Monday, October 31, 2016

Ghostly Grips

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing for lots of trick or treaters tonight! We're heading into a week of mild temps here which will be most welcome after the early surprise snow storm last week. Maybe I can get in a little more outdoor photography and finish up some more yard work before the weather starts turning bitter.

I'm slowly picking away at stuff but I've been feeling kind of low energy lately. Hopefully I can get back into a work mindset over the next week or so and really get things cranking again. This is one of the great challenges of working for yourself in that if you don't have someone setting your schedule every week it can be tough to keep yourself on track.

Well, today I have another round of Delrin multi grip beads done, this time in white. These have a more "ghostly" feel to them if you will, so seem like a good choice for Halloween. This is the last round of Delrin beads before I move on to other materials and designs.

The white Delrin Multi Grips will run $25 plus shipping and it's a sizable batch so I will open it up and not limit the quantities. Thank you as always for stopping by, I greatly appreciate it!

All gone for now, thanks so much!



Monday, October 24, 2016

A51 TommyKnockers!

Hi Everyone,

It's turning cool here this week, will be barely hitting 50F for the next few days. The blustery winds this weekend took down most of the colorful leaves so suddenly many trees are looking bare except for the drab brown oaks. And of course what happens next for me is a lot of leaf blowing and raking. They sure smell good though.

Well, there wasn't too much progress this weekend on tool projects. But I did manage to get the first wave of TommyKnockers done...

They Came From Area 51! 

This is a fun series that I started years ago with the various Ghosts, Poltergeists and E115 tools. I decided to bring those designs together in a new tool but use the thicker krinkle titanium stock to give them more of a substantial hand feel. The wrench set is the standard SAE 1/4-1/2". The cap lifter is also a 5/16 wrench.

So they have a slightly larger presence in the hand than the older tools in the series yet a bit less weight. And of course the angled back end provides a nice excuse for A51 style grinds.

Speaking of grinds, the A51 grind combinations on these tools varies widely. I can't honestly say they are all different, but there are many variations, so folks looking for unusual tools will not be disappointed.

This first group is finished without anodizing and they will make terrific users. A smaller wave of fancy anodized ones will be coming up in a week or two.

The A51 TommyKnockers will run $75 plus shipping, the link is below and it's one per customer please. Thanks for coming by today and hope your week is shaping up to be a great one.

Sold out for now, thanks again folks!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Steel Mini Prybabies

Hi All,

Well the Sale Train keeps a rolling today...I was already out and about this morning taking pictures of the foliage and running errands to the post office and Home Depot. So now I might as well take a break and do another little sale.

I have a couple dozen CPM 154 steel SAE Mini P15 Prybabies I had forgotten about that were left over from last year. These have a light raw bar texture on the front side and surface ground plain finish on the back side. There are a couple of lefties in the group too as well as one or two with surface ground finish on both sides.

The Mini Prybabies will run $65 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below, one per customer on them please. Thanks so much for coming by today and have a great week.

Steel Minis are sold out, thank you again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fancy Ti Keytons

Hey again Folks!

Well, I just got back from the post office and beads are on the way! Thanks so much everyone.

Anyhow, I still have time and some energy I figured why not have another little sale?

There are just a couple dozen of these fancy titanium Keytons available. They feature a two tone contrast anodizing with a variety of grind styles and color combinations. Really gorgeous tools!

The contrast anodized ti Keytons will run $75 plus shipping and it's one per customer on them please. Thanks again for stopping by and hope your day is a super one!

Sold Out! Thanks again folks!

Black Delrin Multi Grips

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from warm and balmy New England! It's quite colorful here right now, probably peak fall color this week, and kind of spookily warm. Supposed to be 80 F or more today which is just crazy for this time of year!

With the worst of my cold behind me now I am raring to get back to work this week. So I'm trying to organize myself and get some things done... The ti TommyKnockers should be completed towards the end of the week, just a few more left to grind. Steel Gremlins will be back from heat treat maybe by the end of next week, and there are lots of beads to be finished in the meantime.

Today I have a good sized batch of black Delrin Multi Grip beads finished. Delrin won't take a knurl of course so these are plain finished with smooth lands. They make a terrific light weight addition to your lanyards and bag pulls. They won't lose their color and they won't scratch delicate items which is why I really like them on my pocket cameras especially. And they look stealthy cool on black cord with the black o-ring.

Black Delrin Multi Grips will run $25 plus shipping and the purchase link is below. I'll put a limit of 3 on them but if anyone needs extras please just drop me a line and I'm happy to hook you up while they last. Hope your week turns out to be as pleasant as ours is going to be and thanks for stopping by today.

Black ones are gone, thank you everyone!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Mini T-Bones

Howdy Folks!

Fall is in full swing finally. After a very slow start we are getting a lot of leaves changing now. The colors are somewhat subdued this year in many places though, due to the ongoing drought. You can really see it driving around too, the ponds and lakes are very low compared to what they usually are. Tough year for the whole region.

Well, I've been scrambling to get some things done and have made great progress over this past week. The steel Gremlins went out to heat treat a couple of days ago. The 12 Point tools have been surface ground and now need grinding so are well underway. I am almost done grinding the krinkle ti TommyKnockers and will have those completed in a couple of days. And many strings have recently been tied for a couple of long overdue bead projects. Lots of goodies on the way! Now if I could just shake this nagging cold which has come on at exactly the wrong time and left me with low energy this week, grrr...

Well, today I have the batch of steel Mini T-Bones done. These are made of 154CM steel with a pleasing sandy textured raw bar finish. They measure in at just shy of 5/32 thick and feature 12 point wrench sizes 7/16, 3/8 and 5/16. More compact than the earlier titanium version, they ride easily on a keychain and are a great little wrench set, key ring T handle and fiddle toy.

The Mini T-Bones will run $50 each plus shipping and there are enough to let folks have multiples if they wish. The link is below. And of course, thanks again for stopping by, as always!

All gone for today, thank you once again everyone!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

More Zr Multi Grips: Straight Knurl

Hi Everyone,

It's a bit cloudy to start the week here, but we still have very mild temperatures. Some of the leaves  are finally starting to turn after a very slow start to autumn. I was out doing errands this morning and I saw a few pockets of color in my travels. Things are a week or two late this year though, probably because of the warmer weather and drought conditions. I'm definitely taking a day or two later this week and next week to do some leaf peeping out in the hill towns because the color won't be here for very long.

Well, I'm making slow progress on the tool projects but things are certainly moving. I will have Mini T-Bones done in a day or two.

Today I have a tiny batch of Zirconium Multi Grip beads ready, this time with a straight knurl. Because it's a smaller batch I will limit the quantity to two per customer on these...brass beads with straight knurl will be coming soon as well as a 316 stainless steel version with rifle knurl.

Zr Multi Grips with straight knurl will run $50 each plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. As always, have a GREAT week folks and thank you for stopping by!

Gone for now, thank you everyone!