Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stonewashed Titanium G2 Keytons

Happy Tuesday Evening Folks,

It's been a very busy couple of days for me juggling projects around and finishing stuff up. I have lots and lots of things on the way so bear with me and I will have it all ready very soon. More ti G2 Keytons, ti Wedgies, more stainless steel Bigshots, ti Pests and some other goodies as well. It's going to be one heck of a busy winter and spring. Someday there will even be G2 Keyton Roids and more G5 Prybaby Roids but it won't be for a while yet, at the earliest late winter.

Today I have finished up the next installment of titanium G2 Keytons. I had quite a few people emailing after releasing the green ones asking for plain stonewashed...so I decided to do some plain ones today. I still have plenty more ti Keytons coming as well so maybe we'll go for blue or UV after these.

The plain stonewashed titanium G2 Keytons run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. International orders for more than one will automatically ship via Express mail, otherwise everything is the usual Priority Mail. Thanks for your patience!

Plain ones are sold out, thank you so much!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Titanium Keytons!

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's fairly mild here and all in all it's been a pretty mild winter so far. Let's hope it stays that way.

Today I have the first wave of titanium Keytons done. These are very similar to the earlier batch that I did in steel but I made a few small changes. The most obvious is the addition of the 1/4" hex opening. There was plenty of room to play with so I decided to add that feature in. Also, I changed the thumb grip scallops along the top from the hex shape to my older rounded shape because I felt it lent a certain harmony to the design. It's always fun to change things up a little bit and give each design it's own theme.

Anyway, these are 5/32" thick titanium with a stonewashed finish and I have anodized these first ones green. There are a lot more of the titanium ones in process right now and I will be having multiple sales in the next few days as I get them completed. These run $65 plus shipping. Thanks for checking in on this fine Sunday!

Wow, green ones are gone! That was quick...luckily I have many many of these coming in other colors in the next couple of days so no worries and thank you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainbow Longslides

Happy Monday Evening Folks! I thought maybe a little sale might be fun...

I have just a few of these rainbow anodized titanium Longslides. Now, to be fair, these are small so some of them kind of missed the blue range and are more "Tequila Sunrise" than "Rainbow" but they still have a nice fade. These run $25 each plus the shipping. Thanks for stopping in!

Sold out, thank you!

Like the one on the far right:

Blue Lanslides

Hey Everyone,

Today I have some more of the full sized 3 rib Lanslides ready. These are anodized a rich blue color and have a nice satin finish, actually slightly shinier than the one pictured below. Anyway, they are $15 each plus shipping and the link is below:

Blue ones are gone, some plain satin ones on the way soon though and also bronze. Thank you!

International Shipping Rates

Hi Folks,

Well I have some unwelcome news for my international customers...the US Postal Service has raised their Priority and Express Mail rates quite a bit recently. It now will cost $17 for Priority International and $35 for Express Mail. I'm sorry but these costs are out of my control and will be the new rates going forward. Thank you for your business and I hope that this will not deter anyone from purchasing but I understand it is getting expensive, especially on low ticket items. I'll have to look into the restrictions but maybe I can offer first class or something like that as an alternative to Priority International.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Business Cards

Hi Folks,

Some of you may remember the Atwood Business Cards that I made a few years ago. These were designed to be credit card sized tools for the wallet and they had all the common wrench sizes on them including SAE and both the odd and even number metric scales. So pretty much all the wrench sizes from 1/4-9/16 and 5-16mm. Plus 1/4 and 5/16 driver openings and a bottle opener. They are made of hardened 420 stainless steel.

In addition, the cards had laser engraved rulers across the top on both sides. Well, the laser engravers were a bunch of idiots who couldn't follow simple instructions and they totally screwed up the rulers. So I sold a few that were reasonably accurate and the rest of them went into a box and I pretty much forgot about them. But I just couldn't bear to throw the rest of them away...

So, anyway, recently I was going through my junk pile and I spied the box of old card tools. I decided I could save some of them if I got them surface ground to remove the bad rulers. Some of them ended up getting ground down so far that they either lost the name stamp or partially removed it but others are in remarkably nice shape. The surface ground finish was quite nice so instead of my usual tumble or bead blast I thought I would spend a bit more time on them and do a hand brushed finish with scotchbrite wheel on a die grinder. These ended up being a bunch of work and I don't have too many but they do look very nice.

The Business Cards will run $60 each plus shipping and due to the small number will be a one per customer sale. Thanks for stopping by this morning and one more thing...GO PATS! :D

Business Cards are sold out for now. Thank you and have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi Folks,

Well it's shaping up to be a great 2012 with many projects underway already. I'll be cutting more G5 Roid Prybabies soon for a late winter/early spring timeframe. The G2 Roid Keytons will be coming along in a month or so once I get off my lazy butt and resume working on them again. G2 titanium Keytons are being cut this week so those will be coming in a few weeks as well. And some of my older customers might remember a slender and hefty pry bar tool called the Wedgie...the Wedgies will be returning very soon but this time in super thick titanium. There may be a few other suprises in store too that I am not yet ready to reveal. ;)

The big news right now though is the return of that bodacious drinking tool, the BigShot. I revisited the design and gave it a facelift so that it now shares the same DNA as my Tippler shot cups. The new BigShots are the same size as the older BigShots with a 3 fluid ounce capacity but they now closely resemble the Tipplers in outward appearance. These gorgeous cups are made of passivated 303 stainless steel and they weigh in at a whopping 7.3 ounces, so nearly 1/2 lb each! They are truly awesome vessels.

The way the production cycle for the BigShots is going to work, I will be able to get about a week of machine time per month for much of the year. So approximately every month or so I'll be able to get a batch of these going. In this way I should be able to have multiple sales throughout the year for BigShots and so will be able to keep them coming. In addition, I'll also be making some in aluminum with hardcoat anodizing and perhaps some design variations may come along in time as well, we'll see how it goes. No titanium ones will be made.

So, today I have the first wave of stainless steel BigShots ready. Material costs have increased since the earlier batches two years ago so these are going to be $75 each plus shipping. Due to weight and value, international shipping will be via Express Mail only. This first wave is not huge and since many many more are coming very soon I'm going to limit these to two pieces per customer for now. As always, thank you for stopping by, I always appreciate it.

First wave is gone, thank you so much! Next ones will be up probably end of next week or early the following week.

Next to the Tippler!