishing. Now that the weather is about to turn colder though I plan to get back on it and keep the ball rolling this fall.

In the meantime, I have a little batch of special G2 Ghosts that I have been saving. These are S30v steel and the same thickness as usual. I have given them a subtle Coral Reef pattern finish to spice things up a bit and they look really awesome, especially when the sunlight hits them. They come with a length of distressed bead chain for neck carry.

The patterned G2 Ghosts will run $75 plus shipping and there are a total of 18 of them. The link to sign up for this sale is below where it says "Patterned G2 Ghost Sign Up Link". Click on the link and it will take you to the Sign Up form. The Sign Up period will last for about one hour so will be over at 1PM Eastern time. At that time I will close the sign up and pick the winners at random and will send out emails, winners have 3 hours to get back to me or forfeit their turn. Please read the Sign Up Sale rules at the link below and it is ONE ENTRY PER CUSTOMER PLEASE. Thanks for stopping in everyone!

Sign Up is over, thank you everyone! I will post the list shortly...

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules

Friday, October 18, 2013

The List!

Wow, another great turnout, thank you everyone!

Here's the list of winners, emails will be sent out in a few minutes and winners will have until 10PM tonight to get back to me. (5:25 PM, all have been paid for, thanks again!) Have a terrific weekend folks. ;)

SUSale: Fancy Ti Dreadknots

Hi Folks,

Thanks again for the terrific participation earlier today in the flat Metric Prybaby sale. All six of those tools are spoken for.

Please do remember, if you sign up for one of these sales, please check your email after the end of the sale to see if you are one of the winners. And of course, you must provide me with a valid email or I won't be able to get hold of you to send you the purchase link. ;)

OK, I'm not the best person with software, spreadsheets, etc so it takes me a while to adapt to any kind of changes involving my website, sales, etc. That is why Jenny set me up with the Flash Sale model, so that I could do the sale entirely myself and not have to ask her to help me. But I know that people want to see their entry in the list and see who else signed up for the sale and also see how many others they are up against so they can weigh their odds of winning etc. With that in mind, I'm going to try a hybrid SU/Flash Sale. The main thing here is to make things so I can do them completely by myself and to have a timeframe so that I don't have to wait forever for the winners to get back to me. Anyway, I think I'm ready to tackle it so here goes...

This afternoon I have a baker's dozen (that's 13!) of these fancy titanium Dreadknots. Each one is stamped, patterned and anodized. No two are alike and they are stunning if I do say so myself. All the stamps, patterns and color combinations are different so I'm not going to give a choice on what I send, they are all gorgeous and I guarantee you will love them all. ;)

They are going to run $85 each plus shipping. The Sign Up period will be for 1 hour (ends 3:30 Eastern time) and the response time will be 6 hours. That should give everyone plenty of time to get back to me. I will post the list of people who entered and will post the winner list after the sale is over. Thanks again everyone!

Sign up is over, will post the winner list shortly!

List of Entrants

Sign Up Sale Rules



Flash Sale: Flat Metric Prybaby(R) Prototypes

Hi Folks,

Fall is definitely here. The leaves are coming down in piles and the nice color is already gone. I hate to think about what is coming in a month or two but right now at least it's not too cold and it smells good in the woods.

I haven't done any kind of Flash Sales in a while so I thought it might be nice to do one. Today I have just SIX of these flat raw bar S30v steel Prybabies(R) available. These were samples for a design that I was playing with this past spring. I finally decided against making the design because it simply wasn't as pleasing to me as the G2 Metric Atwrench design. They are still pretty cool though so I figured I'd put them up as a Flash Sale. They have the same metric wrench set as the Metwrenches, odd numbers 5-15mm and they come with a length of bead chain so there are multiple carry options.

The flat Metric Prybaby(R) Protos are $60 each plus shipping and the sign up link is below. If you have not done this before please read the rules in the link below. It is ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PLEASE! The sign up period will be just 30 minutes (ending 10:30 AM Eastern Time) and the response time after the sale is over and I send out emails to the winners will be 3 hours.

Flash Sale is over, thank you for all the entries, over 400! I will send out emails to the winners shortly...

Whew, took me a little bit to figure it all out again, it's been a while...but all emails have been sent so the winners have until 1:45 Eastern Time to get back to me. Thanks again everyone, much appreciated! 

All are spoken for, thanks again folks!

Flash Sale/SUSale Rules 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rainbow Dreadknots

Hi Folks,

Well I'm finally just about over my bad cold/flu that I've had for the past week. It was a tough week and I haven't had such a nasty virus as that for years. Not fun...

Anyhow, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things this week. Today I have another small wave of titanium Dreadknots done. These are anodized in rainbow colors and they will run $60 plus shipping. One per customer as usual since it is such a small batch. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope everyone is staying healthy this fall!

Rainbow Dreadknots are sold out, thank you very much!


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Titanium BitBuckets

Hi Folks,

Happy Fall to everyone! It's gorgeous this week and I'm probably nuts to be inside working today but I hope to make some time later this week and next week for some walks in the woods and a little photography. The leaves smell so good right now and the peak color is almost here.

Today I have some ti BitBuckets done. These are pristine and shiny, no anodizing. I was having a devil of a time keeping my name stamp centered on the bottoms so some of them are a little off centered just so you know...

Like the previous aluminum BitBuckets, these handy accessories have an open top and the #1 and #2 phillips bits are held in place via the S-biner clip. Simple and functional for their one sole purpose which is to act as a compact bit caddy that can be easily attached to a keyring or any other object. For those of you who wanted a pill fob or spy capsule with a water sealable top, that is another project for another day. Hopefully that day is coming, perhaps later this year or this winter. I have a few ideas cooking. ;)

At any rate, the ti BitBuckets are $60 plus shipping and the link is below. The batch is good sized but not huge so it's a one per customer sale. Thanks everyone for stopping in and I hope your week is shaping up to be a good one despite the current events!

Ti Bitbuckets are gone for now, thanks so much everyone!