Friday, May 31, 2013

Round Two Emails Sent!

OK, I didn't hear back from a few folks so I just sent out the second round of emails for the few remaining blue Cryptos. Response time will end at 8:35 EST. So check your Spam filters just in case! Thanks.

All spoken for, have a great evening folks!

Emails Sent!

OK, that was quite a few that signed up in 30 minutes, amazing!

So, emails have been sent out and response deadline is 5:15 EST. Thanks again and have a great afternoon!

Flash Sale: Blue Cryptos

Hi Folks,

Last weekend we were freezing, now we're broiling in the 90's. Crazy weather...

Today I have a few more titanium Cryptos done, this time anodized a deep blue. The sun was out this morning when I snapped this picture so leaf shadows are not included, you'll have to supply your own. Hehe..

OK, so the blue ti Cryptos will run $70 plus shipping. There's only a couple dozen so we'll do this as a Flash Sale. How about we make this for a 30 minute sign up period (ends 2PM EST) with a generous 3 hour response time so that folks have a chance to check their emails? The link to sign up is right above the picture and if you don't see a link there then that means the sale is over and you can no longer sign up for this item. Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a terrific weekend!

Sign up is over, I will send emails shortly and announce the start of the response time. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Golden Cryptos!

Howdy Folks,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It started out quite cold and rainy here in New England and then finally turned nice yesterday. Odd weather this year though for sure...

Well, the weekend started out so lousy that it seemed like a good time to get a bit of work done. So today I have a few more of the ti Cryptos finished. These are stonewashed and are anodized a lovely rich gold color. They will run $70 each plus shipping and the link is is one per customer on this sale as there aren't too many of these but I wanted to do them in a regular sale rather than a flash sale to keep things mixed up. Thanks for stopping by today and have a great short week ahead!

Gold Cryptos are Sold Out, thank you again folks!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second Round Emails Sent!

All spoken for, thank you again everyone!

Emails Sent!

Thanks everyone, it was a LOT of folks who signed up for this one. I really appreciate it. Emails have been sent and you have until 4:30 EST to get back to me. Thanks again folks and have a great day! :)

Flash Sale: Raw Bar G2 Ghosts

Hi Folks,

Spring is coming to the northeast in fits and starts this's been darned chilly here lately but at least everything is green since the recent rains and I've mowed my lawn twice already. In a normal year though we would have mowed probably a half dozen times so that tells you how cool and dry it's been.

Well, I have been puttering around the shop a bit and slowly getting some stuff going. The big batches of G2 Ghosts were cut this week so I will start working on them soon, prepping them for surface grinding and then doing the grinds and finishing for heat treat. I will be working on a large batch of S30v steel Cryptos in the next week or so as well and also making some time to finish more of the earlier ti Crypto batch. A couple of other odds and ends may make their way into Flash Sales too.

I have had an explosion of interesting ideas recently so have been frantically working on new drawings. I will make some decisions soon on which ones are worth pursuing. I think you will love the direction that they are going and I can tell you that I am VERY excited about a couple of them in particular. Did I mention I was excited? Hehe...

Also, the Super Secret Mystery Project is coming closer to fruition... It's going to be an amazing summer! ;)

Just a note: My email has been changed recently so if you tried to reach me at the old address and didn't get a reply don't take it personally. My new email is here:

OK, so, today I have more of the first S30v G2 Ghost batch done. There are a couple of dozen raw bar pieces that I managed to salvage. The texture is light but it is the best that I could do. The thickness is almost in Semi Roid territory at .176 so very beefy indeed!

The Raw Bar G2 Ghosts will run $65 plus shipping and the sign up link is below. This flash sale will run for 2 hours (ends 11AM EST) and I'll give a 5 hour response time so hopefully that gives people plenty of time to check their emails and not distract you too much from work, school, etc. Remember, one entry per person please, duplicates will be discarded. Thanks for stopping by today and hope everyone is gearing up for a terrific weekend!

Thanks everyone! I will send out emails shortly. Make sure is on your safe list and check your junk folders so you don't miss it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wroaches are Gone!

They are all spoken for, thanks again folks!

Round Two Emails Sent!

I had 5 people not get back to me in time....sooo, 5 more folks get a chance!

Thanks so much to everyone who particpated today!

Emails Sent!

Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the enthusiastic response! Emails have been sent and Response Time starts now (until 1:48 EST)!

Flash Sale 3: Titanium Wroaches!

So we're on a roll today...the three flat Ghosts and three flat Weevil protos found their new homes. Now for some slightly bigger and much older fish:

I have 24 New Old Stock Titanium Wroaches available. These were originally made 2 or 3 years ago and I have had them kicking around for quite a while, always meaning to get them done but never finding the time. So, no time like the present since the Flash Sale system is in high gear.

The Ti Wroaches are made of 5/32 stock and are 3.5 inches long with a simple stonewashed finish. They feature a pry tip with wire stripper notch, Acetylene B-tank wrench, 5/16 and 1/4" hex openings, O2 wrench, cap lifter and rear screwdriver/pry tip. No O-rings with these, just plain.

This is a 30 minute Sign Up (1:20 EST) with a 15 minute response period. The Wroaches will be $70 each plus shipping and the sign up link is below:

Sign up is over! Thank you everyone. There were a lot of sign ups so it will take me a few minutes to get it figured out...

Emails Sent, Go!

Emails sent, your 15 minutes starts now!

Flash Sale 2: Flat Weevils!

Hehe, y'all thought it was over didn't you? I think I was a bit early today with the Ghosts as I didn't hear back in time from a few folks who are no doubt now disgusted that they missed the response times. But, those are the rules...

Anywhow, here are three proto flat S30v Weevils for your consideration...these will run $50 plus shipping. The Sign Up period will be for 30 minutes and after the sign up is over (11:30 EST) and emails have been sent, the response time will be just 15 minutes.

One entry per customer please, duplicates will be discarded. 

Sign up is over, emails will be sent shortly. Thanks again for all the interest everyone! 

Thank you!

They are all gone, thank you! It took a little while so maybe these early morning ones are too much for folks who are getting ready to go work. ;)

More Emails Sent!

Only heard from one guy so new emails sent for the remaining two!

Emails Sent!

OK, emails have been sent, you have 10 minutes and the time starts now!

BTW, check your spam filters just in case these get misdirected...

Thanks. :) 

Flash Sale: Flat G2 Ghosts!

Hi Folks,

How about a little rise and shine action? I have just three of these flat raw bar S30v G2 Ghost Prototypes. I had thought of doing a longer area of the jimping on top but decided to shorten it for the final design.

One Sign Up per customer, duplicates will be discarded!

Anyway, these will be $45 plus shipping. The Sign Up period will be 15 minutes and the response time will be just 10 minutes so this is a is below:

Sign Up is over, will send out notices shortly, thanks so much!


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

G2 Ghosts

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it's true, the long awaited G2 Ghosts have arrived!

This is just the first of many waves that are coming over the next two months or so.The steel is S30v and they average about .166" thick so are quite robust and the weight feels nice in the hand.

For the redesign I decided to update the cap lifter to a round hook shape and it is an effective single stroke popper. The round hole of the original has been replaced with a 5/16" hex opening but the 1/4" hex opening and O2 wrench are the same as the original design. The footprint is identical to the original size as well. The hex shaped side cutouts have been replaced with a unique sine wave style of jimping which provides a nice grippy texture and is something new in the world of jimping...or at least I've never seen jimping exactly like this before at any rate. ;)

These Ghosts have a bright stonewashed finish and they come with a #1 NiteIze s-clip. There are no stamped Ghosts or extra grinds on any of this batch, they are all just regular. We'll see what happens on future batches but there isn't a lot of appropriate real estate on them so probably stamps are out for this design.

This is the first of many waves of these that are underway. It will be a while until the next ones come about so for this first wave let's make it a one per customer sale please. The G2 Ghosts will run $60 plus shipping and the link is below. Thank you as always for stopping in!

..............................................One Per Customer Please, thank you!.............................................

These are sold out for now, thanks everyone!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

They Are All Spoken For, Thank You!

I did hear back from everyone in the second round time frame so they are all spoken for. Thank you again folks, it's much appreciated! We'll try this again soon.

Second Round Emails Sent!

I didn't hear from a small number of folks so their chance has expried and a new round of emails have been sent for the remainder. The second round expires at 1:20 EST. Thanks again folks. :)

Emails Sent!

Ready, set, go! :) You have until 12:57 EST to respond. Thanks again everyone for the cool new test drive!

Flash Sale: Flat S30v Raw Bar Bedbugs

Dear Friends,

As you all know, recently my fans have been snapping up my batches of tools in record time. Of course, I am deeply flattered to have that kind of demand for my products and I am immensely grateful for the business! However, I hear from folks constantly who are frustrated that they have tried for ages and just cannot get a break and catch a sale in time. So, to address this concern, for smaller batches or for special batches of limited items I sometimes do a Sign Up Sale.

Well, the SUSale system certainly makes things more fair but it is often a bit tedious for me on my end. It takes a lot of time to go through the entries, discard duplicates, pick the random numbers and send out the emails. It's more work than you might think and it takes quite a bit of time. It would be nice if there was a way to simplify the process and speed it up. So I asked Jenny for assistance. She was incredibly kind to help me work out a new type of sales model and she wrote some new software to do it. (Thank you Jenny!) The result is a sort of hybrid of the SUSale and a General Release sale but with a restricted time element added. With this new sale tool I can now be both fair but also more efficient at the same time. We're calling it a Flash Sale. I think this is a cool idea and it will be rather fun as well. Now, I will continue to do both General Release Sales and SUSales, but this new idea offers us an interesting third option, especially for small batches.     

How the Flash Sale model works:

1. Similarly to a Sign Up Sale, you fill out a form with your real name, real shipping address and a valid email address. It is very important that you make sure your email is spelled correctly or you will forfeit your turn! Likewise, your address must be the shipping address the item will go to. Unlike the SUSale system however, no list of entries or list of winning numbers will be shown. Remember, I'm trying to keep all this as simple as possible on my end and not so cumbersome to manage.

2. The sale will be for small batches of items, no specific quantity, it's for however many pieces I have on hand. The duration of the Flash Sale Entry Period will be however long I decide but generally these are SHORT sales for small quantities so anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes might be a typical duration of a Flash Sale Entry Period.

3. After the specified Entry Period is up I will select the winning buyer numbers via a random number generator.

4. Emails will then be sent to the buyers containing the purchase link.

5. As soon as all the email notifications have gone out I will announce on the blog that the Response Period has begun. You will then have only a short time to respond to the email and purchase the item. That time will be announced at the same time that I set up the sale. So for example, for a 30 minute sale I might give just 15 minutes to respond to my email containing the purchase link. For a 15 minute sale I might give only 10 minutes to respond. It will depend on how many items I have to offer and how long I want to run the response time.

5. If I haven't heard back from you within the given time frame (no exceptions!) then you forfeit your turn and I will select a second round of buyers from an alternate list of randomly selected numbers. The process will then repeat until all the items are sold.

This is as fair as I can make it. Everyone has the same chance. People who have software advantages or Facebook alerts and who get to the sales in the first two minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME are put on the same level playing field as everyone else. I will have more control over the sales of small batches and will eliminate the overselling and subsequent refund problem. The problem of the disappearing SUSale winners who don't get back to me for 2 days because they signed up and then went out drinking with their buddies or are scrambling around to raise the funds for the purchase is now over. There will no longer be leftovers after the sales so all batches can be more efficiently sold out and I will save many hours of answering emails after the sales. This will be a fun approach and above all, as I mentioned, it's as FAIR as fair can be for my fans! It's also fair to me and to my valuable time.

So there you have it. How about a test run? :D I'll give a little longer than 30 minutes on this first trial sale so that everyone gets a chance to read through the rules above a couple of times.

Today I have a couple dozen flat S30v Bedbugs with raw bar finish. These were sample pieces that were cut a while back and I just now finally got around to finishing them. These will run $45 plus shipping and the Flash Sale sign up link is below. The Entry cutoff will be 12:30 EST. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is enjoying the glorious spring weather before the black flies come out!

Sign Up Period is over and I will send emails shortly and then announce the start of the response time. Thanks so much everyone!