Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Dungeon Black Tiny Tims

Well Happy Tuesday to you all! It's a glorious sunny day out there this morning and the light is getting stronger every day. We're still due up for some more cold days ahead, but you can tell the tide is turning and it won't be long before some milder weather comes around.

I've been slowly working on several projects. I have some timascus Mini Poltergeists started and am in the middle of sanding them down and prepping them out for milling. They still have a lot of work before the finish line but are coming along nicely. I have a big batch of 3v Steel Prybabies that have now been milled and are on deck for grinding. I still keep putting off the Stubby MiniBars but will have to bite the bullet and put in some time in front of the grinder very soon on those too...

Today I have some super cool little tools for you. Fans of my smallest tools will appreciate this handy new version of the Tiny Tim with rear pry tip, 1/4 hex lanyard, cap lifter, extra leverage mini pry tip, and 5/16 hex wrench. These compact little gems are CPM 154 steel with a rather wild and unusual Dungeon Black finish on them! 

I had a great deal of fun with these and the depth and variation of the highly distressed antique blackened finish is quite interesting. Expect character marks, scars, and patina galore! They truly look like something dug up from an ancient Iron Age battleground site and displayed in a museum...very fun stuff. :) There is a wide variety of stamps here, as well as a handful without stamps for anyone who wishes to request a plain one. I also have a half dozen lefties... 

Dungeon Black Tiny Tims will run $65 plus shipping and the link is below. Thanks for swinging by today and I hope warm Spring weather is coming to you sooner rather than later.

Sold out, thank you so much!


Monday, February 05, 2024

Timascus Prybabies!

Howdy all!

It's a bright and sunny one out there today, a welcome change from the endless dreary gray days that we have had for the past few weeks. The light is getting stronger and the days a bit longer too. A good time to start a few seeds for my tiny Alpine strawberries that I want to grow this year and that take a long time to get going.

Well today I have a super cool treat for you. These Timascus Prybabies are quite dazzling...the somewhat gummy material is absolutely dreadful to work with and does not mill cleanly at all. So I decided to skip the V notches on these and make them with simple bevels instead which I could grind rather than mill. They actually look very cool like this and I may make a few of the 3v steel ones this way later this year. Anyhow, The hand work involved with these is considerable, and require many more steps than usual, but I think the extra labor was worth it! 

I experimented with electrical anodizing and was underwhelmed with the finished effect. Yes, I could get more colors, but they are not as interesting, and two tone effects were a bit of a let down compared to regular titanium. And they already had way too much time into them to justify yet a second round of tumbling and reanodizing which is the way I normally achieve contrasting effects. 

So that left me with the torch method of coloring. I quickly found out that method required yet a different set of steps to get what I wanted, but I finally worked it out and settled on a good routine. These Prybabies vary in the color and contrast of the finishes, and the color palette is more limited. But the Timascus patterning is more vivid...And most importantly, heat coloring is far more durable than ordinary surface coloring, so these will hold up well for a long time, even in a relatively "hostile" environment such as a keyring....

And, for more of this material, I have a huge batch of Tombstones, another of Mini Poltergeists, and a third batch of tiny Larva tools that will be coming this year as well. So, lots of timascus items will be on the way as I get to them. Also, there is a lefty here today if anyone wants to email me for it.

Timascus Prybabies will run $99 plus shipping. The batch is tiny, so one per customer please...a second batch will be coming a few weeks. Have a great week ahead and thank you as always for visiting today!  

All gone, thank you so much!