Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brass Whistles

Happy Sunday! They have the football playoffs starting late today so it seems like a good time to have a brass whistle sale. :) I have this first wave completed and there are more that are nearly done so I'll be able to have a second sale as well in a day or so. As always, thank you for stopping in and hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Sold Out for now, thank you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Larva Tools with Stamps

Happy Weekend Everyone! It's going to be ridiculously cold here this weekend with overnight highs at -20F by Sunday. Brrrr....nothing better to do than get some stuff done in the shop. :)

I have the last of the Larva batch done today. These all have images from my vast antique diemaker stamp collection. Images include the bee, tiny boat, crescent moon, various leaves, gnat, sword hilt, tiny anchor, shamrock and many many others. Most of the Larva are stamped with different images so it's going to be a random sale, meaning I will send you whatever I send you. They are all pretty cool though.

For those who don't know what these are, these very rare handmade and handcarved 19th century steel stamps were used by an English diemaker as the master dies to make complex hallmark stamps for various companies and industries, probably in the tool and knifemaking center of Sheffield, England judging from some of the markings. I try to use them sparingly as many are small and delicate and I have no idea how long they will last using them on these modern tool steels. Anyway, by incorporating these very old images in my tools this is a unique way for me to bridge the centuries and maintain an unusual connection with the past. Fun stuff!

Sold Out, thank you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Larva Tools

Hi Folks,

Tough week this past week...a huge snow storm followed by another good sized storm followed by a miserable ice storm has kept me busy and sore. Sometimes I do wonder why I stay in New England. I've always heard that the bad winters build character but I can tell you I already have enough character for two people! :D

Anyway, I have another batch of Larva tools done. These are the plain ones with raw bar finish and are $45 each plus shipping. I will have more coming in the next day or so with stamps on them and then a rather large batch of brass whistles is nearly done and ready as well so lots of goodies are on the way.

Sold out, thank you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bronze Lanslides with Rifle Knurl

Hi Everyone,

Tonight I have the first wave of Bronze Lanslides with Rifle Knurling ready to go. These are the full sized 1/2" diameter ones like the original titanium run from last year, not the mini size which are 3/8" in diameter. These turned out just gorgeous, some of the best of any Lanslides that I have done I think. In fact I need to stash a few away for my own use before they are all gobbled up. :) Anyway, these are the usual $15 each and the purchase link is below...this is a first wave and I will have another good sized bunch of them coming at some point.

Sold out for now, thank you again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bronze 5 Flute Lanslides

Hi Folks,

I'm back. :) There's a lot of stuff going on right now but I'm trying to get back on track I have bronze 5 Flute Lanslides available.

I keep getting new people asking what a Lanslide is so I'll give the description again: Lanslide beads are to be used as zipper pulls for jackets and bags. Or they can be used as lanyard beads for tools, knives and flashlights. Some people have even added them to their Pandora bracelets, etc. I make them in a variety of materials, patterns and finishes. Next up for Lanslides will be full sized bronze with rifle knurl (they are spectacular), and 5 Flute pattern in virgin white Teflon. I hope to get some more semi translucent olive green G10 ones done pretty soon as well.

In other news, I have a major batch of brass whistles underway and will have them done soon in addition to more titanium whistles. And I have the rest of the Larva tools to finish up in the next few days...also, I have more titanium Mini Brewdrivers coming in a week or two. G5 Prybabies just need a few hours of my time and I can get them out to heat treat, same with the upcoming CrocoNut SAE Wrench tools. And I am actively working on developing at least four brand new products for later this winter. There are more S30v Poltergeists coming pretty soon as well in both the regular size and in the Mini Ghost size. I just need to buckle down and get going on all this stuff.

Five Flute Bronze are Sold Out, thank you!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Mini Blue Lanslides

Hi Folks,

Hope your holidays were good! Mine were quite busy and I took some days off to get caught up on paperwork and also just to goof off. We went to the Patriots vs. Miami game last week and took a little day trip out to Boston another day. It was good but now I'm attempting to get back into work mode.

Today I have some Mini Rifle Knurl Lanslides ready. These are titanium and they have blue anodizing. I'll be doing some more stuff next week and there is a lot of different stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned. Thanks!

Sold Out, thank you!