Friday, December 19, 2008

G4 Prybabies

Hi Folks,

Well at long last I have some of the new S30v steel G4 Prybabies finished. These are identical to the G3 series but have the addition of a screwdriver tip on the rear end of the tool. They are 3 1/2" overall length. At first I thought they might seem a bit too long but they actually are a very nice size in the hand so I'm pleased. I'm also very pleased with the finish on these. Hard to photograph, but they have a smooth, almost buttery, semi satin stonewashed finish on them.

I'm starting off with the American version because I'd like to drain a little of the demand off before I release the metric pieces. I made the metric ones especially for my international customers and I want the overseas folks to get first shot at them although I know a number of my regulars here in the states also want one for their own collections. So I'll probably do the metrics tomorrow.

Sold out for now, thank you folks!


Unknown said...

You devil you, I wake and bam 30 seconds later an Atwood tool it out. I bet you knew I was at my weakest in the morning.

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh I like the look of it :D

So metric versions tomorrow.... YAYY!! I'll be out of my home most of the time, but I hope I shall be able to catch one :)

Francesco. ITALY

Unknown said...

Awesome, sometimes xmass does come early. I'll have to try it for a little while, but this may just replace the funnybone on my 'keychain'.

Thanks for the great tools at great prices Peter.

Neale said...

SWEET - I thought I'd miss out on these due to Christmas luncheon today. Got one!!

Will be my 3rd Atwood - & looks like favorite!


Dad said...

djweezy has it right: I'm at my weakest in the morning, too, and a new Atwood offering is just the ticket to make me happy and my wallet sad. :) Glad to get in on this one, Peter!

Judge said...

My first Atwood!

Rick said...

I'll have to admit that I was worried that these would turn out really shiny. My G2 mini Gasbaby had a really shiny tumbled finish on it. So shiny that I could see my reflection in it. My keys seem to have dulled it a little bit now. I always preferred the finish that my G3 Prybaby had. Looks like these G4s came out really well. I know you spent extra time on the finish of these ones. I'm really excited to see it in person. I'm glad I didn't miss them! I'm actually surprised that they are still up.

Thanks again Peter for working hard and getting us hooked up before the holidays!

Rulers soon?

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Rick! These are similar to the G2 Gasbaby finish. Rulers probably in January, taking awhile to get the broaching done.

Rick said...

Cool! Well, rulers in Jan will give some of us time to recover from the holiday spending. :D

Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity, if you don't mind me asking, how many G4 Prybabies did you just sell?

I was lucky enough to get one and am looking forward to using it. Although I may give it as a gift too.

Each generation gets better and better. I wish and am hoping that to be true for us humans too.

spiff said...

8am pt, already all gone...but i'm waiting for the M for gift to mexico. and hopefully a mini keyT for myself :P

Anonymous said...

I'm glad these came with enough time to get them before Christmas - The real question is will I give it as a gift of hoard it for myself :-)

Unknown said...


when might these be shipped? Thanks

Oh and wooohoo. My first atwood

Peter Atwood said...

They are all in the mail already and at the post office. I don't mess around! :D

Actually, it's snowing like crazy right now. I'm glad I got it all done this morning and made it back home just as the first flakes were falling. I may not be able to make it to the PO tomorrow, we'll see. Supposed to have 6-12 inches by morning.

Unknown said...

WooHoo :)

There's one good thing about getting up at 5:AM PST....That's when the tools are ripe for the plucking ;)

I was lucky enough to get a Standard version, now hopefully I can be double lucky and get a Metric one too (I can actually use the Metric one up here in Canada!)

Good luck to everyone, and to Peter and all the faithful fellow Atwood-a-holics I wish a very merry Christmas!

bryan said...

Peter -

Why do you hate us on the West Coast?



HoopleHead said...

I'm on the west coast, and got the notification at like 5:30AM. Sheesh! Rolled outta bed, ran to the living room, turned on the computer, and was still able to order one. So they didn't go THAT fast. West coasters, have hope!

HoopleHead said...

p.s. Please do a few XLs at some point, even if just for a lottery!

Jerry said...

The finish looks great..looking forward to seeing one in person.

Jerry said...

The G4 just showed up...a birthday present for my son. He's gonna like this one.

Now, I need a lefty for me :)