Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Stamped Titanium Ringbabies

Hey Everyone,

Well the summer is already flying along, can't believe it's the middle of July already. After a long dry spell this spring we've had a ton of rain here lately and even more is on the way apparently. I just wish we could send some of this excess moisture back out west where they so desperately need it. My garden is certainly loving it though, as are the mosquitoes...

Projects have been moving along. I'm slowly making my way through the steel Mini Prybabies and will be trying to get them out for hardening in a couple of weeks after the summer shut down of heat treat. The Zr R25 tools are well underway and they should be all prepped out and ready for milling by next week. Same with the second small run of Zr QuickDraws. I just completed two drawings and will be cutting a new Mini Wedgie design this fall, along with another brand new tool. And the cute little Baby Sharks are nearly finished...just need to do the sharpening and figure out sheaths. Oh, did I say...sharpening and sheaths? Hehe.... ;)

So today I have the second wave of titanium Ringbabies done. These came out great, with lots of different stamps, both old and new, and some awesome contrast anodizing effects. For ano lovers there are some terrific bright colors here, and also some unusual combos such as neutral C-51 with purple, some interesting copper and salmon tones and even a couple with super high voltage Honeydew Melon/ Blush type effects. I do have a half dozen lefties if anyone wants to email me for them, and there are also a half dozen stamped ones without anodizing for those who are allergic to colors. :)

Titanium Ringbabies will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by today. I hope you're making the most of this wonderful window of summer and being careful to stay healthy and safe! 

All gone, thank you so much!



Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Zirconium Mini Superbugs

Hi Everyone,

Happy Summer! Man, it has arrived with a vengeance too...stepping outside to water my garden this morning was like walking into a sauna. We keep going from very hot spells to very cool temps so it's going to be a long hot crazy summer ahead I think.

I've been quite busy working on projects these past couple of weeks. I just finished stamping and anodizing ti Ringbabies and those will be coming up next. I finally got a small batch of white delrin beads done. A big load of the upcoming BabyShark tools just went out to heat treat yesterday and I began the grinding on steel Mini Prybabies finally as well. I also did some preparation on the Zr R25 rulers and some more Zr QuickDraws but those will be awhile lots of goodies are already on the menu for this summer.  

Today I have Zirconium Mini Superbugs done. These are all stamped and then torch colored in the traditional blackened style finish. A great little minimalist tool that makes it easy to carry a standard 1/4 bit anywhere at all times.

Zirconium Mini Superbugs will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by this week and hope you're staying cool and have a great holiday weekend planned ahead!

All gone, thanks so much everyone! 

Small sampling of stamps:


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bronze Medallions

Hi Everyone,

Happy summer! I know it isn't quite summer yet, but man it has been a scorching week here. We've had some crazy back and forth temperatures ranging from freezing cold, and then directly to burning hot weather this spring. My tomatoes did not appreciate it, that is for sure, although my gardens recovered nicely. Supposedly we're now due for some moderate days in the 70's and that sure would be nice to see. 

Sorry for my long radio silence these past couple of weeks. I've been working steadily on projects but for one reason or another haven't gotten any to the finish line....the good news is that I have gotten a ton of stuff done so lots of tools are now on the verge of completion. Zr Mini Superbugs are almost ready, just waiting on the o-rings so I can start packing them up. I am almost done stamping ti Ringbabies and then then they can get anodized and finished up. Titanium Medallion coins are now ready to stamp and then they can get anodized. Steel Mini Prybabies are still on the bench but are next up for grinding, as are the remaining steel BabySharks. Will be lots to send out to heat treat in a week or two...Steel Wheelman tools are in limbo since I discovered the other half of the batch, so might wait to send those to heat treat until later in the summer. And there are several other things in progress too, as always.

Today I have the Bronze Medallion coins done. I collected coins as a kid, so between all my youthful coin collecting and my adult appreciation of ancient artifacts, I wanted to create something fun that was a hybrid of those interests. I had a sheet of bronze lying around so I decided to turn it into lucky pocket pieces...About the size of a silver dollar, these remind me a little of the old Chinese coins with the square holes in the center crossed with some of the gold pieces and large pennies of the 1800's. Maybe with a dash of Space Pirates thrown in for good measure. Yeah, I went there, Space Pirates and their Pieces of Six! :)

I had a lot of fun stamping these guys up with my ever expanding collection of metal stamps. I have some very cool new ones although they vary in the materials that they can be used on. Some are best in the softer metals so these bronze coins were a perfect palette. I'm really digging the new Bigfoots, flying saucers, little elephant, mushroom, nautical star and literally dozens of others. There are also a few bawdy and irreverent images such as the middle finger and even boobs for a "lucky night" theme coin, haha...I was cracking myself up more than once in recent days and no two Medallions are quite alike in the stamping combinations.

These bronze coins have a heavy distressed and antique finish on them. I gave them multiple chemical baths and tumblings to achieve a range of deep patinas and it gives many of them a look of something that was dug up last week after centuries of lying in the ground. They are all dated 2021 though so I guess that gives their true age away.

Bronze Medallions will run $55 each plus shipping and the link is below, no limit on them. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope everyone is doing great this spring and that life is beginning to return to normal!

*********Sold out, thanks so much folks!

A few examples, back sides:
Front sides:
And no, antique coins are not included, hehe...


Monday, May 17, 2021


Hi Everyone,

Well spring sure did take it's sweet time getting here this year, but we are finally getting some perfect days here in New England. We're still a little bit dry so would be nice to have some rain, but at least we are finally getting some warmer days and some sun. My garden is certainly enjoying it and I already have pepper and tomato starts in the ground, lettuce is getting picked for salads and melons and cucumbers are poking their little leaves above ground.

All that outdoor activity needed to get done these past two weeks, but I have been working my brains out in the shop as well. I'm grateful for your patience lately and I promise you, your patience is about to be richly rewarded as we get into the warmer months and I retreat to my cool basement shop for finishing work this summer. :)

Updates: Steel Mini Prybabies are on deck for grinding and then they can get stamped and sent to heat treat. Zr Mini Superbugs are next in line for torch coloring, and those will be coming along very shortly. I'm part of the way through stamping the next Titanium Ringbabies. I started work on the bronze Medallion coins and they are coming out super cool, more on those very soon...I just got done with milling a new steel item, called the BabyShark, and those are going to be sent to heat treat soon.

This has been an epic period for metal stamps. I recently expanded my library of stamp images and have gotten some incredible new ones, including some exclusive customs that I have had made just for us. I can't wait to share these with you...

Well today I have a cool little fiddle tool for you. The Titanium GasZilla is a nifty little reversible gas wrench with O2 on one end and acetylene B tank on the other. It features two 5/16 wrench openers and center 7/16 wrench. I have played around with designs like this before and I keep coming back to it, so I decided to make a small run. These are just a lot of fun and you won't be able to put it down...they are stamped with a wide variety of images, and are mostly stamped on both sides. I gave them some crazy contrast anodizing but there are also a handful of plain ones in case anyone wants to email me and ask for them.

Titanium GasZilla tools will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping in and I hope you're staying safe and healthy this spring!

All gone thank you everyone!

I need to clean my camera sensor, just ignore the little spot! :)


Monday, April 26, 2021

Plain Titanium Ringbabies

Hi Everyone,

Well it's a bright and sunny spring day out there today. It's a bit cool, but much warmer days will be here very soon and that will give us all something new to complain about, hehe...everybody loves pleasant temps in the 70's, including pesky biting black flies who are waking up already.

I've been quite busy over the past two weeks. I put in some marathon grinding, stamping and finishing sessions so several projects are now much closer to the final finish line. I could easily have spent another week trying to wrap some of them up, but I think I ought to take a little break for now. 

Among the projects at hand are Zirconium Superbugs which are ready for heat coloring and final finish. Also, there is a small batch of new GasZilla tools in some leftover titanium I had kicking around. These are a neat little fidget/opener and they just need some anodizing to get them done. I also spent a lot of time on a nifty new steel item which is about to get milled next week. Zirconium R25 tools have just been cut, as well as another small batch of Zr QuickDraws so those will be coming in the summer. 

I realized last week that I had mentioned NOS bike tools awhile back. Those are steel Wheelman tools, not the big captive bit tools from years ago which are all long gone...anyway, as for the steel Wheelman tools, I just found a second box of them so now am undecided whether to finish the first group which is already well along or hold off and try to send them all to heat treat at once. We shall see... 

Today I have some Titanium Ringbabies done. They are very similar to the steel ones I made a couple of years ago, but I made a few tweaks. These are a bit longer, and are without a V notch so they have a broader flat pry tip without interruption. A cool little pry tool, sort of reminds me of a derringer... I decided to leave these with plain hand rubbed stonewashed finish and without stamps or accent grinds for the folks who prefer minimalist tools without embellishments. The other half of this batch is on the bench now awaiting stamping and anodizing so will be coming soon...also, there are a couple of lefties among these today if anyone wants to email me. 

Plain Titanium Ringbabies will run $60 each plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thank you as always for stopping by today, and I hope everyone is now either in line for their shots or already getting them. I had my first one two weeks ago and am very grateful and relieved!

All gone for today, thank you so much!



Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Zirconium QuickDraws!

Hi Everyone,

It's shaping up to be a glorious spring day here in the Northeast. Sunny skies and supposed to get into the low 60's this afternoon. There are some small tufts of green grass appearing in the lawn and the birds are tweeting up in the trees. It's going to be a nice week here finally.

Not too much to report on projects, but they are ongoing. I need to spend a few days in the shop and see what I can get done later this week...

Today I have Zirconium QuickDraws finished. These came out beautiful! The engraving is very deep and crisp, and they are a deep black in color with low luster sheen. I noticed that the plastic baggies were making some dull spots on a few of them after they sat for a few days, but just give them a quick rub with WD-40 or light oil of any kind that you have lying around and they will immediately go back to a deep satin black.

The Zr QuickDraws have a wide variety of stamps on them, and there are a couple of plain ones with no stamps for anyone who wants to email me. They will run $70 plus shipping and I will make it a limit of two please this time...will be cutting more in a month or two for a second round. Thanks for stopping in today and I hope your spring is shaping up as well!

These are gone for now, thank you so much everyone!



Thursday, April 01, 2021

Titanium Mini Superbugs

Hi Everyone, and Happy Spring!

Well it's a gray and cool April Fool's Day here in New England. But warmer days are clearly on the way for real. This has always been my favorite season of the year. I just love it when the little plants start coming up, the grass begins to green and the sun starts getting stronger.    

Well I've been all kinds of busy this week. I managed to get a lot more prep work done on a variety of projects...Lucky Bronze Medallions are cooking along and they are almost done with milling. These large coin tools will be a lot of fun and something different...I am almost through the Zr QuickDraws and will have them coming up next. Zr Mini Superbugs are almost ready for decorating and a final finish. Titanium Ringbabies are prepped out and ready for milling. Steel Bike tools are prepped and ready to grind. A second long forgotten project will be saved too, details coming soon on the Ruff Kutz Series. And two new projects are slated to be cut next week in Ti and Zr, so there is just a ton of interesting new stuff in the pipeline this year. 

Today I have the Titanium Mini Superbug batch finished. These little guys are adorable. The design is very similar to the original BedBug design from years ago, with an ergonomic pill shaped body that is easy to carry and grip. I incorporated my new style captive bit holder in the bit slot so they are safe and secure but easy to deploy, all while keeping the package as light and compact as possible. The shortened form factor allowed me to add in a cap lifter so the final piece is only slightly bigger than the originals.

The Mini Superbugs are anodized in a wide range of bright contrasting colors and effects. Same with the stamps, a wide variety of  images, mostly single stamps. There are no particular lefty/righty ones here as the tools are symmetrical and I have stamped them in a variety of ways.

Titanium Mini Superbugs will run $65 plus shipping and there is no limit on them. Thanks for dropping by today and hope your weekend ahead is excellent!

Sold out, thank you everyone!