Friday, July 29, 2016

SAE Tombstones

Hi Everyone,

Happy hot and hazy Friday to you all! It's been in the 90's F here and a little humid. Could be much worse though...we're hoping for some relief in the form of rain but little has fallen lately...Anyhow, today seems like it is a good day to stay inside and slip in another sale.

Lots more new drawings have been coming to me lately. I had two really nifty ones last week and both tools are already underway. I don't where I get all these ideas, but I have had two more again just this week. One of them is a definite go, and I'm still thinking about a couple of others as well. I can tell you that some pretty interesting stuff is on the way this year and hopefully more new ideas will keep coming to me. 

Today I have the rest of the CPM 154 V notch Tombstones done. These are the SAE version with wrench sizes 1/4-7/16. Otherwise they are identical in every way to the previous metric version below.

I didn't make it clear the other day but a generous 30 inch length of stainless steel bead chain is included which can be cut down a little if needed. 27 inches is really the minimum length for a bead chain so you can slip it easily over your head. Or you can stick the Tombstone on your keyring and it will blend right in with your keys.

The SAE Tombstones will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. It's not a huge batch so one per customer on them please. Thanks everyone and please do have a great rest of the week. Hope you're staying hydrated and cool!

Tombstones are gone for today. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Metric Tombstones

Hi Folks,

We're definitely in the middle of summer now. Warm and muggy here in the Northeast and I think the rest of the country is pretty much the same or worse. Hope everyone is staying cool.

You'll be happy to know that I just sent out a batch of CPM 3v P12 Mini Prybabies to heat treat. These will feature a rear pry grind and are very cute in addition to being very practical. In other news, the upcoming titanium Keyton run is almost done, just as soon as I can get a couple of free days to spend grinding and finishing them. Same goes for the Bermuda Minis which are sitting next to the Keytons on the bench...the upcoming 12Point tools and related 3Way series is also underway and I think you will be quite surprised with these very functional compact tools.

Today I have the first wave of Tombstones done. These are the metric ones, made of CPM 154 and are exactly the same footprint as the first batch of Tombstones that I made a couple of years back. In fact these were cut at the same time, I started working on them but never finished them up. Finally got around to it this spring and I decided to add a traditional V notch to them which dresses up the tool very nicely indeed. The metric wrench set is odd numbers only, 5-11mm, and this is the last of the older metric wrench pattern that I will be making, having switched to the more inclusive set that you have seen in the recent Metric Mini Prybabies.

The Tombstones have my classic tumbled finish which is the most long lasting and best wearing finish for steel tools IMO. Expect to see a few stray machining marks and surface grinding marks on these tools. They add character and let you know you're holding something USA made by a real maker rather than some soulless tool that was cranked out in a Chinese factory.

A subsequent wave of SAE Tombstones with V notch will be coming this week once I do the final finish on them and package them up.       

Metric Tombstones will run $60 plus shipping and the link to purchase is below. Thank you AS ALWAYS for stopping by today and I hope you're having a great summer so far!

Metrics are gone for now, thank you again everyone!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Area 51 Mini Metric Prybabies

Howdy Folks!

The summer is rolling right along here in the northeast. We finally got a little bit of rain but we're still way behind for the season and the farmers are having a tough time of it. More hot and mostly dry weather is ahead too. It's a tough year if you're making your living from the soil.

I'm expecting those steel Tombstones to come back from heat treat any day now. So with a little luck, in a few days they should be finished up. In the meantime I've been steadily chipping away at other projects. The CPM 3v steel Mini P12 Prybabies are nearly ready to go to heat treat and those will be little gems, teaser pic posted on the Toolbook group.

In other news, the krinkle ti K3 Keytons are on deck for grinding so those will be forthcoming in a week or two. A second krinkle ti project is also started, a new tool in the classic Poltergeist/Ghost tradition, called the TommyKnocker, and those will be happening in mid to late August. I still have a couple of other steel projects coming up that are already started and I need to get them moving along soon, the Bermuda Minis and the steel Gremlins. And I have at least five more steel projects in the works as well including one brand new larger Roid tool which I think will really knock your socks off.

Today I have the remainder of the Mini Metric P15 Prybabies from last fall. I saved these out from the rest of the batch because they had exceptional texture and I wanted to do something extra and fun with them. I decided to give them Area 51 grinds and leave them plain without anodizing for a change. Multiple finishing steps has given them a buttery smooth bright finish and they are gorgeous.

The A51 Mini Metrics will run $75 plus shipping and it's a small batch so one per customer on them please, link is below. Thank you for stopping in today folks and I hope your week (and your summer) is going very well indeed!

These are sold out, thank again everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HAIII Multi Grips

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe it's almost halfway through July already. How in the world did this happen? Someone put the brakes on please because this year is already going way too fast.

Lots going on here. I'm waiting for Tombstones to come back from heat treat. I have numerous other tool batches in various stages including the 3v steel P12 Mini Prybabies, titanium K3 Keytons, steel Gremlins, the Bermuda Minis, and several others. I'm also evaluating some new designs and finishes as well as taking a look at new versions of some old favorites. There is much in store for this year!    

Today I have the rest of the aluminum Multi Grip beads done. These came out great, with a low light nonreflective matte finish and clear hard anodizing for that Surefire/military feel. Possibly my favorite multi grip bead so far, I like the light weight and low profile. Paired with the gray camo cord they look fantastic and I have tied these on many of my personal knives, pocket cameras, flashlights, bag zippers, etc.

HAIII Multi Grips will run $30 each plus shipping, the order link is below. Thanks for stopping by today and stay cool this week! :)

These are gone for today, thanks again everyone!