Friday, May 10, 2024

Last of the A51 Timascus Poltergeists!

Happy Friday Everyone,

It's a bit cloudy here today, but all in all it has been a lovely couple of weeks. We seem to finally be past the freezing nights and I have cautiously been planting out my peppers, as well as some squash and cucumber plants, although I do cover them at night. The tomatoes that I started from seed are almost big enough to put outside and will be going into the ground next week.

Projects have been limping along. This is one of those periods where things are endlessly delayed and many family and home responsibilities keep distracting me. Our roof will be getting replaced in a week or two and most of the routine seasonal home maintenance stuff is falling on my shoulders this year. I have cut down numerous small trees and cleared a ton of brush this spring too. On the shop front, my long time waterjet guy retired, so I've been scrambling to figure out how to get new parts cut. I continue to work on stuff in the shop though and I am almost done with the first batch of the little Timascus Larva tools which will be coming next week. I also have some more ti TightWads underway and some misc smaller batch items. 

Today I have the last tranche of Timascus Mini Poltergeists for you. These have wild Area 51 style grinds and gorgeous finishes. They are torch colored like the previous ones, but I do have two with  electrical anodized rainbow finishes if anyone wants to email me for them. And there is one lefty remaining. Don't be afraid to carry and use these little guys as the finish is very durable. I opened numerous paint cans last week with mine and there is not a mark on it.

Timascus Mini Poltergeists will run $99 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in today and I hope you have a glorious spring weekend ahead!

Sold Out, thank you so much!

RIP Steve Albini. World class jerk, but the recorded some of the best albums of my generation.

Friday, April 26, 2024

More Timascus Poltergeists!

Howdy Folks, and Happy Friday!

We're slowly getting some spring time weather here in the northeast but my birdbath still froze overnight. I think maybe tonight might be the last of the below freezing temperatures that we will see until fall, but I will be covering any plants that I dare to put out in the meantime. We finally had some lovely sunny days in the past week, and I've been catching up on my garden preparation and neglected yard work, as well as some painting and staining.

Today I have some more of the Timascus Mini Poltergeists done. These have a variety of A51 style grinds and are all torch colored. There are still a couple dozen more that need grinding and finishing, but I will keep chipping away at them. Timascus Mini Larva tools be coming shortly as well, and I am contemplating a run of Timascus beads this summer, so stay tuned.

Timascus Poltergeists will run $99 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in, and I hope you have a lovely spring weekend ahead!

Gone in a jiffy, thank you so much!


Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Patterned G2 Keytons

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Man, winter just will not quit. We're getting a last gasp of cold rainy weather here today with a couple of inches of heavy wet snow and gloomy skies coming tomorrow morning. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo that the calendar changed weeks ago, but at least they are predicting temps in the 60's next week. I just read that we have had only 17 days with sunny skies since January first, so it isn't my imagination that the gray skies have been nonstop.

Not too much to report on the projects but I am slowly working on them. Will have more tools coming up very soon.

Today I have a real blast from the past for you. These are a small stash of Original Titanium G2 Keytons with anodizing and patterning! I made these many years ago and they were hiding in a box all this time. I have only 12 of them, so it is a TINY batch and no more will be made. All are different with various patterns and coloring. No lefties I'm afraid.

Patterned Titanium G2 Keytons will run $95 plus shipping and the link is below. Thank you as always for your endless patience, and for stopping by today.

Gone in a flash, thank you so much!


Friday, March 29, 2024

Timascus Mini Poltergeists

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! It's a bit raw and gloomy here this morning. The sun is supposed to make an appearance later this morning, and it should be a cool but lovely early spring weekend ahead. 

I've been chugging along and slowly working on various projects. Not too much to report, but I did make some headway on a new technique which will allow me to stamp thinner items much more easily, so that is very good. You can expect the next waves of TightWads and perhaps some new Count Sporkulas to have stamps. I also need to get going on grinding some steel now that it is not quite so freezing cold in the shop.

Today I have a tiny batch of fancy torch colored Timascus Mini Poltergeists for you! These are just the first dozen pieces, and the bulk of the batch will be coming in a couple of weeks. They are all right handed ones today, but I will have some more lefties coming up in the regular batch sale as well.

Timascus Mini Poltergeists will run $99 plus shipping and the link is below. Have a great weekend and I hope warmer weather is on the way for you as well.

Gone in a flash! Thank you so much. :) 



Friday, March 22, 2024

Titanium TightWads

Happy Spring Everyone! It really is nice to be able to say that, and I am looking forward to some warmer days ahead. Of course, Winter has a few ideas about that and is sending us another week of cooler weather, and maybe another inch or two of snow, just to remind us of our follies...

I continue to plug away at the projects in the shop. Currently I'm going through a bunch of these TightWads from several years ago. They are slow going as the broad flat shape does not interact well with tumblers, so I can only do a few a time and have to constantly babysit them or they all bunch up in a clump and rub together making marks which then have to be further tumbled away to even everything out. Tedious, hehe!

These updated TightWads feature various hex openings, O2 wrench, cap lifter and enhanced side grips. They are made of .060 titanium, so thin enough to be very lightweight, but plenty thick enough to be totally rigid and strong. Cash on one side, cards and ID on the other, or however you want to organize for a light minimalist wallet carry. These have a plain tumbled finish which I believe will wear the best in a hostile environment such as a pants stamps because they are too thin to stamp effectively. Getting color anodizing to come out evenly is difficult with something this large, plus anodized colors will not wear well in a pocket and they fingerprint with oils and grime too easily.

I will send these with an extra band as well. These take a standard Youth Size wrist band, so you can use any commercial Youth Size band that is available or have personalized ones made very easily. And yes, I do have some lefties! ;)

Plain Titanium TightWads will run $75 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for popping in and have a great weekend ahead!

All gone for now, thank you so much! I will have yet another version of these coming up at some point soon.


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Hexy TightWads

Hi Everyone, and Happy Tuesday!

It's a cool and crisp one here today and supposed to only be in the 40's. Looks like maybe an inch of snow later this week, so winter isn't done with us just yet, but it's getting darned close.

Going through some half forgotten older projects the other day I came across these early TightWads. These were made of hexagonal textured stainless steel, very similar material as the Tableman coasters I made a while back. So they are a bit heavy, but very cool nonetheless. I only have 10 of them and no more will be made of this particular material, but I do have a couple of other oddball titanium ones from this era if anyone cares to email me... And there are two more batches of unfinished TightWads in brand new designs that I have been putting off finishing for a long time.

Hexy TightWads will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by and have a great day!

Sold out, thank you!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Carbon Fiber RubRats

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the long radio silence! 

I've been perpetually stuck between projects and then had to catch up with taxes, paperwork and early spring household chores. I still don't have any major projects ready to go, but I did manage to make some very good progress on two of them. Timascus Mini Poltergeists and tiny Timascus Larva tools are finally all prepped out and just need milling before the grinding and final finishing steps. They still have a lot of work left but the most miserable hand sanding prep work has been completed which took a solid couple of weeks...I also have several small misc batches of older odds and ends which I am getting together right now.

Today I have a few dozen Carbon Fiber RubRats for you. These little guys are handy for quieting your jangling keys down and for preventing brassing from the rubbing of keys against fancy tools or other valuable items.

RubRats will run $20 plus shipping the link is below. Thanks for dropping in and hope spring is coming early for you all as well!

All gone, thank you everyone!