Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Steel Mini Wedgies!

Hi Folks,

Dark and gloomy here today with a light rain falling. We probably have another day or two of this and then the sun will return.

Today I have another tiny batch for you, the remaining 17-4ph stainless steel Mini Wedgies from a couple of years ago. These have a wide variety of stamps as usual, and there are some really cool ones here. 

Mini Wedgies will run $85 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for checking in, always appreciate you guys, and have a great week ahead!

All gone, thank you everyone! 



Monday, July 22, 2024

Titanium Count Forkulas

Happy Monday! It's another steamy one here as the warmer weather and humidity are still hanging on. I will tackle the lawn a little later as this is the last chance to mow it before the several days of rain that are coming our way.

Still no word on the steel MiniBar tools that are at heat treat, but I expect them to be back either later this week or next week. No other news to report at the moment, but I will be getting my bearings as the week goes on for the next projects.

Today I have a small batch of titanium Count Forkulas for you. This is the version with the cap lifter, and they have a buttery stonewashed finish. A perfect little backup tool for your wallet, these are a handy lunchtime item and they certainly beat the heck out of crappy plastic forks.

Count Forkulas will run $50 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by and I hope your week is a great one!

Sold out, thank you so much!


Friday, July 19, 2024

Timascus Hangman v1.5!

Happy Friday my friends!

Finally, we are getting some relief from the high humidity and heat. What a brutal couple of weeks, and maybe the hottest July that I can remember. Looks like it will be a bit more tolerable over this next week, but I'm sure most of the country continues to bake.

I started working on titanium Atwrenches this week and they are about to get milled. So hopefully I will have those coming in a couple of weeks. The steel Stubby MiniBars are at heat treat and I'm hoping to see those coming back in a week or so. I'm finalizing some new drawings and about to have E115 tools cut in zirconium and perhaps titanium for a late summer/early fall timeframe. I'm also mulling another run of beads although I still have a bunch of the timascus hexy beads to finish.

Today I have some spectacular Timascus Hangmen v1.5 hooks for you! Holy smokes, these are simply stunning. This is just the first round and I still have a bunch to go but I wanted to get some of these out right away. I opted for heat coloring on this group to bring out the brightest purple, gold and blue tones. There are a couple of lefties here if anyone wants to email me, although for this particular item the lefty/righty thing probably doesn't really matter. In any case, these are really nice and I will definitely be putting one on my own key ring. 

Timascus Hangman hooks will run $70 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a relaxing and cooler weekend ahead!

Sold out for today, thanks so much! 


Friday, July 12, 2024

Torched Timascus!

Happy Friday Folks!

Another hot day with high humidity ahead here. Looks like it will be downright swampy for the next week.

Today I have another batch of the new Hexy Beads. These are brushed with a scotchbrite flap wheel, then torch colored. Lots of purple, blue and rusty gold tones. 

Torched Hexy Beads will run $50 each and the link is below. Thanks for slipping by, stay cool, and I hope your weekend is great! 

All gone, thank you so much!



Thursday, July 11, 2024

Timascus Mega Hexy Beads!

Howdy all,

It's a hot and humid time of year here, as it is in most of the US I think. Stay cool and hydrated out there! 

Well I finally did it. I made a run of new beads in beautiful Timascus! I wanted a brand new shape around the perimeter that would show off the patterning but would be different from the fluted sides of past batches. I also wanted flats so I could do a name stamp. After messing around for hours I finally ended up going back to the default hex, probably the most pleasing shape you could ask for, and a ready canvas for decoration...You might be tempted to break out a wrench, but these are pure beads with a non threaded 1/4" opening that happen to be 9/16" on the outside.

The new design is similar in size to the Mega fluted beads, so will be instantly familiar in your hand. I experimented with numerous finishes and coloring methods to see which would bring out the best colors and patterns. I settled on one approach for electrical anodizing that creates low luster satin finishes and more subtle patterns, and then a second method that uses a scotchbrite wheel and heat to bring out a different set of colors. Both methods have pros and cons and I found interesting combos in both finishing methods, although they are both limited in different ways.

This first group is the electric group. One advantage here is that I can do my traditional C-51 neutral color for those who are allergic to bright colors (haha, just email me if you want the plain C-51 look) but who still want to see the patterning in the material. Electrical anodizing is also much easier to control and has a broader range of colors possible. The exception would be blue (pictures look blue but it is more of a green) which proved quite elusive in the higher voltage ranges which is where the best patterns were to be found.

Timascus Hexy Megas will run $50 each plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for poking your nose in today, and I hope you stay cool this week!   

All gone for today, thank you so much!


Monday, July 08, 2024

Titanium MikroStiks

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a lovely 4th of July week! It was nice here, rather warm of course, and we had some storms come through. One lightning bolt hit a tree across the street while we were at the window. No damage, but that was wild to see it so close and very fitting considering the holiday.

Several projects that have been simmering for a while are about to come to a boil. Later this week I will have some brand new timascus beads for you, and they are gorgeous! Coming in a week or two will be timascus Hangman v1.5 hooks as well. I am about to revisit an older design, the E115 tool, and those are going to be cut in both zirconium and titanium. Also, the Atwrench will be making a comeback, but in titanium this time. I have more Count Sporkulas coming, about to be cut this week...that batch of steel Stubby MiniBars is finally done and ready to send to heat treat today. And, I finally started grinding the 3v steel Prybabies which will be coming later this summer. So, tons of stuff on the way in the coming weeks and months, so please stay tuned!

Today I have a small batch of titanium MikroStiks for you. These are the same as the last group from the winter and feature some beautiful contrast anodizing and a wide variety of stamps. Excellent for rope and knot work, and a handy little item for cleaning, light prying and scraping tasks. There is one without stamps and has no anodizing if anyone wants to email me for it.    

Ti MikroStiks will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by today and have a great week!

All gone, thank you so much!


Thursday, June 27, 2024

Original Titanium Count Sporkulas

Happy Thursday! 

We're really having a treat here for the next two days. Absolutely perfect temps in the 70's and 80's. I'll be  going out this afternoon for some yard and garden work for sure.

Today I have another micro batch for you. These are some Original Titanium Count Sporkulas that I had cut more than a decade ago. They have a plain stonewashed finish, and there is one with anodizing if anyone wants to email for it. I also have a half dozen of these in stainless steel.

Original Count Sporkulas will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for dropping by as always, and I hope you have a great upcoming weekend.

Titanium ones are sold out, thank you!