Friday, April 30, 2010

UV Mini BrewDrivers

Howdy everyone,

I hope everyone is having nice weather like we are. It's just gorgeous outside today.

So, I have a couple dozen of these UV anodized Titanium Mini BrewDrivers ready. I also have blue, plain stonewashed, green, gold and a couple of rainbow ones so if you want one of those colors instead just put it in the comments field or email me. These are $65 plus shipping.

UV are sold out, a few stragglers available in green, rose gold and blue though so please email me if you want one. Thank you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Titanium Wroaches!

Happy Weekend again Folks!

I have the remaining plain stonewashed Titanium Wroaches finished. These handy little pocket tools feature a prytip with wire stripper notch, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, acetylene B tank wrench, 5/16 bit holder, 1/4 bit holder and oxygen wrench which doubles as a lanyard opening. Stout rubber O-rings provide a comfortable grip. Overall length is 3.5".

Wroaches are $75 plus shipping. This is a very small batch, about 30 pieces, so one per customer please, thanks.

Overseas customers: Please note, Priority Mail International shipments may be slow to arrive and there is no actual tracking available. I provide that option for folks who understandably do not want to pay the high rate for Express Mail. For this sale however I'll also give the option for 3-5 day delivery via Express Mail International. Note: latest mail delivery times seem to be pretty much back to normal.

Sold out, thank you folks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

International Delays

Hi folks,

I've been hearing from a bunch of folks overseas and in Canada who have ordered stuff in the past month and who are still waiting for it to show up. I think there have been some cutbacks at the post offices and also perhaps customs issues. Just be patient, it will get there.

I have seen it take a month or more for items to show up when shipped via Priority International. Unfortunately there is no real tracking with that form of shipping. I use it because I don't think most people really want to pay $30 for a small tool shipped via Express Mail...although it does have tracking and is guaranteed to get there in 3-5 days. But it seems like an awful lot of money for a $50 item for instance.

Anyhow, for those of you still waiting, just hang on. Hardly anything goes missing forever. For my next sale I may give a third ordering option for Express Mail International for those who don't mind paying the extra.

UPDATE: I have someone checking into it further but no promises that they can do too much else on the tracing because once it hits customs in a foreign country that's it. But it appears that two different days of shipments are affected, one was a Ghost sale and the other was the Raw Bar Superbug sale.

Update 4/19: Just received word that one missing package just showed up in Germany where it had been held up in customs. I suspect this is the case with all the slow ones...And of course, it goes without saying, but anything shipping to Europe this week will no doubt be delayed due the volcano.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mini Lanslide with Racing Stripes

Update: Titanium beads are winding down although I do have a couple more designs coming. But it's time to turn my attention back to other projects. Steel G2 Superbugs are almost ready for heat treat and will be going out later this week to start that finishing process. Titanium Wroaches will probably be finished next week.

Alrighty then, I have some more of these little guys done today. These have a bright smooth finish on them with two simple racing stripes. Perfect for smaller tools and side zippers. On stretchy black shock cord. Thanks for stopping by!

Sold out for now, thank you!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More Mini Rifle Knurl Lanslides

Hi folks,

Got some more of the Mini Rifle Knurl Lanslides done! These are the same length as previous Lanslides just slightly smaller diameter. Because the proportions are different and with the lack of pinstripe they appear longer than the big ones. They make a really a nice accent for jacket side pockets or for smaller tools. A plain version without knurling and with two racing stripes will be coming in another day or two.

Another change with this batch is my use of stretchy shock cord instead of the usual paracord. It's a little more work for me to finish and I'm not sure I'll use it all the time but it makes for a nice change. Great material.

The price on these is the same as the others, $15 plus shipping, since they are costing me the same to produce with the same amount of work involved.

Mini Rifles are gone, thank you!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Satin Lanslides with 5 Dot Pattern

Hey Everyone,

Next up are the 5 Dot Lanslides. I love the look of these, simple and elegant. There are quite a few of them and about half the batch is on blue cord and the other half on tan or brown cord. As always, thanks for stopping by. :)

These are gone for now, thank you!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Blue Lanslides with Rifle Knurl

Howdy all,

Nice evening for a blue Lanslide sale dontcha think? :)

I've run out of some cord colors so I'm using up all my misc cord colors these next few days. These are tan in this batch and several other colors will be coming.

Blue are gone. I will have more styles though tomorrow. Thank you as always!

Lanslides: Rose Gold Rifle Knurl

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxed Easter weekend.

I did a bit of work on Saturday and have the first of the anodized Lanslides completed. These have a warm rose gold anodized color on them with ultraviolet blush highlights over a satin finish. They are $15, same as the plain ones.

Gold ones are gone, blue will be next once I get them done. Thank you!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

More Lanslides with Rifle Knurl

Good morning,

I have more of the satin finish rifle knurled Lanslides done. Still no anodized ones but I'll do those next.

All gone for today, next ones will have anodizing. Thank you!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lanslides with Rifle Knurl

Hi Folks,

So, I have some satin finish rifle knurled Lanslides done. This wave is just a portion of them and I'll be finishing lots more in the next day or so...many many more are coming. I'll do some anodized colors in the next waves as well....I almost hate to color them because these plain satin ones look so darned good. :)

Sold out for now, more tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you!